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Author has written 5 stories for Star Fox, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spyro the Dragon, and Pokémon.

I don't usually care to update the profile bio only if there are a lot people hooked on a story or something like that that want news on it.

I don't to make Author Notes in the stories, so if I find that I want to point something out in the story I might then post the note here on the bio.

Also, I was never given English, Reading, or Writing lessons. (None that really helped that is) so I'm teaching myself as I go along. If there is one I've learned that helps out a lot in writing though, it's reading stories that appear similar your stories. That and listening to symphonies, it actually helps me come up with ideas with climatic points in a story. I for one, find '2808 Symphony-Nero' to be very helpful.

I make it my goal to have at least 2,000 words per chapter in my stories. So if one of them happen to be shorter than expected, it's either because I'm lazy or that was how the chapter was meant to be. Short and gets the point across.

Other Accounts:

Steam:Damien The Lucario

Author Notes:

Corrupted Souls=

-This story is also posted on deviantArt, I'm debating if I should continue that.

-AkumaRicky was the one who first wrote the story, I'm Dawn Of Oblivion, I'm continuing it.

-Majority of the names in the story come off the top of my head, had to make up some since AkumaRicky didn't name any one yet, only made out the story. If there are any coincidental names that relate to other stories in the Spyro the Dragon archive, there are all unintentional.

-I got way too lazy on Chapter 4, I didn't like the scene I had created but I didn't know any other way to get Spyro to return to Warfang without conflicting in other parts of the story line.

-I don't like making so many OCs, but the people who made the Legend series didn't really put a whole bunch of characters in the story that I can work with. With the story line I'm using, it's hard not to make an OC.

-I got so many different ways to proceed with the plot. So for moments between updates, expect fixes!

-FIX: All the chapters have had fixes and added lines, all chapters are now slightly more up to date.

-Chapter 7: The original version of this chapter got deleted after a huge confusion problem with FanFiction. So the new one is short and slightly boring.

-I have this problem with character creation, so if anyone has a dragon they want to place in my story I will be happy to put him or her in their. Just FYI: It is very ill likely they will survive to the end...

-With Chapter 8 finally posted with 5,091 words, the Prologue part of this story is finally finished. As of the next chapter we will be moving unto Book 1:The Lost Colonies.

-After a lot of personal problems I have no excuses for, Chapter 9 has been posted and Chapter 10 is already in the making. Hoping to keep this speed until the end of the summer.


-This was the first fanfic that was planned for this account. Memorial Day came first though.

-This story was a huge test to see how good AkumaRicky's writing skills were.(He was testing himself). In the end, he decided it was a horrible start, and didn't care to continue the real trilogy that was planned for it.

-I tried to end this story in a quick manner, I may want to revamp later on so I made the ending a cliffhanger to remind me.

-Nothing in the games revealed too much about Kursed's character, but it can be assumed Krystal's caring caring behavior no longer exists now that she is a rouge.

-FIX: Prologue has been rewritten, hopefully this will make a better first impression!

-Parts of the story lie will be taken off and new things will be added to make the story more... 'characterful.'

Some Roses Have Thorns=

-This story was meant to be in the Humor genre, where Amy would save Sonic's life from a malfunctioning mecha Tails built. AkumaRicky liked writing about the mecha so the whole idea was scraped and the funny oneshot transformed into a dramatic and ironic Amy Rose story.

-I will continued where AR left off, another author is helping me with that situation.

-AkumaRicky wanted this story to have a ton of references to another Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic he planned to make.

-In addition to wanting story references, he wanted a lot of video game cameos as well. So I'll try to fit that in as well. Should be very fun.

-Story is discontinued. I have no ideas how to progress and my mind is focused on many other things right now.

The Ridden Project: Hunted=

-This is a story filled with one shots. To clarify, every chapter is a short story based on one character, and each short story is in the same story line concept, but in different perspectives

-Zeta is a character made by a good friend of mine. He really likes names after the Greek Alphabet... For instance, his official persona character is called Alpha.

-This story is the kick start for The Ridden Project.

-Chapter 1 took seven times longer than I thought it would take to make. I actually didn't expect for it to reach 5,951 words! That's an accomplishment for me. Hopefully I will finish them faster now that I have the first half of the story line figured out.

Survival Instinct=

-This story is continuing once Corrupted Soul or Some Roses Have Thorns gets done...

Other than that I find no reason share any other information at present time so I bid thy farewell.

Notable Mentions

-Legend of Zelda is pretty cool.

-Has anyone read the Warriors series?

-I do support the Spyro and Cynder relantionship, don't get me wrong, it does in fact pain me to separate the two in my story.

-I don't prefer to put Author Notes in my stories because I don't like the extra words. The amount words in Author Notes on other Author's story can accumulate to at least 1,500 words out the total of words the website counts as the story. I don't like the false numbers...

-Nope, just NOPE. Sorry Shadow Effect Lock, I can't help you because continuing a story for someone else is very difficult. I would rather start a story collaboration instead of continuing one.

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