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Koninchiwa minna!!! Im Keiran Yuy. Im a very very very insane person who just came out from the mental hospital. I LOOOOVVVEEEE ANIME and Harry Potter books more than you know. Want to know some? Kay, here it is...

Sailormoon: I love it frm the bottom of my heart. But Seiya and Usagi really is my favorite pair. I dont hate Mamoru its just that Usa and Seiya is such a vry cool pair.

CCS: I love the couple Li and Sakura. Also Kero's very cute.( I hope I have one like him)

FY: I do have a fav character and it is --
Tasuki: Me Me and only Me
Keiran Kou: YAh! Yah! I cant help it your sooo cute even though ur sumtimes uh...never mind.
Tasuki: Im reaallly flattered but i hate to admit im as cute as that--
(Keiran Kou covered his mouth): I love it especially the OAV. (Keiran forgots Tasuki and the poor guy turns blue. OOOPPSSS Sorry.

Vandread: Hibiki and Dita really rocks.

Samurai X: Kenshin and Kaoru the best!!!

Gundam Wing: How could I forget my hottest pair which is--
Heero and Relena: Its us and we are proud!
Keiran Kou: YAh!YAh! whatever!

Gatekeepers:MMMmmm I like Shun Ukiya and Ruriko pair.

Ayashino Ceres: Cool!Cool! Cool! I really like the pair Aya and Tooya. They--
Yuuhi: Hey! Remember me! I'm also cute you know.(makes a muscle man pose)
Keiran: YAh!YAh! Anyway, (looks at Yuuhi sharply) before I was rudely interrupted, They are so cool!

And now my newest craze...Harry Potter! (eherm) sorry for that. J.K Rowling is really cool coming up with a story so magical and entertaining. favorite couple is...

drumroll pls...*

Harry and Hermione- Hehehe! SO What? I really like them so much.
Hermione and Draco- uhmm...just acceptable...lolz.

But frankly...I hate Ron/Hermione pairings. Though I don't hate Ron because he's adorable sometimes...still..I want it to be Harry and Hermione okay?

And...oh...before I forget...I like Sirius Black's personality...

Lastly...I would just like to share to everyone that I really wish that I could have Daniel Radcliffe as my husband..(sigh)...I guess I am dreaming again...He is really just so kawaii!!!!!!!!!To Dan: I LOVE YOU!!!!!! (someone throws a ver huge bowling ball from The Flinstones)...OUCH!!!!

Well I guess these wraps it all up...Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Everything that comes into my head and is written is dedicated to my one and only mother who gave me the strenght and inspiration (hehehe...not to mention those cute bishounens out there...lolz) to keep on writing. I love you mom!!!!

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