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8/23/2012: God dang where does time go? Anyway, I have gotten really into Cave Story and have been doing various projects with it. Ditched most of my old story plans and hoping that I can actually stay on task this time. School starts in like, a week in a half so I don't know if I can get the first chapter of my novelization up before school starts.

10/6/2012: November already... At this rate, I'm just going to start posting chapters of my novelization as I get them done. Expect updates at random times. (Unless I dedicate a day or two to writing it.) Also, school is now on my list of priorities...

12/23/2012: Ugh... I'm going to feel like a grinch, but I will try and get an update on/for/before Christmas. It's Winter, all I'm going to say. Used to like this time of year, now I'm starting to hate it... (An update on my story: I have received a piece of advice, so future chapters MAY have a quality jump, I kinda hope not, but it might happen) Also, cleared up the profile a bit.

3/19/2013: Well, laziness aside, I've restarted to rewrite my Novelization. (only like, 4 chapters in, but I have a pretty good excuse why) Along with this, I've been working (semi) hard on creating an actual Cave Story mod for it. (Also, I've been in a "Really" bad Spyro phase, so I might get something out like a one-shot or something.)

4/9/2013: Why does this year seems to be going by so fast? Anyway, I think I'm gonna put all of my stories on hiatus until I can actually set what I want to do. I'm kinda torn between working on a Cave Story Mod, writing something spyro related and drawing in general, so I'm gonna stop writing some fan-fics for some time. Anyway, I updated some work on the Oc's a tad, but other then that, nothing much.

4/12/2013: Nothing too important to note, but I did basically upload my first story. (And first one-shot as a bonus)

4/18/2013: Once again, nothing to note really. Apparently, a good friend of mine has decided to give me a shout-out on his story, so I'll probably be getting more attention than I deserve now... Anyway, story updates... I got nothing really. I've been busy with school Track and school work in general. Hopefully, I'll be getting a break when summer vacation starts. Anyway, shoutout to mcski99. (More like he gave me the shout-out...)

About me:

I've been a member for a good time now, but haven't written any stories yet. I might later, but as of know, I'm still planning all of the stuff.

Name: Stalkers everywhere, Nickname though, is Rubyyoshi or Ruby.
Age: Once again, stalkers.
Birthday: 9/16 (you figure it out)
Gender: Male
Likes/Interest's: Videogaming, Let's Playing, Writing, Drawing, (But I suck!) and pretty much anything on the computer.
Dislikes: Any Future Sci-Fi Movies, Most (Most, not all) types of music, Getting annoyed by brother and more.

Oc's That I own:

I currently have 3 OC's.

Leon: Pokemon Trainer, 17 years old. Best in Algebra and cares for his friends. Although he is a nerd, he doesn't have to be perfect. He is paired up with his Pokemon partner, Kyle (other OC) He is skilled using swords and can perform CPR if needed.
First Appearance: High School Days, ChrisMSMB

Kyle: Pokemon, Species: Buizel
Best translating various languages and can speak human language can make him one of the best travel partners. He is skilled using Bows and cares for others like Leon. He is considerate of others and likes to be included in opinions.
First Appearance: High School Days, ChrisMSMB

Wyatt: Electric and Earth Dragon Hybrid, 13 cycles old. Not much is given about Wyatt, but he cares for his friends and does his best to give the best help he can. He excels in his Electric skills and uses his Earth skills for defensive tactics.
First Appearance: Giving your Life to Protect your Brother Oneshot, Rubyyoshi

Future/Current Stories:

Cave Story Novelization, redone: After an idiotic mistake, I accidentally got rid of my old story files and couldn't restore them. Along with that, I was getting critiqued a bit and decided to redo the chapters.

Currently Active Stories:

Current Planning (In no particular order):

I've been kinda busy with school, but I still want to work hard and plan stuff out.

Next to start writing: Cave Story Novelization (Extra's/cut scenes)

Next to plan/finish planning: Cave Story Novelization (Maybe something Spyro related?)

And some other stuff. As of now, I'm not planning to enter contests held by other FanFiction people.

Completed Stories:

Giving your Life to Protect your Brother oneshot
After getting in a really insane dragon mood from the Spyro games, I was looking for some really good fanfics and found one of my favorites; Of Light and Shadow Book Series, Archangel1225 I had read it thoroughly and loved it, however I had one part of the story I hated the most. Sting's death. It was like reality slammed it's fist in my face, I took it way too hard. Harder than any of the characters in the story did. After being sad and depressed about it, I got over it and knew I had to write something for it. As I'm aware, I don't know what Archangel1225 has planned for his series.

Favorite Quotes:

As of know, there's only one quote that I really like. (Need to find some good Cave Story quotes...)

"What I don't understand... is how such an addle-brained character could make himself useful on your adventure..." Postmaster, Paper Mario


I'll get to this sometime in the future...

I need to have an ending, but that requires time to think and I don't have a good amount of that.

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Giving your Life to Protect your Brother One-shot
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Spyro the Dragon - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 836 - Published: 4/10/2013 - Complete
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A Novelization of the free-ware game Cave Story. When a young boy receives a transmission, he becomes conscious and learns that he will take part in a big journey. Rated for language usage and some suggestive themes.
Cave Story - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 4 - Words: 2,747 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 11/6/2012