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Hello my readers! I am Carl Clover, not my real name of course, but I love it all the same. I feel incredibly priviledged to be able to write my stories on this site and I hope to do a wonderful job bringing the joy of reading to the people of this community. I'm a very passionate writer with a very loving girlfriend and currently I am attending college. I enjoy writing, music, anime, video games, and a lot of other things. I believe that writing is an essential part of all of history and well, I want to write my own history. In writing stories, fanfictions, whatever, I believe I am placing myself into the pages of history by having my written stories and things to show that I was alive. I know it's a little bit of a silly thing to think but I think it's cool! I hope to make a lot of friends on here and share stories, not just fanfictions, but stories about our lives, the future, and stories that truely drive us to do our best in day to day life. I hope that everyone will have as much fun as I will on this site and happy reading to all the onlookers! Wiether you are a member of the site, or a normal person trying to catch a good story, best of luck to you and your everyday life! =D

Now as all my readers may notice, my favorite game genre of all time is obviously Fighting Games, due largely to the fact that a good majority of my fanfictions are fighting games. I have such a strong competitive spirit! However, my love for fighting games goes much deeper than that. All give you a strong incite into my favorite fighting games of all time!

Mr.Carl Clover's Top 5 Favorite Fighting Games of All Time

Number 5: The Street Fighter Series

This one is a gimme, everyone loves Street Fighter wither they want to admit it or not (which now I'm finding it hard to, Street Fighter 4 = Ewwww). My reason for it being on my list was because of the wonderful memories I have with it, as old as they are. Back when I was still in elementary/middle school, when my brother still lived with me and the family (now he plays on Broadway as a trombone major lucky bastard!), that was the one game that truly bonded me with my big brother at first. At first, since he was the elder brother, he wasn't happy with all the attention I got being the youngest. He'd pick on me like a good big brother. But when we were introduced to Street Fighter II Turbo, everything slowly began to change. Now I know my brother would love me the same now as back then even without it, but man, it made a huge difference for us for my younger years! I remember the first I saw him playing it. He was playing as Guile and was trying to beat the game on the hardest difficulty, it looked super tough!

I watched quietly from the couch as he went at it hardcore until he finally beat it, he was in cheers. I asked if we could play together, and him being one that liked to establish dominance at the time, he was all for it. When we first played, he kicked my ass up and down the street. Slowly though, I became better and better, slowly we were hanging out more, I'd go with him to his buddies houses and things. Our competitive nature grew for eachother as I slowly got better and better, almost getting to his level. All the matches we played at one point were neck and neck every time, but he always won. I only won once in a blue moon. But regardless, we grew much closer because of it. Although these reasons would leave one to believe it would be higher on the list, this list is based on overall enjoyment for the game and the way it plays. My favorite Street Fighter game is easily Street Fighter 3: Third Strike for its revolutionary play style, fighting system, and amazing graphics for its time (even now the graphics still compete with a lot of new 2-D fighters). These reasons are why the Street Fighter series made it to my number 5 spot.

Number 4: The Dead or Alive Series

Now this one always throws a curb ball to the people I tell, especially if they know me for my 2-D fighting game love and hatred for 3-D fighters. However, this 3-D fighter made its way into my heart slowly but surely. The reason for that was, when I first obtained Dead or Alive 2 for Dreamcast, I was blown away by how clean the 3-D graphics were and how smoothly it played! I remember playing Virtual Fighter and Tekken and niether of them flowed as smoothly as Dead or Alive, no matter how hard they tried! Although some of the characters are a little generic in the long run, it was amazing how well each character represented their fighting style that was issued to them. Combining the fluidity of the game mixed with the accurate fighting styles of each character really blew me away! I also love this one because of Dead or Alive 4 for Xbox 360. I never cared much for Xbox because it was a shooter system, I mean why should I care, shooters just aren't my bag plus all the other games seemed kind of boring to me (except Jet Set Radio Future, Long Live The Dreamcast Mechanics!). I did play the other Xbox versions of the Dead or Alive games, but somehow they didn't flow with me the way the original Dead or Alive 2 for Dreamcast did (which on a side note, Dreamcast is my favorite system of all time).

