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Stephenie Meyer swaps genders of lovers in new Twilight novel

Surprise new novel, partnering 10th anniversary edition, reimagines vampire lover Edward Cullen as Edythe, and Bella Swan as Beau

On the tenth anniversary of its publication, Stephenie Meyer has “reimagined” her original Twilight novel, reversing the genders of not only Edward and Bella, her centenarian vampire and the human teenager he falls in love with, but most of the characters in the book.

Edythe Cullen and Beau Swan are the inter-species love interest in Life and Death: Twilight Imagined, published today in a dual edition with the original novel.

“I’M SO SORRY,” writes Meyer in a foreword explaining how she’d been asked to write some extra content for Twilight’s 10th anniversary. “I know there is going to be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth because this new bonus material is A, not entirely new, but mostly B, not Midnight Sun” (her unreleased companion novel to Twilight, written from Edward’s point of view, which Meyer abandoned after 12 chapters were leaked onto the internet).

"I didn't have time, she explains, to write a new novel “or even half of one”, but was nettled by longstanding criticisms of Bella for being weak and in need of constant rescuing, as well as “too consumed with her love interest, as if that’s somehow just a girl thing”.

“I’ve always maintained that it would have made no difference if the human were male and the vampire female - it’s still the same story. Gender and species aside, Twilight has always been a story about the magic and obsession and frenzy of first love.”

She decided to put this claim to the test by “converting” the original opening chapters, and found it “not only fun, but also really fast and easy”. Thus the book opens with teenager Beau arriving in the rainy town of Forks in Washington State to live with his father Charlie (Meyer decided not to gender-swap Bella/Beau’s parents). While in the original Twilight novel Bella wears her favourite white lace shirt for the journey, in Life and Death Beau wears his favourite Monty Python T shirt.


Long lives, high wages and a good standard of living: The UN names Australia the second best country in the world to live... behind NORWAY

  • 188 countries were ranked by the UN in the Human Development Index
  • Norway ranked top, followed by Australia, Switzerland and Denmark
  • The report measured life expectancy, education and standard of living
  • It's official - Australia is the second best country to live in the world, beating the United Kingdom and the U.S.

    A UN report found the land Down Under was also a better place to live than Switzerland, Canada and New Zealand.

    Australia is second only to Norway, according to the annual UN Human Development Report which assessed economic, education and life-expectancy data.

    Beach life: Australia, renowned for its beaches, moderate climate and open spaces, is officially the second best country to live in the world (stock image)

    Top 10: Australia beat the United States and United Kingdom, with the U.S. making the top 10 list in eighth place (stock image)

    Trans-Tasman rivalry: Even the charms of New Zealand could not outdo Australia (pictured). New Zealand ranked ninth, sharing the spot with Canada (stock image)

    Australia's Human Development Index (HDI) was measured at .935 out of a maximum score of one.

    Scores are calculated by crunching data on what the UN says are the 'three basic dimensions of human development'.

    They are - life expectancy at birth, mean and expected years of schooling and standard of living, which is measured by gross national income per capita.

    Australians can expect to live on average to about 82-and-a-half-years-old, have a mean 13 years of schooling and the gross national income per person is $58,618.

    Number one: Norway has been consistently ranked top in the Human Development Index with high scores on life expectancy, education and Gross National Income (stock image)

    UN findings: The Human Development Report assessed economic, education and life-expectancy data in 188 countries (stock image)

    The good life: The United Kingdom was number 14 on the list, lower than Singapore, Hong Kong and Liechtenstein (stock image)

    United States: In the U.S., life expectancy was 79.1 years and it reported a gross national income per person of $52,947 (stock image)

    But despite Australian women living on average four years longer and spending more time hitting the books, men's average gross national income was significantly higher at $70,620 compared to the woman's average of $46,727.

    In Norway, life expectancy was lower at 81.6 years and the mean years of schooling were 12.6 but citizens enjoy a much bigger slice of the national pie.


    1. Norway

    2. Australia

    3. Switzerland

    4. Denmark

    5. Netherlands

    6. Germany

    6. Ireland

    8. United States

    9. Canada

    9. New Zealand

    11. Singapore

    12. Hong Kong, China (SAR)

    13. Liechtenstein

    14. Sweden

    14. United Kingdom

    16. Iceland

    17. South Korea

    18. Israel

    19. Luxembourg

    20. Japan

    Source: UN Development Programme

    The gross national income per capita in the number-one country was a whopping $US64,992 ($A90,148), dwarfing the $US680 measured in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which came in way down the list of 188 countries at 176.

    A steady increase in Australia's HDI has been revealed by the report, with growth averaging .32 between 1990 and 2014.

    Australia's trans-Tasman neighbours didn't fare as well, with New Zealand slipping from seventh spot to a joint ninth position with Canada.

    The United States took eighth spot, while the U.K. was 14th place in a tie with Sweden.

    Surprises came further down the list when Hong Kong ranked 12 but China ranked just 90, joint with Fiji and Mongolia.

    Vanuatu, a place that once came top on a 'happy planet index' came in at just 134 with Syria.

    If you want to live a long life, it's best to head to Hong Kong where life expectancy is 84 years. In contrast, those living in Swaziland only had a life expectancy of 49 years.

    The countries with the lowest standards of living were Eritrea, Central African Republic and Niger.

    Mrs Edward Cullen Trad de Kismetian by chris57 reviews
    Edward Cullen, acteur britannique doit se rendre en Amérique. Bella Swan, étudiante a besoin d'argent pour terminer l'université. Quoi de plus simple qu'un mariage arrangé pour qu'il obtienne sa carte verte, et personne ne devrait être blessé.
    Twilight - Rated: M - French - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 15 - Words: 54,978 - Reviews: 268 - Favs: 177 - Follows: 102 - Updated: 3/26/2012 - Published: 2/17/2012 - Bella, Edward - Complete
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    Rereading I Was Broken, it seems to have a natural ending halfway through the story so I'm splitting it and finishing it here. I realize now this part two will not be able to carry the reviews these chapters already have, but whatever.
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    After the worst possible thing imaginable led to the splitting up of Edward and Bella Cullen, they both had to try and move on. Staying in limbo was too hard, and any future had to be better than this, surely? But has Bella made the wrong choice and taken a path to more despair? Only time will tell. There is a sequel, only read if you want the drama.
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    Some lies are uttered and go unnoticed. Some lies are like those butterfly wings that cause a tsunami. Twenty five years ago, Renee's lie was accepted as the truth, but now it is reaching out to affect Edward and Bella's life together today. The truth would set them free, but will that even be an option? AH . Melissa made my book cover, Cheers for that, I love it.
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