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I'm slow at writing and I lately haven't felt like writing so yea I don't update quickly

I love slash stories, I feel that people really should get over the fact that yes two people of the same sex can love each other. I just find it really silly when I'm reading the reviews of a story and I see a comment that says something along the lines like this

I really like this story but since there is slash in it I'm going to have to stop reading it.

You’d be surprised how many times I've seen comments like that example one I have above.

I just find that soooo silly, if a person likes the plot of the story why not just skip over the part that they don't like. That’s what I do when a story I'm reading has graphic sex and stuff like that.

What I find even more hilarious is the people who deliberately go on to stories that have in the description a warning that the story has a slash pairing and are flaming about how they don't think that it should be rated T because then children could see it. Honestly I think it's up to each person to decided whether or not to read stories that have slash pairing in them, not a sibling/parents/guardians that only serves to create another generation of prejudice people.

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