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Hey people littleblueshadow here how are ya?

here is a little bit of imfomation about me

(My avatar is a picture of Arthur kirkland from hetalia)

I am British but I perfer to be known as English and I am very proud to be english.

I like: anime and manga, books, watching films, writing stories, playing video games, daydream and writing poetry

my fave Anime and manga are: Chrono crusade, Disgaea, cardcaptors, negima, inuyasha, pretear, fruits basket,fushgi yugi, tokyo mew mew, sailor moon, xxxHolic, Ayashi ceres, phantom dreams, princess mononke, the cat returns, angelic layer, cobits, Ah! my goddess, loveless, immortal rain and ouran high school host club.

my fave video games: world of warcraft(even though I'm still a level one paladin), The legend of Zelda(eventhough I've only played spirit tracks and phantom hour glass), left for dead (one and two), resident evil (all of them), the sims(some) and many more

My fave books: the cronicals of acient darkness, the wardstone cronicals, Hush Hush, Wings and many more (I can't remember)

I dont like: school,homework,bossy people, veg

Random fact for the day: the only product we will buy and never use not because we dont want to but because we can't is a coffin.

Random fact about me:I write upside down (really it's true) maybe because I am left handed

Funny quotes said by me and my friends:

"When I die I want to be cremated and my ashes thrown into space, so that if there are any other intelligent life form out there they can use my ashes and revive me, so I can live again" -My friend-

"When I grow up I want to be a malteaser" -My friend-

"Imagine if chocolate was made illegal, and imagine some one trying to smuggle you some chocolate, also if there were factories that seemed to be making glue when really they are making Mars bar" -My friend-

"Its incredible, just never turly appreciate how hard a door frame is until you have smacked into one" -Me, after smacking into a door frame. ouch"

"Can you squash this can...with your head" -My friend-

"Stop farting in public!" -My friend-

"I bet she stores all her boyfriends in a closet and picks out the one that matches her outfit." -Me-

"You know...that wouldn't surprise me." -My friend-

"Beware of the evil muffins" -me-

"School is over...for now, mwa ha ha" -my headteacher-

"But what is normal?" -me-

"Whatever you do don't say the "T" word in front of Nelly"-friend 1-

"Whats the "T" Word? o.O" -friend 2-

"She means Tea!" -friend 3-


"NNOOO" -All friends-

I am left handed

starsign: libra


birthstone: opal

lucky number: 88

favorite colour: blue

favorite joke: Q:what did the letter say to the stamp? A:"Stick with me, and we'll go places"

my motto: throw me to the wolves, i'll come back leading the pack.

I would like to thank all the people who have taken the time to read my stories, you guys rock!! .

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Beyond the Four Winds by Darkwysper reviews
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My Real Unreal Friend by Whispering Lotus reviews
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Nine Lives by TheCheeseCat reviews
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"His eyes went wide open with fear. Rosette was on her bed, tears rolling on her cheeks, hands clutching her legs with force. Pain was written all over her face, evident in her behaviour. He rushed to her side."
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Where are you? by FullMetal-edwardelric-fangirl reviews
For once, Chrno obeyed Rosette. She yelled at him for no reason and now he was nowhere to be found! This one time, it dawned on her that it was totally her fault. No one else was there to blame! What will Rosette do! -Random one shot k: why do you ask?-
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“I like you” he said confidently. Rosette smiled widely and said “Yeah, I like you too”. Chrno couldn’t believe his ears and beamed at her. “Why wouldn't I? You’re my best friend”. With those words, his world crumbled. Full summary inside! RxC
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The music box reviews
Chrono a demon who becomes an outcast because of his kind heart, finds a young orphan girl named Rosette with the only connection she has to her mother is a old music box that is missing its key chrono agrees to help her find it but there is more to it.
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After a strange incident at the clock tower, Joshua stangly disapears and now it is up to Rosette and the order to find him, but when Rosette gets given a new partner, who rosette dosen't like, can they learn to work together before time runs out.
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Run,run and don't look back" he exclaimed. It happened all to fast, first Rosette was just a normal teenager but now she is running for her life...
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While fighting an evil force, sailor moon finds herself back in her home land the moon kingdom but it seems she is not the only one who is back in the past...
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Chrono Crusade - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 10,569 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 12/20/2009 - Published: 12/11/2009 - Complete
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Tasuki decides to play a prank on broken hearted Chichiri, but what happens when his prank back fires...
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Dead sand dessert, a place where bad things are and where bad people go instead of prision. one day Rosette a normal teenager gets thrown into this place for a crime she didnt do and now must find a way out with help from her new demonic friend chrno.
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