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Hi! I'm KC.

SO SORRY ABOUT LEAVING YOU HANGING WITH "My Dirty Little Secret part2"!!!!!!!!!!!
Promise, I will finish this story by the end of the year. Or earlier but December 31st is my DEADLIEST DEADLINE.

I'm getting old.
I have no specific pattern in updating. When I update, I update.
Writer's block is like second skin to me. Being able to write something that's the least bit good is quite a rare occasion for me.

For example:
The time came when there’s nothing for you to do so you decided to find something to do. At first, everything was okay. Well… you thought it was okay but then, when the time came, you realize… how sad it all seemed. You wander around not noticing sooner that it was the same route you and your friends take… everyday whenever you go home from school. You know it like the back of your hand. You felt like crying but… no tears came. You keep going and going… hoping for some miracle. You wish it wasn’t true that you’re alone again.

After all the happy times, you became alone again in your life. On every step you take, you see all the memories flooding back and wishing… you made new ones with the people in your memory. It was sad. Depressing. How can somebody be so lonely in his/her life?

At one point, you realize… you were taking the route backwards but that was the only way. You can’t start at the beginning like you used to do. Not without them. As sad as it seems… you’re looking at your past while taking steps forward. It’s something you can’t let go because it was a significant part of your life. And this route you’re taking is the only way you can go back. This is the only time, you can look back because time moves on and you should too. You know this. I know you do and… leaving the past like it’s nothing is something you show but deep inside, it’s something you yearn whenever you’re alone.

You hadn't found anything to do but then again… you did. You saw the memories that you thought you’ll forget vividly but there it was… crystal clear. Not in your mind but in your heart. "

Chapter 12 of "My Dirty Little Secret part2" is already up.

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