Then when my best friends for all of eternity told me to get a 360 so I could play with them online, that's when I broke down and bought a 360. I remember the first game I got was Dead or Alive 4, knowing that I still loved the Dead or Alive series. I remember opening up the game and WOW! The graphics kicked super ass! I was surprised. I didn't think they could enhance the original graphics from Dead or Alive 2 because they were so pretty, but sure enough, they proved me wrong. When I finally got to playing the story mode, I felt like I stepped back in time to Dead or Alive 2, except so much more in-depth and fast! They changed the counter system so you couldn't just counter your opponent's attacks all day (which I was so happy for) not to mention comboing was much more friendly! Quickly I went online and start unleashing my fury with Ein (after I unlocked him), Ayane (still one of my favorites, always will be), and Hitomi, a new comer to me regardless of being in previous games. Hitomi quickly became my best because not only did she practice style that I did (Karate woot) but unlike Ein, she had so much more strategy, I was like wow! Anyways, enough fanboying over the sexy characters. The other major reason I loved it was because it is how I made over 30 friends of Xbox live, that I still talk to til this day even though it has been many of years. These reasons are why the Dead or Alive series made it to my number 4 spot.

Number 3: The Rival Schools Series

When I found this game in a gamestop used for like like 15 dollars, I looked it over and went "Eww, it's 3-D, but the characters look kind of cool" because me being an anime fan, the characters kind of popped up at me. When I got home and slipped it into my PS2, I was thrown a change-up for a fighting game. I was very surprised with the results I got. Although I was still a huge fan of Dead or Alive at the time, I couldn't get over how COOL this game was! It was so much more unique than any fighter I had played at the time. It mixed 3-D graphics with mostly 2-D mechanics, hell yeah! I still remember picking up Batsu, Hinata, and Roberto (Roberto was a quick pick because of how me and him related. I was a soccer goalie and so was he so I said "hell yeah!") I was skeptical at first, because of how Batsu and Hinata played ALOT like Ryu from Street Fighter (after all it was made by Capcom), but when I picked Roberto, that's when the game truly showed me its colors. Even though the graphics weren't the greatest in the world, I started a love for it. As I progressed through the story and learned all the characters, I was blown away by how unique the fighting styles and mechanics were! However, my overbearing love didn't come til Project Justice. A little while after baught my Dreamcast, the system slowly became extinct due to PS2 and Xbox (DAMN THEM!!). However, once I learned there was a Rival Schools sequel for Dreamcast, I began my massive hunt, running into all the fighting games for the Dreamcast (which without saying I grabbed every single one while they were cheap, I mean the most I paid for one was maybe 15, and that was Power Stone 2!)

I finally walked into a random Electronic's Beutique (however the hell you spell it) and right there in front of me, the very game I had been searching for, Project Justice. This wasn't just a normal fighting game, this was the holy grail that I had been searching for for months. It was priced at 20 bucks, which I had fortunately. I saw someone eyeing in the store as I entered and then I had to make haste. I literally jogged in and dove for the game (yes literally dove!) and grabbed it before the person reached it. I hit the ground with a roll and a victorious "YES!". Everyone looked at me like I was a lunatic (except one of the guys behind the counter, that told me that was epic when he checked me out) but I didn't care, I found the one game I wanted for Dreamcast more that the other fighters. After I walked out of the Electronics Beutique with my grand prize, I immediately played it at the hotel, seeing that I took my Dreamcast with me EVERYWHERE. The moment I put it in, my Dreamcast felt as if it took on a whole new life. As I watched the opening cinematic, I was already getting psyched majorly. The graphics were about on par with Dead or Alive 2, which I was thankful for. Than when I finally got down to playing it, THEY ENHANCED THE MECHANICS 10 FOLD! I immediatly was blown away! I figured things out quick, like the tardy counter, which came from pushing an attack button after blocking, the triggers, which allowed me to get behind the other player and possibly throw them, and my all time favorite, REAL TEAM ATTACKS. Now I know the original had them, but they looked so much better with the Dreamcast backing it up. Immediately Dead or Alive to hit the shelf and Project Justice reigned supreme (even over Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Power Stone 2, AND Marvel vs Capcom 2). Of course when I found out I could switch characters between rounds, and saw all the new characters, I was just in a state of awe (awe for AWESOME). These reasons and many more are why the Rival Schools series made it to my number 3 spot.

