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I'm probably not going to be writing anymore. I will keep the stories that are posted up, even the one's that aren't finished. (They won't be finished, at least not anytime soon.) I loved being a part of the fandom and will never regret it. I'm just done with this chapter of my life.

Thanks to everyone who has read, commented, followed, or favorited.

P.S. No on is allowed to take my finished or unfinished fanfics and write them as their own without my permission. You also have to give me credit if I do give you the okay to.



A Little About Myself:

Music is a religion for me. When I find song I like, I listen to it repeatedly.

I have one kid, a little boy.

I get a lot of shit for wanting only one kid, but there are reasons why that I won't get into.

I found fanfiction like a lot of other people, through the first movie, after devouring all the books in erratic order, (Yep, I read New Moon first, then Twilight, then Breaking Dawn, then Eclipse, because they were in high demand at the time and I was a damn crack addict at that point.) I found a site called His Golden Eyes and it brought me to this magical place in 2009. The first fanfic I read was EP, then I found The Dominant, and then Hunter Hunting, and many other greats writers and stories along with some not so good ones.

It didn't take me long to start writing myself, Thicker Than Water being my first fic. I took a hiatus because I had an extreme case of writer's block. I just recently came back about a year ago I think.

My biggest pet peeve is when people chew on cotton, it makes me want to throw up on the spot.

The biggest mistake I make as a writer is using the word that a lot. I'm working on it because it's annoying, but it's a WIP.

My favorite thing is Ice Cream. I'd rather lose a body part than give up the stuff. I have many fav flavors; Coffee, Bunny Tracks and Krazy Kookie Dough, to name a few.

I started smoking at 14 and stopped a year ago. A lot of people think I quit cold turkey, but I guess I'm sneakier than I thought I was, because it was a slow process of dwindling the amount I smoked. I keep waiting to miss it or to catch uncontrollable cravings, but blessedly haven't yet.

DFTBA has become a life choice for me now. :D Look it up.

I live in the country in the same area my whole life and couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

That's enough rambling from me.

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Outfits from Wordless:

Bella's dress for Thanksgiving on chapter 13.

Alice's dress for Thanksgiving on chapter 13.

Necklace Edward's gives Bella for Christmas on chapter 15.

Wallet like Bella makes for Edward for Valentines Day on chapter 16.

Bella's junior prom dress from chapter 17. (It's not the exact color but the design is perfect.)

Edward's junior prom suit from chapter 19.

Alice's junior prom dress from chapter 19.

Jasper's senior prom suit from chapter 19.

Rose's senior prom dress from chapter 19.

Emmett's senior prom suit from chapter 19.

Jess's junior prom dress from chapter 19.

Tayna and Lauren's junior prom dresses from chapter 19.

Mike and Tyler's junior prom suits from chapter 19.

Bella's Halloween costume from chapter 32.

Edward's Halloween costume from chapter

Angela's Halloween costume from chapter 32.g

Ben's Halloween costume from chapter 32.

Alice's Halloween costume from chapter 32.

Leah's Halloween costume from chapter 32.

Bella's Homecoming dressfrom chapter 38.

Edward's Homecoming outfit from chapter 38.

Alice's Homecoming dress from chapter 38.

Maggie's Homecoming dress and heels from chapter 38.

Kate's Homecoming dress and heels from chapter 38.

Angela's Homecoming dress from chapter 38.

Ben's Homecoming outfit from chapter 38.

Leah's Homecoming dress from chapter 38.

Jacob's Homecoming outfit from chapter 38.

Bella's Superman panties from chapter 42.

Bella's Superman comic strip bra from chapter 42.


  • Information about the book Edward talks to Bella about in ch8 on FPWL: Zin, H (1980). A People's History of the United States. Retrieved from:

  • The recipe for the meal Edward cooked for Bella in ch11 on FPWL is called Black Pepper Spice-Rubbed Beef Tenderloin and can be found on:

  • Wine brand Edward and Bella drink in ch11 on FPWL website:

  • (1)Kel-Tec pistol Edward buys for Belle in ch13 on FPWL information found on this website:

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