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Just a fish looking for a bit of Karma now and then :)

Hi! I'm new to fanfiction world! Well i've been reading fanfiction for a long time now but I never actually written any before... SOOoooooo yeah basically here are the basics!

My Favorite shows are:

Totally Spies

That 70's show

Teen Titans

Planet Earth



Game of Thrones




And a whole bunch of others!


Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy

Harry Potter


Way to many Disney films

and the list goes on and on..

Pairings that i Love and should not be changed unless its for a joke!




Favorite Quotes

(Teen Titans)

Beast Boy: I may not be smart enough to know everything, but I'm dumb enough to try anything.

Dr. Light: No one defeats Dr. Light! No one!
Raven: Appears behind Dr. Light Remember me?
Dr. Light: looking mortified I'd like to go to jail now, please.

Aqualad: Fish tacos? What were you thinking? I'm from the ocean! These were probably friends of mine!.

Beast Boy: Who wants tofu waffles?
Cyborg: Man, no one wants tofu waffles.

Cyborg: You're the nasty egg people who stole all my waffles!

Cyborg: about Terra No more chances.
Starfire: No more trust.
Raven: No more mercy.
Beast Boy: She's just another criminal.
Robin: And we're gonna stop her. No matter WHAT it takes.

Pelican: Oh have you seen my hippo? He hides and I must seek.
Starfire: I cannot play. Please, do you know a strange man named Control Freak? He is big, not tall and nasty and known for causing strife. He escaped into the TV.
Beast Boy: Hey Star, run for your life!

(That 70's show)

Kitty Forman: Red's mother is coming.
Midge Pinciotti: What's that pet name she has for you?
Kitty Forman: Whore.

Red Forman: Forman, party of two.
Restaurant Hostess: Okey dokey, that'll be about two hours.
Red Forman: Here's twenty bucks.
Restaurant Hostess: Okay we'll have something in fifteen minutes.
Red Forman: You don't want this place to burn down twice do you?
Restaurant Hostess: Okay we have something right now.
Red Forman: I thought so. Well, it looks like it's our lucky night.

Steven Hyde: Guys, can we do something besides cruise? That's the third time tonight we've driven by that house.
Michael Kelso: I know what we could do. We could go skinny dipping.
everyone looks at him
Michael Kelso: Naked! That's the way God intended.
Jackie Burkhardt: No way.
Michael Kelso: Why not? It'd be fun.
Donna Pinciotti: Sure, it's fun for you guys, 'cause you can look at us, and that's a treat. But we just look at you. And that's nasty.
Eric: So, you don't want to do it?
Donna Pinciotti: Well... I don't care. I'll do it.
Eric: You... Okay, I'm in.
Fez: Naked is dirty.
Fez: Dirty, dirty, dirty. Dirty, dirty, dirty.
All: Dirty, dirty, dirty. Dirty, dirty, dirty. Dirty, dirty, dirty.
Jackie Burkhardt: the screen flips. Everyone is in the car, naked This was such a great idea, Michael. This was so much fun. Oh, wait, except for the part when our clothes got stolen, you idiot!
Steven Hyde: By the way, Fez, nice tattoo, man.
Fez: Thank you. It is the Blessed Virgin of Yorba Linda. Do you want to see her dance?
All: No!
Eric: Guys, we need a plan. I'm not driving up to the house with a car full of naked people. Red hates you guys when you're dressed.
Steven Hyde: We can go to my house.
Michael Kelso: Yeah, your mom's used of having naked guys around.
Steven Hyde: She's not even home, you moron!
Hyde punches Kelso on the shoulder

Ok yeah thats enough for right now...

Currently working on:

One of their own: Innocent

Future Projects:

Tales of Espresso (Title pending) my first humor story hopefully to come soon!

Dr.Light (Oneshot) Humor

Some more ideas coming hopefully

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