Number 2: The King of Fighters Series

Although this didn't take my number 1 spot, this game is my serious first love of fighting games, EVER. While everyone else was addicted to Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat (Ewww) and the 3-D goliaths Virtual Fighter and Tekken, I grew up with King of Fighters. It all happened after me and bro stopped playing Street Fighter II Turbo. When Chris left, i didn't want to play it because playing alone just bored me, and didn't feel right, like buying a new car when your old car was literally old and been with you through the hard times. That's when I found my first true love, in an old arcade called Pocket Change. As I walked through and watched the people play Tekken and Street Fighter, my attention was moved to an old arcade machine at the back of the Arcade. It was a timely Neo Geo machine. My curiosity was sparked as I found out it had more than one game to choose from. That was cool in my book and will always be. So I flipped through the games, and that's when I found my destiny, King of Fighters 94'. I said to myself "what the hey, why not?" so I slipped in my tokens. I remember when it came up with the teams to choose, immediatly i was like "wow teams? that's badass!). I just the obvious choice as any beginner would, Japan team. The characters looked so wierd but cool! As soon as my first match started, it was Benimaru vs Joe Higashi. I started playing and was like "wow, these graphics freakin' rock!!" (take that street fighter 2!) Although, I had to say it took me a minute to get used to it. I tried to play it like Street Fighter, which helped a bit, but I still ended up getting my ass kicked by Joe. Next up with Daimon, and I was like "uh oh...I'm not too great with throw characters" (I wasn't good at doing circle motions at the time) but when I started fooling around with the joy stick, I learned that there were throws that weren't full circle motions!

Immediately I started chucking Joe all over the place until he lost, he dealt some good damge to me, but I noticed that you healed a little after every round, which totally blew my mind haha. Then I had to deal with Andy Bogard. Andy ripped Daimon up like a piece of paper with his wierd moves. I checked my pocket to make sure I could try again if I died, but unluckily I couldn't find any. Next came my first favorite fighting game character, Kyo Kusanagi. When I saw his design, I was like "he looks like he'd be the hero of the game, pretty cool". Anyways as I started I found that he had a fireball opposite of ryu! at all points of my fighting game experiences fireballs where in the air, not on the ground! It immediately fascinated me. I remember trying to do a tatsumaki (ryu's spin kick) with kyo and ended up accidentally doing a R.E.D. kick, which flew up and smashed Andy's face in. Immediately I'm all about "This game freaking rocks all over Street Fighter!" then I faught Terry, which was a character I remembered when playing Fatal Fury with my brother on SNES, at the time though, I didn't know how to appreciate it or even really like it, I was too into Street Fighter. It was tough, he started whooping on me with good old power wave and burning knuckle. I noticed there was a wierd guage at the bottom blinking. I didn't quite know what it meant but oh well. I finally got some hits on Terry but he got me down to almost no life. Remembering that I didn't have any more money, in which mom was waiting for me (the arcade was like my home T_T I didn't wanna leave) I started trying to figure out anything I could to help. I had to cheese my ground fireballs to keep Terry away. He ran and jumped at me, I thought it was over, then it happened. I saw Kyo unleash the Orochinagi, making the screen flash all different colors with a huge explosion of fire. That was the last straw, King of Fighters beat the hell out of Street Fighter. Since that day, I started hunting down Neo Geo arcade machines wherever I went, which became difficult because the Arcade world was slowly dieing where I am.

