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Author has written 7 stories for Discworld, Star Wars, Dresden Files, and Jurassic Park.

My pen name used to be 'gbfpotw' - this stands for something, but I'm not telling you what. ahahahahahaa!!(damn thing won't let me put more than two exclamation marks!!) But I changed it to be the same handle I usually use online; it's my actual name name and initials.

I'm not a cat, but I don't photograph well, so I used Poppy's photo for my avatar. Until I changed it to Simba, because I'm using that for everything now. Branding and all.

I'm a maths graduate, future bestselling author (well maybe) and occasional cynic.

I'm concentrating on original work for the forseeable future - I have almost finished my first novel - and it's unlikely that Ill do much, if any, more fanfiction. Damned Bloody Assassins is now officially dead, for which I apologise.

You can follow me on Twitter:!/carrievseymour or visit my blog: http:///

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Some pearls of wisdom:

1. Chocolate is practically a vegetable and definitely a medicine.
2. It's not childish to be childish. What's childish is to avoid things which you like purely in order to not seem younger than you are. Think about it: small children are desperate to seem as old as possible; adults would prefer to seem younger.
3. In Ireland, St Patrick's Day is a public holiday. Given the nature of the traditional celebrations, wouldn't it make more sense to have the day after off?
4. Never, ever, ever; if you value, well, anything at all really; ever, ever drink anything out of a bucket.
5. If it's free, have it: at worst you'll be no better off.
6. To make a cat come out of a room, close the door.
7. Toast lands butter side down because of entropy. If some of the butter is on the toast and some is on the carpet, the system is more disordered and so its entropy increases, in accordance with the second law of thermodynamics.


What does someone with two right2 feet wear on the beach?

Three men in prison in communist Russia are talking about why they were arrested.
First man: I was always five minutes late for work, so I was acused of sabotage.
Second man: I was always five minutes early for work, so I was acused of espionage.
Third man: I was always exactly on time for work, so I was acused of having a western watch!

Veni vedi veci: I came, I saw, I conquered - Julius Ceaser, probably. Some Roman anyway. And General Tacticus.
Veni vedi visa (card): I came, I saw, I spent
Veni vedi no-visa: I came, I saw, I was deported
Veni vedi vindaloo: I came, I saw, I had a curry - I think this is a Pratchettism; far too good for me to have made up
Veni vedi vamoosi: I came, I took one look, I ran away - in honour of Rincewind. I'm sure I've heard this before, possibly in Discworld. Anyway, it ought to be Rincewind's epitaph
Veni vedi vestimenti: I came, I saw, I got the t-shirt - this one's actually latin, and to do with clothes. Probably not t-shirt, though.
Veni vedi vanity: I came, I looked in the mirror, I spent two hours brushing my hair
Veni vedi Vader: I came, I saw, I went over to the dark side
Veni vedi Vetinari: I came, I saw everything, I twisted people until they all did exactly what I intended them to

1I'm left handed.

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