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This is the spectrum of magic and jewels that govern all magic with in the worlds of Zar'roc

The darker the jewel the more powerful and the more dangerous

Lighter Jewels







Boundary jewel (it can be considered a lighter and darker jewel)


Darker Jewels







Shadow Jewels




Twilight's Revenge


special jewels

Giges Wrath: darker then Twilight's Revenge it is still weaker then the Blood and can only be worn by the god of chaos and goddess of pandemonium

Twilight's Dawn: equal in every way to Giges Wrath except it can only be worn by the god of order and goddess of harmony

Soul's Shadow: equal in strength to the lightest area of the Blood jewel and can only be worn by the Dark Lady

note: even though these ranks make up the broad spectrum of power there are ranks within each jewel that separate those who have the same jewel but different power

Blood hierarchy

males \ females

Warlord \ Witch

Prince \ Priestess

Warlord Prince \ Queen

Dark Prince \ Blood Queen

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