I managed to find all the machines in the surrounding area, which housed King of Fighters 94' all the way to 98' Dream Match. After that I actually found a group of dedicated King of Fighter players in my surrounding area, which I met at one of the arcades. Eventually from there, that led me into an entire ring of the fighting game community, which I found to be HUGE! If anyone reading knows about how tight the fighting game community is when you have a good group, you know what I'm talking about. I met with some of the best King of Fighter players in both the US and Japan via the internet and meetings, it was so amazing. I eventually worked with Krows as a part of Cyberfanatix, which is still around to this day. It was the most amazing experience. As the games progressed, I ran into so many amazing characters along the way. It wasn't til King of Fighters 2000 that my favorite character what make his appearance, K' Dash. His story was cool, he was a clone of Kyo (sort of, the whole clone arc I didn't really care for), but he was himself, and he spited Kyo and everyone around him. He was a genuine Badass. His fighting style immediately took me by storm. He was the first character that I made a combo video for with Krows called The Style of K'. That was such a blast, I'm pretty sure you can still find it on Youtube. Anywho, getting past all the fanboydom, which I'm sure you're tired of hearing about, the only problem that I had with King of Fighters, was the lack of graphics change due to SNK's budget, poor bastards. But even now they are still alive, with King of Fighters XII, which is amazing. These reasons and many, many more I didn't mention are why the King of Fighters series is number 2 on my list. They would be number one if they had more graphical changes, that and the community died down, not completely of course, but it kept me wanting more. After awhile King of Fighters grew old to me, but my flame for it still burns strong, in Kyo Kusanagi's and K' Dash's hands.

Number 1: The Guilty Gear / Blazblue Series

Although I could never, ever have as much history with this game (or any game) as I did with King of Fighters, this game truly spoke to me as if it were destiny to fall in love once more, the same spark that I felt for King of Fighters when it first graced my hands, had been rekindled by this amazing fighter. My first Guilty Gear game was on PS2, Guilty Gear X. My friends Evan and Will (which are my friends for ever, we are all practically brothers, extremely tight, never to break apart) told me to get it for PS2 as one of my first games. Now being a fighting game fan, and it being a 2-D fighter, I wasn't about to say no, but I felt that I wouldn't be able to compare it to King of Fighters, nor did I want to, I figured I'd just enjoy it for what it was. However, I was dead wrong on it being able to compare. When I first picked it up, I remember Will telling me "Hey you should play Sol Badguy, he seems like the kind of character you'd like" and of course knowing that I liked characters that could use fire (Kyo and K' Dash cough cough) I figured what the hey. Immediately at the game started, my hands began to shake on their own with excitement. "HEAVEN OR HELL, DUEL 1, LET'S ROCK!" The moment those words hit my ears, I felt it, the fire being lit once more, for the first time in many years. Right off the bat I figured out almost all of his moves, almost instinctively. I also noticed how freely it flowed, and how incredible the graphics were! They put King of Fighters graphics to shame! (which still hurts to say but it is very obvious, and I can't deny it). The first thing I noticed was the kick ass music! Until now music seemed as something to fight to, nothing to really distinguish it, but this game, there was some Hardcore Metal in the background! I was like "holy hell that's badass!" Along with the music, I heard the various sounds of "GRAND VIPER!" and "GUNFLAME!" which rang out very cleanly, this game's sound quality was Flawless! I noticed the special gauge of course, so I figured I'd try my favorite formation for a special (which only worked so often >.>). It was the motion I used to perform K' Dash's Chain Driver (which is where he tosses his pair of shades at the opponent, and if they hit while your opponent was on the ground, they were forced to take a complete ass kicking!) and when my opponent was close, sure enough, A huge burst of flame shot out from Sol's cool looking sword like a supernova and killed my friend, it felt just like the first time I preformed the Orochinagi back in Pocket Change about 3-4 years back, amazing. Once I started digging on the play style and the soundtrack (which music is my life over video games) I noticed how the characters were. My mind was blown by the creativity of their fighting styles and character designs! They looked like something that would be straight out a bad ass anime! I started fooling around with all the characters, to see which ones I liked, and it turned out I liked them all! Which is very rare. I went through and beat the game over and over again with every character, going up in difficulty everytime, something I wasn't used to doing.

