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Name: Raider

Age: Not sharing

Gender: Male

Personality: I guess I can be cunning if i want to, I can also be a tricky person to understand and a little odd at times, but a real loyal friend

Hobbies: Writing (its my favorite thing to do, whether it be stories or a one-shot), sleeping (who does like to catch some zzz's?!), staring at the sky (total shikamaru there), reading and etc.

Likes: Listening to music, reading, daydreaming (I do it all the time, but most of the time I'm active while I daydream, and not staring off into space), scaring the crap out of my "friends" and etc.

Dislikes (oh boy this might take awhile): annoying people, nagging people, arrogant asses, people who think they're better than everyone else, people with "holier than thou" superiority complex, annoying little chihuahuas, when the vending machine doesn't give me the thing i paid for (damn money grubbing mechanical bastards!) and etc. (I could go on and on and still not be done, so I'm shutting the list off here)

Favorite anime characters:

Moka (both of them!) from Rosario + Vampire: I might end up writing alot of Rosario + vampire stories o.o

Naruto (Not when hes an annoying little midget!) from well...Naruto: I like Naruto before shippuden mind you, but I think he could've been less annoying

Kistune (I like foxes, what can i say?) from Love Hina: I have something to say right here. When I got to read Love Hina fanfiction, I don't see many Kitsune/Keitaro pairings. Why is that?!I mean there are like oh I don't know, 17 stories about them! I know yall can do better than that! And most of the writers that wrote these stories haven't updated yet and its been how long now?! If you're interested in seeing something different than the Keitaro/Naru pairing or the Keitaro/Mokoto pairing, the Keitaro/Kistune pairing and read Love Hina: A friend in need by Tezza1502. Its really something else. And Tezza, please, for the love of god, UPDATE THE STORY ALREADY! I'M SULKING IN A CORNER WAITING THE 20TH CHAPTER TO COME OUT! I don't like broadcasting stories out and I'm not, but I'm just saying, give it a read, you might like it!)

Kyuubi (Only if its a fem.Kyuubi) from Naruto: I've read countless of Naruto/Fem.Kyuubi stories and I must say I'm impressed with some of them. I really am. And Kyuubi, even though he/she is all "I will crush Konoha when I get out" you have to admit, Kyuubi is pretty damn awesome!

Danny Phantom/Fenton from Danny Phantom : I just do. Deal with it. And Danny's got the ghost powers going for him. So that's pretty damn sweet.

(I'm really not done with the list but I don't think I wanna make my profile extra long because of so many favorite characters)

(Story Ideas- Don't steal them, if you want to branch off an idea of mine, let me know)

Vantage Point (Rosario+Vampire)- What if Tsukune wasn't such a goody-goody two shoes? What if he grew up in the streets, and became cunning, swift, and able to think on his feet, but somehow retain some of his morals, before being sent to Yokai Academy, where he meets Moka and the others? What if he wasn't such a pussy, and had a pair (No offense but seriously), and doesn't wimp out at every fight he manages to get into? What happens then? Pairing : TsukunexMoka (inner only, sorry to those who like outer Moka, but she wouldn't necessarily fit into the story...wait, ok ok, OOC outer Moka, but just by a margin, so its both Mokas and Tsukune)

(I'll add more ideas as I get along so no pressure, right? ')

(Challenges- Funny how I like NEVER see these crossings used)

Maximum Ride X Rosario+Vampire -(I don't know, I just have a good feeling about this)

Requirements- Tsukune MUST have been in the school as an expirment

-Tsukune MUST have wings like Max and the flock, after that, you can branch off his ablities

-Tsukune escaped to Japan around the same time Max and the others did, but Eraser couldn't track him, for they didn't have time to plant one on him

-Somehow tie in how Tsukune gets to Yokai Academy

-The pairing must be Tsukune X INNER Moka (You hear me, Inner Moka. Use the 'Moka never got back a rosario after the...incident' scheme)

-Somehow, Max and the flock drop in

(I will keep it at this for now, if you're interested, send me a pm and I'll fill in any blanks I left)

- Keep posted, this is Cross-Of-Akashiya, A.K.A now known as Kit, signing off for now

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