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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by! :)

:About Me:

All you really might need to know about me is that I'm incredibly lazy and my motivation for writing (or anything remotely productive) comes in waves. One minute it's there, the next gone. I'm also very prone to postponing stuff and starting new projects. If I get a new idea for a story, it'll be stuck in my head until I write it down, but I don't tend to get far before a new idea pops up and then this process keeps repeating itself over and over. These are the reasons why my updates/uploads can be terribly slow. However, I'd like to make it clear that even if I don't update for years or whatever, it doesn't mean I've abandoned the story. It's just on hiatus. Everything I ever post will be completed at some point. I understand readers lose interest when this keeps going on, but it can't be helped. I simply can't force myself to write something I'm completely unmotivated with.

Update: I just want to inform you guys of my current status, in case anyone starts wondering whether I'm dead or what. I've recently taken up studying again and I'm also actively dealing with some personal issues, which means that on top of my usual laziness, I'm going to start being busier than I've been before as well. As a result, I naturally won't have like, say, all the time in the world to write. It might get pushed to the side a lot, but it's not like I'll completely quit. I'll still make some time for it occasionally. Sometimes I feel like I need it, to the point of making my fingers itch. It's like a craving. So no worries, this isn't the end of me. xD That's just not possible.

On the other hand, I might be moving over to AO3 in the future. I'm actually there a lot more these days than on FF and I've created an account (which is almost empty so far, but still.) Most fics will probably go up on both FF and AO3 for now, but not all of them, so if you want to keep updated, go ahead and visit my AO3. I'm sorry I can't link it. This site simply won't let me, no matter how many times I try. My name is Darifica there as well though.

Update2: I'ts been dead on here for longer than usual I suppose. It's mostly due to my old laptop crashing though. I mean I can occasionally, if I try long enough, get it to start up, but I usually can't get much further than that. I'm sort of in the process of trying to extract the files I (naively enough) never backed up. After I get my hands on those files, I can continue working on all the stuff I've been postponing.

:My Writing:

Anyway, you guys might be interested in what kind of stories I've actually been working on lately, or erm.. in later days. xD

Well, I may as well provide you with a list of fanfics (mainly oneshots - some longer than others) I'm planning on finishing.
(For now only listing a few.. I'll add more later at some point.)

Hikaru no Go:

- The Invisible Voyeur (AkiHika, comedy where Sai ends up witnessing a rather private moment across a goban)

- Hikaru no Tenshi (IzumiHikaru, genderbender AU based on the shoujo manga Tenshi ja nai! where Izumi is a crossdressing boy and female model attending an all girls school and Hikaru is his roommate and a girl)

- Hikaru's Moe Book/Hikaru no Moe Hon (doujinshi-inspired comedy in which Hikaru is forced by an excitable photographer into posing for pictures in a moe picture book, wearing all sorts of girly outfits.)

Death Note:

- When Light Encounters Darkness (LxLight AU where Mikami is Kira, a killer with twisted views on reality and who has an unhealthy obsession with Light, his caretaker)

Natsume Yuujinchou:

- Personal Remorse (angsty oneshot focusing on Natsume's bad habit of blaming himself for everything, even if the troublemaker is clearly Madara in this case)

- Forced Answer (long oneshot in which Natsume's friends, including his middle school friend Yuriko, get tangled up with Matoba while Natsume is out helping Touko, which splits the group in half, with only two left out of four to bring a foreboding message to Natsume)

Nothing else I have on my laptop is actually worth mentioning. I do have some short (like really short) oneshots I'm thinking of posting, but they're all just shameless, self-indulgent crack. I've literally asked myself 'why the hell did I even write this' a number of times, but hey who knows, maybe they'll be able to pull a chuckle out of someone. We'll see about that. For now, I'm bidding you goodbye and hoping you'll stop by again sometime in the future to read some of my works.

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Eiri knew, from the moment he started living with Shuichi, that their relationship would turn out to be something of a roller coaster ride, but even he couldn't predict the trouble the boy would cause him, in just 5 days!
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