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Author has written 29 stories for Alvin and the chipmunks, Warriors, Redwall, Mouse Guard, Game of Thrones, Zootopia, and Pokémon.

To avoid my complete anonymity, I'll give you a rough clue of who I am:

My real name comes from the Greek hero who set out to retrieve the Golden Fleece with his Argonauts.

I'm 20 - going on 21, an art student who hails from Malaysia, and am a bookworm, movie buff and a complete eccentric. :)

Right now, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who have gone to my stories and paid numerous visits and left reviews. It's also appreciative to know that you're marking them as favourites, particularly The Aw Factor and Innocence Lost.

I apologize for delaying any updates on Innocence Lost 2, as I'm currently working on my newest story The Darkness Comes. I hope you'll leave me your thoughtful reviews and comments as it's really one of my favourite creations! :)

Keep in touch as I'll do my best to entertain you faithful readers!

My warmest regards to you all! :)

(Updated Jan 2012)

There are a few things I'd like to address everyone who's stopped here on my humble page.

First of all, I am happy to announce that due to popular demand, I have decided to continue Phelan's journey by writing a sequel to The Darkness Comes, called Let There Be Light - but I think most of you already know that. :P

There will be new OCs, new challenges, and definitely some new relationships about. And while I may not have come to the moment yet, but I have decided that the outcome of certain chapters of Light will be determined by YOU - my fellow readers! So if I do make an announcement that you get to choose which paths Phelan and the others should take - just drop me a comment or wait till I set up a voting poll! :)

Secondly, I'm pulling my weight along with Periosha, Victory's Raconteur, and BusyLovingChipmunks to create a collaboration unlike any other you've read. Yes, we're bringing OCs back just for you - in a story called The Retribution Saga. So do check it out, and please leave us some cookies! We've worked so hard to make you readers happy! :D

And finally, while I won't be giving up on finishing Light anytime soon, this is the year where I'll be taking a giant step forward and travelling overseas to finish my last year of uni. So if my updates are a little slow, fear not - I'll get back to them in time.

All I ask is that you'll wish me the best of luck where ever I am, doing the things I love - getting a degree in writing and hoping to make a better future for words someday.

To my beloved Pack, I will think of you always, and I promise to keep in touch by any means possible.

To all of you reading this, it has been your comments, your values and your honest thoughts that have kept the Darkness going, and it will also keep the Light burning brighter than ever before! :)

"Always trust in your stories"

~ Wind

(Updated March 2012)

As promised in my latest chapter of Let There Be Light, here is the roster of all the members of the Black Arch, with their respectful creators listed in brackets next to their names.

The Black Arch ~ Members

1. Aaron (The Shadow Flamed Kyuubi)

- Dark-golden fur, silver eyes

- Silver hoodie, black cloak

- Acting leader of the Black Arch

- Kind and caring to those he trusts

- When fighting, he doesn’t hold back his emotions

- Gathers his powers from the Obsidian Crystal

- Skilled as a blade and martial arts expert

- Can harness the light of the moon as an alternative source of energy

- Able to alter and manipulate shadows/ darkness and reality

- Creates portals out of shadows

- Has unlimited power that he can break down, combine and alter atoms

2. Scar (ChipmunkFan19)

- Brown-black fur, red eyes

- Sharp canines, has 2 black stripes going down from the back of head to tail

- Has a scar over his left eye and a slit on his left ear

- Dark-red hoodie with horizontal black stripes, black pants with black-and-red shoes

- Was attacked by a wolf in his youth

- Doesn’t take kindly to humans or anyone else

- Street-smart; can be a little feral

- Able to transform into a vampire at night or when enraged

- Has black fur, dark-yellow cat-like eyes and retractable claws and bat wings

- In vampire form, he feeds on animal blood and has control of every forms of darkness

