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Yeaaah, im a typical teenage girl from the boring United Kingdom. I have a very unhealthy obsession with Anime. My top fav's at the moment are: Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, Ao No Excorsist and some more that i am finding very difficult to retrieve from the hole in my brain...

Random Quizz thing, you know how it is :)

List your top twelve fave bleach charecters

1) Gin Ichimaru

2) Grimmjow Jaquerjacks

3) Urahara Kisuke

4) Ulquirra Sciffer

5) Byakuya Kuchiki

6) Shuuhei Hisagi

7) Starrk Coyote

8) Orihime Inoue

9) Ichigo Kurosaki

10) Uryuu Ishida

11) Renji Abarai

12) Harribel (Dunno her second name :p)

Could 11/6 work?

Renji and Shuuhei... Mmmh, im actually liking that so yeaaarh, why not? They'd be HOT together :p

5/8 or 5/2

Byakuya and Orihime or Byakuya and Grimmjow...

Probably Byakuya and Orhime, since i can see them together but i'm finding it difficult to see Grimmjow with him...

Who would be dominent in bed? 12/7 OR if its a MalexFemale couple, who would 'Wear the pants' in the relationship?

Harrible and Starrk. TBH probably Starrk cus even if he's always lazy, sleepy and doesnt like to fight, im sure there's a dog deep in there! ;)

Why is 3 one of your favourite charecters?

URAHARAAA! LOL, he has given me soooo many laughs! And he's smart and he totally kicked Aizens ass and... how can you not like him?! Just... wow

If one of them had to be killed, who would you choose? 9 or 10?

Nooooo! Uuurrh, i cant choose! But, i'll have to go with, Uunnhh, Uryuu! Ilove him to bits, but i just cant see Bleach without Ichigo in it, sorry!

How would 1 react if he walked in on 3 and 4?

If gin walked into Urahara and Ulquirra! LOOOOOOOL, He would probably laugh at them and then tease them for the remainder of their lifes, LOOL

What would a summery be for a story about 10/2?

Uryuu has been mistreated for far too long. His parents hate him, he's considered the outcast of the school and everyone avoids him like the plague. However, when a mysterious Blue haired stranger moves to his school, they click almost instantly even though Uryuu advised him to stay away, Grimmjow befriends him and slowly their love grows into something irreversible. (WOOOOH, I might do something about this..)

What would be a song that describes 7/9?

Hate that i love you so, Neyo ft Rihanna :D

What would 3 say to 1 to get 1 to sleep with him/her?


Who would win in a battle, 12 or 5?

Byakuya would win, HANDS DOWN! Harrible is trong, but Byakuya is stronGER! xD

How would 8 react if 11 died?

Oh my god, Orihime would be sooo sad, even though she hasn't really been that involved with Renji. She's just a caring person in general so she'd get really sad if anyone that she knew died...

If you guys have any questions that you want to ask me, please dont hesitate to PM me! And, oh yeah, Make sure to vote in my Poll, please! Thanks

OMG, like i haven't been on this in a LOOOOOONNGGGGG time! And i've really missed it :P Well, am baaaack! 17/06/2012

Okay, so i haven't been on this in a while. Okay, a really long time. I'm looking back at my profile and i'm peeking through my fingers. I was so embarrassing!Its time for a fresh start! I have changed my Pen name. That's the first important thing. Introducing... "nonexistentconsciousnesses!" Yes. gloomy, isn't it? But i just wanted something that i haven't heard before. I opened up the dictionary, flipped through all the pages, and randomly picked 2 words. They ended up complimenting each other better than i had anticipated :p unfortunately, I actually gave up on writing for many reasons. I kept on making foolish excuses until i lost all motivation. I only recently begun to write again and i actually hope that i can be as motivated as i used to be. One of my many resolutions is to try to write like i did back-a-days. I've already begun to write a story. All there is left to it is to finish it off as much as i can and publish it. I will work hard! Fanfiction, i am officially back! 15/01/13

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