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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by! :)

I don't tend to post updates to this profile very much, so there's not a lot to see.
Regardless, feel free to read on if you're curious.


:About Me:

You can call me Deria, or Moko. (Either one works.) I'm a proud otaku. I love anime/manga/fanfiction and all that jazz. I probably always will, even if my interest wavers a bit from time to time. It's like that with everything. I usually find myself immersed in one or two things at a time and sometimes this obsession, as I call it, lasts for extended periods of time, but once I find something new to fangirl about, that's when my interest in the previous thing starts to fade.. temporarily, if I like it much enough. I have a very short attention span though. Basically every little thing is capable of distracting me. This is very inconvenient when trying to focus on something in particular, however, as much as I may procrastinate, I hardly ever completely give up and drop anything. No matter what, it will get done at some point, even if that point comes several years in the future. Putting it in simple terms, I am really lazy and my motivation comes and goes like my dreadful mood swings.

Like most authors, I love reviews. There's this giddy feeling when I open my email to find a new review. It's like a reward for all the hard work I put into my writing. Of course, I don't want to pressure anyone into reviewing, but I do wish to make it clear that it's very much appreciated, with the exception of flaming. Constructive critisism or just a few positive words to let me know that people like my work will always be welcome, so don't be shy to express your opinions on my stories!

I also like posting reviews of my own. Occasionally, I may not have a lot to say, but that just means that I can't come up with anything negative! Not too rarely, I post quite lengthy reviews. I might go a bit too much into detail sometimes, but that's just my nature. I hope nobody gets offended by my constructive critisism. I feel obliged to point out errors or mention other things that bother me, just as much as I like to shower skilled authors with the praise they deserve. I like to be honest, but fair. Flaming in any form is not my thing!

:My Writing:

At the moment, 'Deadly Glare' is my top priority when it comes to writing. But please keep in mind that I was new to writing when I began working on it. For this reason, the earliest chapters are very simplistic and have bad grammar/spelling. I will fix that once I've completed the story. After the rewrite, you can expect a oneshot sequel/epilogue at some point. Although I say all this, I must admit that I have not been very active with my writing at all as of late. I'm really sorry about this. Every time I'm reminded of the fact that people are still reading this story, I feel guilty and disappointed with myself. The thing is that I severely lack motivation to continue it right now. It will get done, no matter what, but until further notice, it is on hiatus (again.) On a positive note, I'm pretty sure in what direction the story is going, so once I get back to writing it, I won't have to struggle too much with future scenarios. It's quite well played out in my head. I sincerely apologize for the delay, readers, and hope you'll still be interested in reading the rest whenever it gets posted.

I enjoy writing romance, drama, angst, comedy.. or pretty much anything, really. I would like to try out most categories sooner or later. Almost all of my stories are going to be BL, either yaoi or just shounen ai. That's mainly what I'm into, because it's the shit and you know it. But if I want to be serious, my opinion is that the 'forbidden love' makes things more complicated and, as a result, it becomes more interesting and intense. I love genderbender as well, but I rather see the boys I like remain boys than for them to turn into girls for the sake of being paired with other boys. I mean, why do that when you can keep them the same and let it be BL, right? ;) Well, that's just my opinion. A little crossdressing never hurts though. ;D

Well then.. There's not much else to add.

Don't hesitate to PM me if there's anything you want to ask or discuss with me, I won't bite (unless you bite me first.)
Also, if anyone ever were to be interested, you may ask me for my facebook if you'd like to be kept up-to-date with my work.

I hope you will find some pleasure in reading my stories. If not, too bad. Ja ne! :'D

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