3. Kira (The Shadow Flamed Kyuubi)

- White fur, sky-blue eyes

- White T-shirt, black-white jeans and black boots

- Mysterious; rarely shows any emotions

- Hides a kind and caring personality

- Conceals his emotions to prevent a greater power from taking over his body

- Hides his status as a Reaper aka Death

- As the Reaper, shows no compassion and will kill anyone in his way

- Eyes turn black and he becomes taller

- Supernatural strength/ speed

- No pain/ instantaneous healing

- Soul reading/ sense/ manipulation

4. Rhodas (xX bladed-acoustix Xx)

- Dark-brown fur, green eyes

- Blue shirt, black pants, red sneakers

- Laid-back personality, avoids fighting when necessary

- Stands up for people, though is usually bruised

- Loves extreme sports and activities

- Has a wide understanding of most subjects

- Carries a katana

- A self-practiced ninja

- Expert in stealth and ninjitsu/ acrobatics

- Projects orbs of darkness in the form of shurikens

5. Faolan (Foreteller of Three)

- Young arctic-timber wolf

- Silver pelt, green eyes

- Large in size

- Loyal and puppy-like

- Speaks both human and wolf language

- Likes to get into fights from time to time

- Able to control and command fire/ water/ ice/ lava/ lightning/ shadows

- Can alter his body into the state of the element he controls

6. Stellaluna (Foreteller of Three)

- Young brown bat

- Golden-brown fur, red eyes

- Small for her species

- Loyal only to Faolan

- Able to control and command air/ earth/ stone/ plantation

- Can alter her body into the state of the element she controls

- Able to absorb the essence of darkness from other wielders; possibly leading to death

7. Phelan Seville

- Wolf-chipmunk hybrid

- Mahogany-brown fur, forest green eyes; has a feral appearance

- Black trench coat and pants, no shoes

- Kind-hearted, modest, shy

- Holds a warrior’s code of honour

- Hides a tragic past controlled by the Darkness

- Lives as the Sevilles’ newest member; brother to Soron

- Heightened wolf-like sight and smell

- Experienced swords master/ fencer

- Has the ability to create hellfire/ shadow orbs/ swords from dark matter

- Can blend into shadows; an expert in camouflage

- Able to walk into people’s dreams and influence its outcomes

Author's Update(s)

Hey there again, I've decided to try and spruce up my profile page - though it won't probably be as fanciful as the other ones you're likely to see.


Calling all AATC writers, if you read this, there's now a chance to get to talk to your favourite Chipmunk FanFic writers online! Thanks to the wizardry of xxxBladed-Acoustixsxxx, he has set up a chat site called The Munk Temple, where you are welcome to join me and the others. Just head to this following site:


and register yourself! Just remember, the more the merrier! :D

There's the change in my picture - it's a drawing of Phelan done by a great friend of mine, Pancakez. For a first try, I really think he did a great job, don't you agree?

Fanfiction quiz (Everybody's doing one, so I figured, why not?)

Which do you prefer? Reading fanfics, or writing them?
Both. I like discovering what others think of characters that we all loved and grew up with. Seeing views of others through a window of their own. But of course, I can never put aside my passion for writing.

Do insulting reviews discourage you?
Nuh-uh; instead, I'd say it's a good stimulation to keep on writing - to prove to yourself that you can do better and then shove it down those ungrateful reviewers' throats.

What do you mainly write and read about?

On FanFic, I write a lot of Chipmunks FanFics. Don't know why, but it's quite fun to do so. I have made an exception by writing a one-shot from my favourite book series Warriors, so maybe I'll try to write more of that.

Outside of FanFic, I write plenty more - tales of mystery, death and the bizzare. Mostly because I think I've been influenced by the authors I've read - Neil Gaiman and Stephen King.

Are you proud of your fanfics?

Yeah, I am. I always thought a successful story/project would be like raising a child from birth, so I am proud of the things I've written, fan-based or not. :)

How long have you been on

March 2010

Have you inspired any other writers?

I think I might have. xxXbladed-acoustix'sXx first came to me and asked me how to improve on his writing. I gave him a few corners, and he's doing a much better job right now. So you could say that he was a 'student' of mine and a great inspiration. Oh, and for all of you who's reading this, I hope my works have greatly inspired you, too. :)

When you are added to a person's Favorite Author's list, how do you react?

Not in a big way, but I'd be very happy. It means that your works have really affected your readers in different ways, though what that is, I really don't know. ;)

Would you cry if you posted a one-shot, came back the next morning, and found a thousand reviews in your mailbox?

I won't cry, but I'd be jumping up and down all over my room! XD

Do you think it's possible for you to get a thousand reviews for a one-shot?

Haha, nah, that's highly impossible. It is, however, possible to get over a 100 reviews for a story with many chapters. Just look at Victory and Perry!

Is it regular for you to get over 10 reviews for each chapter?

No, the most would be about 5. I think the closest to that would be the reviews I got for The Aw Factor.

What was your first story on this site?

I Blame Myself. It was about the Chipmunks' cat's death anniversary, and I was surprised that it pulled some heartstrings.

What is your latest fanfic posted?

The Darkness Comes - chapter after chapter after chapter...

If you compare the two, how far have you gone since you first started writing fanfics?

Well, I'd say I've been writing stranger stuff eversince, but I've always been teaching myself to try some new techniques and styles in finding my writer's voice. I'm pretty sure everyone's doing it as well.

Are you a legend in your archive?

(laughs) You'll really have to ask those who have read my work, because I can't tell you that myself. I don't know, am I? Well, it's up to you to decide! :)

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