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reading is better than TV

Hello I just started my first multi chapter story and am looking for a beta. I have it all outlined and I am looking at around 25 chapters.

I love all dogs but Mastiffs and Labs have special place in my heart.

Puppy love:

Pro-log: for more info on Pit bull fighting go to:

I do not believe in dog fight. I think those who do fight dogs should be jailed or worse.

Chapter 1:

Huck is my mastiff in the corner. He has passed but I love him! Here is a great web site with some mastiff info:

great pics:

Chapter 2:

General Lee is my yellow lab and he is 10 years old!! He is a great dog and to smart for his own good!! Labrador retrieves are the most popular dog in America (I think) here are some more info on them:

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