King of Fighters had difficulty levels and such, but not as intense as Guilty Gears. Slowly, but very surely, I started picking up on the badass mechanics of the game! Like the roman cancel (which was a little green orb style aura that prevented damage while blocking, but it took special bar) and the ability to recover quickly in either the air or on the ground, and the ONE-HIT KILL function which blew my mind! After I beat the game inside and out, it left me craving more. Unlike Street Fighter and King of Fighters, there weren't too many games for it. To my surprise, I noticed there was one other game out at the time, and it was for PS1, which totally blew my mind! "How come I never heard of it til now?!" I asked myself. So I searched for a copy of it everywhere, no luck. The hunt for it became as legendary as my hunt for Project Justice. Everytime me and the family would go out of town, every, electronic's beutique, babbages, game stop when it first came out, I was hunting over and over again. Until finally it popped up out of nowhere! We were in Savannah, Georgia (I'm from Roanoke, Virgina btw, quite a bit of distance) and my parent went into a strip mall with a Game Stop across the street. It was coming down to the time when PS1 games were becoming more rare by the minute. The moment I walk in, the first thing staring me right in the face, was a copy of Guilty Gear, it wasn't in its original case, and someone treated it like crap. Not only did I grab it on the spot and paid for it, no questions asked in a matter of 1 minute (literally) I felt not only excited to all hell, I felt happy that I could rescue this poor game from the clutches of any evil destructive gamer or store. When I first gave it a play, I was absolutely stunned. It played almost like Guilty Gear X did! Even on the PS1! Not only that, all the characters were extremely gorgeous for PS1 graphics and to top it off, the soundtrack still kicked ass! I was greatly surprised to still hear metal in the background instead of midi music (which was the standard of course). The one-hit kill function was intact but so much easier to do, which made plowing through the game easier, but I restrained myself. By the time I beat it inside and out, unlocking Baiken, and playing through X again, I wasn't too much longer til Guilty Gear XX came onto the gaming field.

That is the game that just made me happy to tears. Beautiful everything, everything that wasn't upgraded was merely because it was perfect. This is when I decided to do some research on the game. and that's when I found out the most amazing part of the game I could ever imagine. The game was based entirely off music! All the names of chracters and moves were pretty much the name of songs and bands! My favorite find was for my favorite character, Sol Badguy, was inspired and based off of Freddie Mercury of Queen (one of my favorite bands of all time) and his theme even being called Keep Yourself Alive 2 (Since 1 was a Queen song lol). Soon I began competitive play and tournaments (which weren't common for King of Fighters or Street Fighter at the time, especially in the united states) where I learned that I was a novice compared to the pros. In King of fighters, i was a pretty fearless fighter, I won the majority of my matches even against other members from Cyberfanatix (except the main players from Japan and some from the US eesh,) . This was the first time I felt I had to train even hard in a fighting game! As I competed I met some amazing players, who constantly gave me tips about play my favorite characters and what I could do to counter certain tactics (which wasn't really an overly large issue in King of Fighters). After awhile though...sadly...the flame began to die as all the Guilty Gear players in the surrounding area began expanding to other games besides fighters, or different fighters. Slowly I found myself alone without any friends that even knew about it or I tried to teach how to play and weren't interested. I literally stopped playing for many years. However...soon I would find the fire was about to be lit, with a flamethrower! While in the midst of play Dead or Alive 4 (which I've played since its release and still to this day) I heard about Arc System Works (same people who did Guilty Gear, thus why I grouped them both into this 1 favorite spot) were working on a new fighter like Guilty Gear. I was so excited and Evan and Will actually felt like they'd get back into the franchise if it worked out.

