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Hello :)

Previous penname: WhiteRabbit XD

My name is Emily Jayne Zeale. It's not my real name, just the pen-name that I will use if I ever have anything published. I decided a short while ago that I need a pen-name to write under. I chose the name Emily because it was what I was going to be named before I was born, but my mother changed her mind when I was a day old. So I thought that was quite fitting as a pen-name. And I just like the name Jayne.

I'm 19 and live in the UK. I'm studying Optometry. (Optometry is the one that is about eyes, glasses and contact lenses. If I say the word 'optician', you'll know what I mean. Most people look at me blankly when I discuss future plans, and they ask what Optometry is. So, now you know, I suppose.) I'm below average height (4 foot 10 to be precise) and I drink a ridiculous amount of tea.

My sister is also on fanfiction- Her penname is NewMagicWeaver (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2133986/NewMagicWeaver). I also have a fanfiction account that I share with her for the occasional stories that we write together: Friends-Of-The-Ood (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2442631/Friends-Of-The-Ood)

I have only 1 roleplay, and it's pretty much dead, but here is the link to my forums nonetheless: http://www.fanfiction.net/myforums/WhiteRabbit_xD/2133970/

When it comes to TV shows, there's a wide range of genres that I watch. I like period drama, mysteries/crime drama, sci-fi/fantasy and recently lots and lots of military sci-fi. My favourite show is Doctor Who, both the classic and new series. But recently I've been addicted to military sci-fi; Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Star Trek, Babylon 5.

I've been struggling to find a good book to read at the moment if I'm honest. But I generally read crime, classics, dystopia and a bit of sci-fi/fantasy. I like dark, gritty and controversial, thought provoking themes but I also enjoy something light-hearted. I'll basically try reading anything that isn't romance (unless they're classics), comedy or horror.

As far as music is concerned, the list is quite limited and probably not worth mentioning. You probably wouldn't have heard of my favourite artists. :)

I'm an avid cosplayer who regularly attends conventions. For the past three years, I've been doing Doctor Who cosplay, my favourite cosplays including 6th Doctor, Madam Vastra, and Romana. However, as my preference in TV shows are changing, I've started making uniform cosplays based on military sci-fi. So if you happen to run into me at a Con in the near future, the chances are I'll be saluting, addressing everyone as "sir" and introducing myself by my callsign and/or rank. When I cosplay, I really get into the role of the character as best I can. Which meant when I first did my Battlestar Galactica cosplay, I spent hours practising and perfecting salutes, learning rank structures and how to address superior officers, and standing to attention. Most of it I learned from the show, but I must admit that I also googled the regulations, just so I definitely got it right. And if I do say so myself, I think I nailed it. :P

I don't use fanfiction for writing many stories. I used to write fanfictions often, but I'm trying to focus my writing energy on original writing. Although I am writing the back-story of the character I invented for my Battlestar Galactica cosplay. Maybe some day I'll share it but I'm keeping it close to me for the moment. It's a bit of a self-insert, but I haven't created her character to be a hero, save the day and get into a relationship with a main character against all odds; that would be egotistical nonsense. She's an average fighter pilot in the space-navy thrust into a deadly war under ruthless command and just trying to survive. She's also a bit of a coward. :)

Other than the slight self-insert, I'm trying to write original stuff but currently struggling with inspiration. I was working on a controversial feminist book but that's currently at a stand-still and I have a few more ideas but no time or energy to write them because my course is very difficult and stressful.

I am a feminist, and am very proud to be. I firmly believe in equality, and even though in the present day, feminism is frowned upon, because people claim that men and women are equal. Feminism is about equality I do not think it exists fully yet. For example, in fiction, women are often still objectified, made to look desirable. Women have to be skinny and attractive to be accepted by society, and many people think that women cannot do science and maths, or physical work. I believe that women can be strong and intelligent. Men are still stereotyped to be scientists, builders, engineers, doctors, and women are still stereotyped to be English or primary school teachers, models, admin/ office work, or sometimes even stay at home to cook and clean! People expect girls to study typically easier subjects, such as English or humanities, rather than sciences. Someone at college once said to me that girls should not be good at science and maths, therefore I must be a robot because I am. It was a joke, (probably even a compliment!) but the statement still stands as an example of how females are expected to not study these subjects. It is not uncommon for women to be judged by men (or other women) for what they wear or look like, often negatively, although men are not normally judged. Where is the equality there? Therefore, there is still reason to believe in and follow feminism. It should not be frowned upon and I am proud to say that I am a feminist! :D

Thank you for reading my profile. Hope you have a very nice day. :D

-Emily Jayne Zeale, December 2014.

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