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I took the anonymous reviews thing off again, but if shit starts again like last time I'm putting it back...

ok it was time for a new message:) Ummm I dont know umm... something bout me well in movies I usualy always cheer for the bad guys even tho they dont ever win I just like bad guys better than good guys its weird but I have this big thing for bad boys ;) there just so cute but anyway ummm I'll put my fav things in here just for fun :) Damn this is long and tells hardly nothing about me thats funny anyway

Fav Movies: Anything with Rob Lowe, The New Guy, Queen of the Damned, All the austin Powers movies (they fall into the Rob Lowe section), 40 days and 40 nights, CHICAGO!!! and both Final Destination movies. Ummmm theres others but I dont feel like listing them all right now.

Fav Music: Rap- anything by Eminem, Ice Ice Baby, Kid Rock, Dr Dre.
Ummmm what other music, right now I'm listening to I'm Afraid of Britney Spears, Ummm I like love songs but Rap is my fav. Wait no its not, 80's rock is my fav and Rap is a close 2nd.

Fav books: The Outsiders and That Was When This is Now.

Fav actors: Rob Lowe is # 1, Tom Cruise, any other boys from The Outsiders, Paulo Costanzo (Played Rubin on Road Trip for those of you who dont know who he is), Seth Green.

Fav Actress: Kirstie Alley

Hero: My grandfather,

I said I would put my fanclub site on here for people to go to and join so here it is That should take you right to it thanx

I'm also putting my fav quote in here just to be doing something this is the quote that I live by its not The Outsiders

"Fear causes hesitation and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true"

Just a little something to keep in mind if you are ever afraid to do something.

Hehe I'm a pyromaniac (i'm not sure how to spell that) I love fire. I dont know why its weird but my lighter is my fav thing to play with I dont smoke but I have a lighter for candles and just to play around with I dont know why I put this i'm bored. hehe Peace

hehe ok new stuff :)
I just got the movie Class with Rob Lowe and I love it and I wanted to put my fav Rob quotes in here.

"The next time your feeling sad and blue dont expect old skipper here to put on his big red nose and floppy shoes just 'Pour vous'."

"I wouldnt say it if I didnt mean it, well I might say it if I didnt mean it but probaly not to you."

"TA DA" (you have to see this part to compleatly understand)

(French accent) "The pretty girls" (he sounds so sexy when he says this.)

"Jonathan! untill you get laid none of us are safe"

Jonathan: I'm no good with women
Skip: I know that, you know that, the brodes that go to Free-N-Easy? they dont know that.

Jonathan: Now I am gonna jump.
Ellen: Its only money.
Johnathan: yea well it was my only money.
(Ellen looks at Jonathan)
Ellen: Have you ever... Have you ever been in love?
Johnathan: yea I was pretty fond of that $100 bill.

Skip: Well?
Jonathan: you passed.
Skip: Pass my ass, A-Bing A-Bing were number 1 and 2 me and you thanks to you I'm a friggen genius. Were gonna party our balls off and were gonna start right now.
Jonathan: I cant
Skip: I didnt even hear that
Jonathan: I cant I have to go to Chicago
Skip:Chicago, great thinking I own that town we'll trash it.

Skip: you gotta come to dinner... come on I cant belive you forego eggplant suprise
Jonathan: I'm not hungry
Skip: Thats no reason not to eat the shit.

"Take the 9:00 bus go to rush street, the Free-N-Easy club and there you will meet the girl of your dreams, and if she aint there take what you can get."

This next one is not from Class this is from St. Elmos Fire

Kirbo: You are just pissed off and bitter because you have not had sex in... how long? What is it... a year... maybe two? Refresh my memory please, Kevin. Haven't you heard of the sexual revolution?

Kevin: Who won, huh? Nobody. Used to be sex was the only free thing, No longer. Alimony... palimony... it's all financial. Love is an illusion.

Kirbo: It's the only illusion that counts, my friend.

Kevin: Says who?

Kirbo: Anyone who's been in love.

Kevin: Love sucks.

Kirbo: So does your attitude

I'm putting more quotes in here b/c i'm bored and need something to do. :) Oh and every quote I have I have a reason for having it.

"Forget the times that you walked by, forget the times you made me cry, forget the times you held my hand, forget the sweet things if I can, I can no longer just pretend, I gotta remember now your just my friend."((A Robbie quote))

" Spiteful words hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart" ((I miss Robbie...))

"Cinderella walked on broken glass, Sleeping beauty let a whole lifetime pass.Yea love is blood and sweat and tears, love means faceing your fears."

"How can I stop crying if the only person who can make me stop is the one who made me start." ((Yet another Robbie quote))

"I couldnt help it when I started to cry, I told myself that lifes a lie. You know love sux when your dreams slip away,but I'd trade all my tomorrows for one yesterday." ((I miss Robbie again))

As you can see I've been hurt alot in the past Hmmmm... month, but thats all for now.

More new stuff: Ok Tommy Boy, Bad Influance, and Youngblood are all still good movies but I have a new one thats also really good, Its very long around 6 hours so if you see it make sure you have pleanty of time to watch but its The Stand based on the novel bt Stephen King (Did I spell his name right?) anyway Rob Lowe is in it but even if he wasnt it would still be a good movie :) anyway I dont know what to say for now except please review :) Thanx

Want my MSN and yahoo SN's? well these are my new ones. MSN- well thats the E-Mail to get to it I think, and my Yahoo- sodasbaby I'lm hardly ever on MSN or yahoo so if you want me E-Mail me and tell me to get on or IM me on AIM.

My homepage BTW is a RPG site for the outsiders :)

OK I'm getting really pissed, I love being know as a writer who write about stuff first, and always has a new idea and nothing is something you've seen a million times, But I'm running out of ideas. I love being the first but Nothing new is coming to mind I've done all I can think of.. I wrote the first TWT TIN story, the first Tommy Boy fic, everything, I just need something to spark new ideas.

Ok anyone miss the Music section in here??? well this is just for BSb fans,
go to that site, its a place where you can still post BSB fanfiction.

Ok I'm bored again so its time for South Park quotes.

"You need to lay off the cough syrup, Alright? Seriously, I'm worried about you man."

"Dude seriously you need to stop being so poor or I'm gonna start hunking rocks at you."

"Kenny I called shotgun, Damnit Kenny get in the back. Hey kenny theres a sale on orange jackets over there, look kenny an elephant parade. *Pulls out candy bar* Hey kenny, kenny? go get it. *Tosses candy bar and Kenny goes after it. * haha you *Beep*" *Elephant parade in the background*

"Cartman: I'm not fat I just havent grown into my body yet you skinny bitch.

Mr. Garrison: Eric if you call Wendy a bitch one more time I'm sending you to the princapals office.

Cartman: *Long pause* Bitch"

"And the snow flies, on a cold and grey chiago morning a poor little baby child is born in the gheto. And his moomma cries, cause if theres thing that she dont need its another hungry mouth to feed in the gheto."

ok so that last one is an Elvis song but Cartman sings it.

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