Then it hit the 360, the mother of all 2-D fighters yet to come, Blazblue. The moment it came out, I dished out all 60 bucks for it (even though I'm poor) and got the special edition with everything! I was so psyched, all the stuff that came with it were amazing!! A SOUNDTRACK, ARTBOOK, AND DVD TO HELP PLAYERS?! HOLY HELL!! When I played it, my spirit was engulfed in the blazing flames of addiction. The character designs and music were not let down by Arc System Works, they were fantastic and I can honestly say this, PERFECT! The story mode, unlike Guilty Gear's, was very, very excellent! Not once have I seen a fighting game with this kind of amazing story plot!! Not to mention all the characters were definitly upgrades from Guilty Gear in how crisp they were, or even the term fresh would work. I instantly fell in love with many of the characters, namely the Grim Reaper Ragna the Bloodedge, the almighty Red Devil, Iron Tager, and what grew to be my favorite out , the extremely underestimated and extremely tactical CARL CLOVER with his doll NIRVANA! When I ran through all the story modes, the english voice acting was unheard of good! And the emotions of all the characters and how they linked in the story were just perfect! It was also...ONLINE! FINALLY A 2-D FIGHTER WORTH PLAYING ONLINE! THANK YOU GOD! And the way they set it up, there was RARELY and I mean fairly RARELY any lag! It was like having sex with my game system, tv, and my controller in one giant orgy of joy! I'm sure at this point you have stopped reading so I'll just end it here as to why the Guilty Gear and Blazblue series made it to my number 1 spot!

However, Video Games, especially fighting games, aren't the only things in my heart, what holds just as firm of a place in my heart is in fact anime. Now this seems to be a no brainer for a video game fan to like anime, but to me it's more than that. Fighting games show me my own ability to in a way, create a story through my skill, showing who is strongest in a battle and showing which characters move on. That's true to the end to me. But anime has a very special place as well. With anime, I can laugh, cry, enjoy the action and feel the emotions. I love wonderful story telling, and anime is the penniacal of story telling in my opinion. That's why among my favorite video games, I'm going to list my top 5 anime series of all time.

Mr. Carl Clovers Top 5 Favorite Anime of All Time

Number 5: Magic Knight Rayearth

Magic Knight Rayeart...this series has made me laugh, it has made me cry, at has captured my imagination and given me a warm feeling in my heart. This is one of my first anime I ever grew attached to. With its phenominal story telling, it has created a masterpiece that only could come to life in the setting of anime. The anime is about three girls: Hikaru Shidou, 8th Grade, has a fiesty spirit, a never give up attitude, and a love for all things dear to her; Fuu Houji, 8th Grade, has the polite elegance of aristocracy, she has a heart of gold, and a love for her dearest of friends; Umi Ryuzakii, 8th Grade, she is one of the lead fencers of her school team, she has a realist view and is a little whiney, she learns all of her lifes lessons along with Hikaru and Fuu, wanting to protect them more than anything. These three girls all met at Tokyo Tower on a field trip from three different schools. From their, they are magically teleported to another world called Cephiro, which is falling apart everyday because of its pillar of light, Princess Emeraud, is a captive of Sol Zagato, a nefarious mage with the intent of destroying Cephiro. The girls are met by a kindly mage name Clef, who shares with them that they are the Legendary Magic Knights that are destined to save Cephiro. Of course they don't believe it at first, but Clef gives each of them a special gem, representing that they are Magic Knights and are indeed destined to save Cephiro. Of course from there they are to go through trial after trial, developing more powerful magic and strengths. I found it to be incredibly inspiring when it came to story telling, regardless of being very old. I'd suggest this series to anyone with an adventurous heart, and in need of wonderful story telling. That's why it's my number 5!

