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Ello dere!!

Watashi no Ame-dess. :) My name's Ame (as said before).

My "code" name is Ayame, so if you see me call myself that, you know why. lol.

I love writing and I'm really into pretty much everything Asian. :D Anime, Jrock, Jpop, Kpop, traditional stuffs, ect. If you have any requests, let meh know. I'll try my best to get them done. :D

This Is How I Roll

Top 5 Favorite K-Pop Groups

1: Big Bang

2: 2NE1

3: Super Junior (Super Junior M, Super Junior H, Super Junior T and Super Junior KRY included)

4: Se7en

5: Lee Hyori

Top 5 Favorite K-Pop Songs (as of right now)

1: Super Girl by Super Junior M

2: U Go Girl by Lee Hyori

3: Pretty Boy by 2NE1

4: Kiss by Dara

5: Last Farewell by Big Bang

Who is your inspiration in the K-Pop industry and why?

Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon) of Big Bang. Because he has worked so hard all his life and still kept a positive face. Even though he was working to acheiving his dream, it must've been hard on a child to be able to grow up in such a cut-throat industry like the one he was in. In K-Pop you go big or go home, and GD is most definatly a giant. :D

Alright. I give in.

5 Hottest Guys From Which K-Pop Group

1: T.O.P. from Big Bang

2: Siwon from Super Junior

3: Donghae from Super Junior

4: Seungri from Big Bang

5: G-Dragon from Big Bang

5 CUTEST Guys from Which K-Pop Group

1: Sungmin from Super Junior

2: Heechul from Super Junior

3: Kyuhyun from Super Junior

4: Leetuk from Super Junior

5: The rest of Super Junior! (.)

If you could chose to meet one person from your favorite K-Pop group, who would it be an why?

Hmm...Daesung from Big Bang so that we can run around and act all crazy together doing the dance to Look At Me, GwiSoon!

Do people diss on the kind of music you like a lot?

Sometimes. Most of my girlfriends adore Super Junior (because of their cuteness) and love 2NE1 and Big Bang, too. But the people who don't give them a chance say they look like girls and are gay, ect. They bash on how they can't understand them and whatnot (well, duh, it's in a different language, stupid). I usually smile and say something in the vicinity of "baka ameko"

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