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After almost four years of being dormant, I have decided to return to my roots of writing fanfiction. Cheers!

I primarily focus on plot and character development of my favorite characters--which mostly happen to be women. Strong women are my weakness--and by strong women, I mean two-dimensional women. Real women. Sometimes romance happens, but I consider it secondary to plot.

As for about me, I am a history major and a published writer. I love hot wings and horror films. I'm a Starbucks and cat person all the way. I'm also a fairly outgoing person when I want to be, but I'm mostly very private. I have strong feelings about politics and religion, and I identify as a democratic socialist and an amateur Buddhist. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a huge part of my life too, and I have lost around sixty pounds so far. Obesity is an uphill battle that I'm still fighting.

I am an ENTP, a feminist, and an aspiring attorney--among other things. If you'd like to chat, please feel free to shoot me a PM!

My Fandoms: Halloween, Friday the 13th, Hannibal (mostly the films and books, but I do love the show), Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, X-Men, DC, etc.

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