Number 4: Boogiepop Phantom

It is really, REALLY, hard to find a good horror anime. There are several that I would suggest such as Perfect Blue, Devilman and perhaps even Ninja Scroll the movie. However...those are all great movies and a decent series, full of gore, violence, the like. Boogiepop Phantom on the other hand is on a whole nother level of creepy. Often my friends have asked me to make it compete with Paranoia Agent, which I love alot, but Boogiepop again just is the creepiest thing. The madness all starts when a mysterious light shows up over the city of Tokyo. During the many tales that are told, and also wind together, each person has a twisted power or something that happens to them that was directly caused by the light. A being called the Manticore, is in the middle of it all, causing as much twisted and demeanted chaos among all of the people that don't already have bizarre abilities that eventually led to either their demized or some other form of self destruction. An example would be in the second episode. A student at one of the schools has an odd disability, that disallows him from doing a lot of things he wants to. When the light appears, he begins to see some wierd things. On each person that is hiding guilt of doing something terrible or is holding in a disturbing secret, he sees a disgusting and creepy looking bug on the person, typically over their heart. He has the ability to relieve the people of this stress, but snatching the bugs and then scarfing down on them like they were a king crab! It's most noteable that with every female, he has to literally grope them in order to grab the bug, occasionally taking sick satisfaction in it. Along with the bizarre things that happen to the characters over the course of the story, the film work is even creepier! The colors in the series have been purposely faded and sometimes blured, using that as an effect for the creepy essence, another example of that is the entire border of the screen through each episode is fuzzed around and faded, as if you are literally watching each episode from an outside perspective WITHIN the series, definitly creepy. Again, this is a series I'd suggest to anyone looking for something incredibly different. For that this series gains my number 4 spot!

Number 3: Great Teacher Onizuka

How many anime do you know where you get to see a teacher kick the shit out of people, save peoples lives, lie, cheat and steal, cause mass destruction, break the law, AND avoid getting fired 50 thousand times? Exactly, NONE. Great Teacher Onizuka is definitly a different and inspiring series. It even makes me want to become a teacher someday =D Now you are thinking "Oh Goodie, school anime" in a very sarcastic way. Well let me tell you guys this series isn't like your mother's school anime, this one is BADASS. The premise for this one is a former gangbanger Keiichi Onizuka, age 22, and very single, decides that he wants to become a teacher, regardless of having too many qualifications. When he goes to apply his resume' reads: Head of the Karate team in college, I can bench press 300 lbs, I can take on more than 4 guys at once, and I would like to use these skills in my teaching! How wack is that. When he gets his first shot at student teaching, is main goal is to hook up with barely legal high school girls, which face it, anyone his age would almost do the same. Either way, he finds that many of his students try to get rid of him by pissing him off, frameing him with naked pictures of him with his students, all kinds of crazy stuff. But he solves them all HIS way. For example, while student teaching, he is placed incharge of a class with nothing but gang bangers and delinquints, which totally flips is teaching ideas upside down. Every class period they have, they intentionally try to piss him off and cause him to hit a student resulting in an instant ban from teaching. One day, a cute girl who totally fits his bill shows up in his class and is incredibly intelligent compared to everyone else. She insinuates that she needs "private tutoring" after school each day. Onizuka takes to this like a fly to a bug zapper. He finds the same girl, which begs to take her to his appartment. She starts stripping, in which he fights off as hard as he can the urge to do something, then gets pictures taken by some of her fellow classmates, a very dirty trip. When he asks her if she really wanted his help with her family life. She says the very words that make him sick the whole series "Why would I go to a teacher for help?" that phrase inspires him to do the right thing and to stop trying to focus on the girls. In response to the kids with the photos black mailing him. He finds them in the park with his old biker gang and they hang them over the lake where repeatedly drops them into the water. He keeps telling them its not good to call him their teacher when its convinient, so he continually does it, shouting to them that if he doesn't become a real teacher they are DEAD, D.E.D., DEAD. As a result, he thinks hes going to be fired because the students tell on him, but in fact, a little tough love was all they needed to respect him. Yeah, that's a little taste of Onizuka right there. Even, when he goes for his first interview to be a teacher, the principal laughs at him and tells him to get the hell out, then later a couple of students show up, threating to beat the living hell out of the principal. Onizuka steps into save the principal, because he said he'd make him an honorary teacher. However, once he bad mouths the students, Onizuka says screw it and German Suplexs the principle, HELL YEAH! Onizuka is my hero and he should be yours to, that's why GTO The Great Teacher Onizuka made it to my number 3 slot.

