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Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all

-Hans Christian Anderson


Welcome to my profile (You are proof that someone out there is reading this :)

Me: 10 random facts that tell you absolutely nothing or a little something about me:

1. I absolutely loathe celery; I can't stand the smell or taste of it, just licking the outside of it makes me want to barf

2. Really Cheesy movies and really happy movies make me feel sort of sad sometimes. (I don't know if it's just me, but it makes me a depressed knowing that sort of thing, doesn't happen in real life)

3. On the flip side, I love tragedies (if they're well made, Titanic, Moulin Rougue, Wuthering Heights) I don't know why, but they make it feel more realistic, bittersweet, and I guess I like that sort of thing

4. My favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry. Always has been and always will

5. I didn't learn how to ride my bike until 3nd grade, but I learned how to ski and ice skate in 2nd grade.

6. My teeth have issues: I've had to extract 4 teeth, I had all of my bottom baby teeth removed, except the molars before I had my top teeth removed, During 4th grade I started to grow vampire teeth, one on top and two on bottom, I'm missing two of my permanent molars, had to extract my baby ones, finally got my braces off, only to get a retainer that I have to wear for 6 months, 24 hours a day, unless I'm eating.

7. It's one of my dreams to travel the world and visit every single continent plus the Arctic Ocean (I'd list the countries I'd want to go to, but there are too many of them and I'm a lazy person :)

8. I haven't had a birthday party since 2nd grade (I'm perfectly fine without them, actually, to be honest)

9. The wierdest, most unexpected music on my ipod?: Enya and Andrea Bocelli, (but I love them anyways)

10. The windows of my soul I throw wide open to the sun. ~John Greenleaf Whittier, My Psalm - I love quotations and have a strange fascination for soul, love, dreams, fate, destiny (Deep things, although I don't think I'm a deep person necessarily...)

Writing: Why do I do it?

Because I want to, I guess. It gives me an opportunity to get creative and think of story ideas, and plus, it's just something enjoyable that I like to do. I won't say that it's the window for my soul to come out of anything or something poetic like that, because I don't think it is, but it is something where I try to get into the heads of characters and flesh them and their personailties out and create something worthwhile, readable, full of meaning or purely for entertainment. Either way, I think writing is just great.

Love: is really, really hard for me to write

I can't help it. I love reading a good romance, but I fail utterly and miserably at writing it. I don't want it to be rushed or too much of kisses, caresses, looks, or sex (It's hard for me to write these anyways), and inevitably my romances are not like romances at all, more like friendships.

And that is why I fail at romance.

Character: Is essential!

Characters are better when they have little quirks, full, multi-facted personalities instead of one sided, boring, bland, common personalities, and I try to write my characters that way. I also try to keep my characters as In character as possible. I don't like to create my own OC's in a fanficiton because I really don't want to write about a Mary Sue or Gary Stu ,plus to me, they just dont seem fit in with whatever fanficiton I'm writing.

Conflict: makes it all interesting

Without any conflict there isn't a story, and this is what keeps the story going, in my opinion. I love reading about action plots and romantic dramas, (and watching TV shows) , but my favorite type to read about is the psychological, inner turmoil sort of thing. Or in a fantasy setting. (Because I'm a nerd like that) I don't really like drama like the high school type, but if you write it well, any conflict is worth reading about.

Life: is meant to be lived.

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Married to the Mob reviews
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