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Hey! Im Meg, Im a teenager, and I love love love to write. I live in the United States and love it.:) Although sometimes its hard for me to keep to one story for a while, because I'll go back and read it and then I'll hate what I wrote, and then I'll want to start over, but I'll try to learn to like what I write and don't worry I will get better at it. I am the type of girl who doesn't mind time alone at home. I usually spend it writing. I also lovee to hang with my friends too. My best friend Danielle and I are writing a book called I'll Find You and its about two friends going on vacation after vacation and they find the loves of thier lives. However, they have to leave while they continue on to thier vacation spots. They will find the loves of thier lives... check out our "Movie poster" on facebook. Its called I'll Find You Movie. Its a page and the cover is a heart drawn in the sand and the waves are washing it away:)

Here are the 10 top ten things that are cool about me ( this is in noo order):

1. My nickname is Blonde.

2. I love animals especially kittens and foxes!!

3. I love to play the Cello, Guitar, Piano and love to sing.

4. I am a very emotional person

5. I love Nicolas Sparks books (and movies)...the notebook, the last song, dear John.. etc.

6. I amm in love with the Twilight Saga and i love the house of Night Series.

7. I am definaltly team Jasper, but out of Jacob and Edward...definatly team Edward.

8. I love Jalice.

9. I love romantic books and movies.

10. I love to write.

(If i think of anything else, I'll post it) :)

My Favorite Quotes are:

"THey wouldn't call it a crush if it didn't hurt" Anonymus

"A life with love will have some thorns, but a life without love will have no roses." Anonymus

"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness" Anonymus

"Hope is knowing that people, like kites, are made to be lifted up" Anonymus

"Anyone who doesn't make mistakes isn't trying hard enough" Anonymus

"The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary" Anonymus

"Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching" Jim Stovall

Book: Eclipse, House of night series, The last song
Movie: Eclipse, The last Song(Even tho im not really liking miley), Dear John, Meet the Parents, Lampoons Vacations lol
Fanfic: Alice's POV new moon by terez...
Band: 3Oh!3
Song: Hey!
Type of guy (lol): Funny, cute, honest, friendly
animal: Kittens!!
store: Hollister and American eagle and aeropostale andddd rue 21
Food: Toaster struddles
Person: JAckson Rathbone:)

Things that inspire me to write:


Classical/Romantic Music


Romantic movies, books

other writers ( nicholas Sparks)

My other friend whos name is Dani:) (we love to write together)

And Candles/ Windows/ and dimmed rooms

Song quotes:
"And the shadow of the day, can embrace the world in grey...and the sun will set for you." Shadow of the day, Linkin Park

Collecting your jar of hearts, tearing love apart, your gonna catch a cold, from the ice inside your soul, dont come back for me, dont come back at all" Jar of Hearts


Story write:

Facebook page for I'll Find You:!/pages/Ill-Find-You-Movie/185108584839689?v=wall

Please please please please visit my website at this is our website for our book that we are writing. I hope to get it published sometime in the next year or two. Please visit and leave comments, critism, or suggestions...we need your feedback. Join our guestbook:) If you leave us some helpful suggestions then we may put your name in the special thanks area of the book. Thank you.

Im updating Blue Moon!! 10-3

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