Number 2: Haibane Renmei

I won't say this is a series for everyone but I will say, this is one of the most heart warming anime series I have ever seen, not to mention the most creative one. This series quality is that of a movie, but with plenty of episodes. I've always imagined writing a story much like this one even before I saw it, so when I saw it come to life, my heart cheered with joy while my eyes cried with happiness. It is drawn by favorite anime artist of all time: Yoshitoshi ABe. He's done multiple works including Texhnolyze, Serial Experiments Lain, and Niea under 7, which I will say I love all three of those series as well. Haibane Renmei takes place in a city barracaded by walls. It is the only town in the world, if it is in the world, that houses creatures called the Haibane. The Haibane are people with wings and halos, much like angels. They live on day to day in a slight form of segragation, but not really harshly, more along the lines of "you are different so you have different rules". Each Haibane is forced to get a job in town, which is rewarded with a notebook full of paper and notes. It is used as their currency to buy clothes, food, and small material things. The story begins with a girl falling from the sky, covered in nothing but an overly sized shirt white shirt. As she falls, various crows try to help her keep from falling, to which she reply's that she is too heavy but thank you anyways. From there it cuts to Old Home, which is where the Haibane that the story follows live. Rekki, who is one of the house's main tenants, who looks to be about 18-20 and smokes (an angel smoking looks a little funny, but because of the art style it looks completely normal), walks into a room where a humongous egg is. She panics and begins gathering all the Haibane together, making sure that they know not to go in there why certain one prepare. The egg is what Haibane come from. They show up randomly and noone has any idea where they come from. When it hatches, the girl that was falling is born from it as her full size, not like a baby. She looks completely normal, no wings or halo. When she comes to, she finds herself in bed, with a room full of Haibane around her. She thinks they all like very pretty, but can't do to much because she had a fever, which aparently is normal. That night, Rekki stays with her, in case her wings began to grow. The girl breathes heavily indicating it's time. Rekki turns her over to show the massive bruises on her back where the wings are to emerge. She quickly runs to get some medical tape for her thumb, so that the girl doesn't bite her tounge off. As the wings slowly begin to poke the through the skin on her back (it's fairly graphic, but awesome), she forces the girl to bit on her thumb. As the pain surges through the girl, she bites down. Slowly and fiercly, her wings begin tearing up her back before exploding out in a gush of tissue and blood. The girl let's out an earth shattering scream before she passes out. When she awakes, she finds her wings being brushed by Rekki, who has stayed with her the entire night. From their she is given the name Rakka, because the name Rakka is spelled with certain characters that mean fallen from the sky. From there she is given a halo and becomes and honorary Haibane. From there it's one adventure after another with each day, visiting with the tennants and the various parts of town. This made me cry several times throughout it, which is rare for me. Each character and moment in the story happens to naturally, as if you were reading a book. This is was story telling in its greatest form. I definitly suggest it to anyone that loves adventure and drama, for the series became famous for it. Please I urge everyone reading this to please check out and at least give it a try. The number 2 spot wasn't hard to give to this series, because much like Rakka, it earned its wings.

Number 1: Neon Genesis Evangelion

To be honest, this one I could write a whole freaking story about as to why I love it so much, but instead, I'm going to shrink it down. This series is the most amazing drama / action series I've seen and I believe of all time for the world of anime. Many of those reading this probably already know what I'm talking about, and as for the others, you are in for a treat.

Currently I'm starting to get back into writing now since my long absence and I'm even thinking about starting another fanfiction from scratch. So if any of my current readers have any suggestions for fanfictions from any corner of the fighting game or anime universe, I'd love to have your suggestions!

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