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Hi!! I'm cantstopevnifiwanted (i mean writing not anything elsee u perv!) ahahha jk! anywayz... i love writing.. and i plan to put up tons of stories... i know some authors like to have alot of reviews and if they dont get them they won't write but im not gonna do that. DONT GET ME WRONG! i love reviews, they make me very happy but im not gonna write just for reviews, i write for myself not for others, though i do enjoy when people read my stories and like them. I started writing all because i was in the mood for a romance but i had already reread all my other romance books so i just decided to make my own..(:

this is the castle in An Arranged love:)

or this one.. tell me what you think.. this one kind of fits in with the story a little more

or we can just pretend its the first castle with the second setting:) there we go ahhaha

ok so i keep finding gorgeous castles.. heres a really good one i just love the look at it

These are the pictures for the you belong with me story. You've probably already seen this one (most likely haha) This is the Cullen house, it's just when i do a story i like to really get images in my head. Especially when it comes to the houses. So here's the Cullen household

Here's like the main room in the Cullen house, especially the stairs where Edward and Bella seem to be alot.

This is Edward's room, it's a little different from my description in the story, but i saw this one and i thought it was awesome.

This is Edward's closet minus sort of the mess you see, now normally you'd be like why does he have such a big closet. But think about it. Alice as a sister. Yep. Now you get it ahhah

Okay it's the fist picture, this is like the style i imagine Alice's room like, you know really Victorian, i really adore this room, this is a basis so you can get an idea of what i was going for.

Does this or does this not seem like a total Alice closet!! (that was retorical (spelling?) of course! ahahha i think i am in love with this closet.. it might not be a closet but let's just pretend it is haha, it's even pink and gold. i love this one so much.

These are the dresses for the club. I'm not sure if you can see them or not. Hopefully you can.

Here is Edward's outfit for clubbing. I think I've officially decided that i'm using all Calvin Klein for Edward's wardrobe.. bahaha if i had a bf i would really want him wearing this stuff.

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