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Author has written 8 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Inheritance Cycle, Flash, Warcraft, and Arrow.

Okay, you can call Forcystus5. I get the name Forcystus from one of my favorite video games and I added the number 5 because he is the last of the five of his kind I need to beat.

About me: I live in Panama City, I love to read, I love History class, I love movies, and I like many video games.

Favorite video games: Tales of Symphonia, ( There is where I get the name) Fire emblem, and World of Warcraft.

Favorite contemporary period books not based on video games/movies: The Inheritance Cycle, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Kane Chronicles, Harry potter and the various titles, the Vampire Diaries, the Night World Series, the Secret Circle series, City of the Beasts, Kingdom of the Golden Dragon, Forest of the Pygmies, and Schindler's Ark.

Favorite Renaissance and Enlightenment period books: The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and Paradise Lost.

Favorite Ancient World, pre Renaissance period books: One Thousand and One Nights and Art of War.

Favorite Books based on video games (World of Warcraft): Lord of the Clans, War Crimes, The Shattering: A Prelude to Cataclysm and The Last Guardian.

Favorite authors: L.J. Smith, Rick Riordan, and Christie Golden, for North America, J.K. Rowling, Miguel de Cervantes, Robert Louis Stevenson and John Milton for Europe, Isabel Allende for Latin America, Sun Tzu for East Asia, the great group of writers who over the centuries compiled One Thousand and One Nights for the Middle East and Thomas Keneally for Oceania.

UPDATE ON 04/10/2014

Okay, this should come as no surprise to those who read my previous author note but for those who hadn't this is the gist of it: Due to lack of inspiration for my ongoing Time Chronicles series I have decided to try other writing projects in an attempt to regain my passion for writing fan fiction. I will post the fandoms I am willing to write about along with potential plotlines I have outlined and want you, my amazing readers, to vote for your 3 favorite ones on the Poll I will make afterwards that will help me decide.

The fandoms are: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Harry Potter, World of Warcraft, Star Wars, the Inheritance Cycle, and The Avengers/Agents of SHIELD.

Now, onto the plots:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Story Title: Path of the Damned:

A story centered around the Son of Hecate from the Son of Magic short story, Alabaster Torrington. During his exile, he discovered a ancient book that could teach him Necromancy in its darkest, most powerful form. After realizing it could be the instrument he needs to get his revenge against Olympus, he is unaware the book was sent his way so he could become the Champion of a powerful entity unaligned with Olympus or with Gaea's forces and hell bent to destroy both factions, with Alabaster as an instrument of its will. Much darker than the Time Chronicles, expect some kind of magical zombie apocalypse for the mythological world, with many important canon characters dying.

Harry Potter/Inheritance Cycle

Story Title: Harry Potter and the Alagaësian Chronicles:

Crossover with the Inheritance Cycle. Eight years after Harry defeats Voldemort he finds the only written information about the Veil at the Department of Mysteries that survived the pass of time. After discovering Sirius might still be alive but in another world he becomes determined to bring him back home. Unsure of the full dangers of the different world, he assembles an elite team with the help of the Goblins to accompany him on his journey but he doesn't stop to consider before jumping on the portal that Sirius may not want to return or that his Chosen One title might have great meaning in Alagaësia as well.

World of Warcraft/Inheritance Cycle crossover

Story Title: Against the Enemies of All who Live:

Events of the expansion Warlords of Draenor won't happen or be alluded to. After Garrosh Hellscream's defeat during the Siege of Orgrimar and the end of the Alliance-Horde war, peace slowly begins to settle in the world of Azeroth. However, the last of the Black Dragons, Prince Wrathion, is not satisfied. He knows that with the world war over Azeroth can finally start to prepare in full for the return of the Burning Legion but after visiting the Timeless Isles he received a vision that showed him the Legion has postpone the invasion plans indefinitely because they are planning to invade a different Titan-shaped world, starting with the biggest continent called Alagaësia. Wrathion decides then to send an Azerothian expedition lead by his Champion to help the natives repel the invasion and if possible, establish an alliance so when the demonic armies of the Burning Legion decide to invade Azeroth once more, they'll have allied armies from another planet to help them when the time comes.

Star Wars

Story Title: Unleashed in Another Time

The Force-Lighting lock in the duel between Galen Marek (Darth Vader's former secret apprentice from the Force Unleashed video games) and Darth Sidious was so powerful it created a rift in the fabric of space-time and sent the former Sith Assassin back in time to the beginning of the Clone Wars on Geonosis. How will the Jedi Order deal with the extremely powerful Force User? How will Sidious once he realizes Galen is a monumental threat to his plans?

The Avengers/Agents of SHIELD

Story title: Dawn of the Age of Miracles

I could call this a crossover but remember that the TV show and the movies are set in the same universe. Starts with an AU ending of episode 15 where Lady Sif ends up getting stranded on Earth instead of returning to Asgard. With nowhere else to go, she decides to stay with Coulson's team as they continue to do their work for SHIELD. But when the events of The Winter Soldier rock the foundations of SHIELD to their very core, the agents aren't sure how to react to the dawn of the new age; the Age of Miracles. Luckily, they have a walking miracle of their own and her name is Sif. Several super-powered characters from the movies and the TV show will appear occasionally along with the Avengers but when they aren't around the Agents of SHIELD and Lady Sif are the main characters.

Well, those are the stories. Be sure to vote to help me decide! Also, if someone wants to adopt the plot of one of the stories I won't use, be sure to let me know and will tell you the rest of the outline. And remember, if you vote for 1 or 2, you won't be able to add the third vote for the other one later.

If you agree with this statement, copy/paste this on your profile:

All authors are the gods of their own works, are they not?

We control the threads of fate and the rolls of dice.

We decide who will live and who will die.

We bind the innocent and malicious alike to our will, fully knowing the dark deeds to come, and for what? An entertaining tale? A moment of fame?

Truly storytellers are the greatest and most terrible of powers.

Most just don't know it.

Update on December 8th, 2014th

So, it has been quite a while since my last update, both on this profile and in my fanfiction work. Long story short, I have been drowning in university work for most of the year thus far. Well, that and my level of interest in my Time Chronicles stories have dropped to an all time low. It just doesn't interest me the way it used to and I am talking about both the alternate version and the re-written version of my current unfinished works.

That being said, while I seriously considered just discontinuing the storyline for good and allow anyone willing to adopt the plot to do so should anyone wish to, I am tentatively setting it on hiatus right now, as I may conjure up the time and interest to work on it at some point later. Just not now. However, I meant what I said those months back. I do want to write more, if only to ensure my skills don't get too rusty. I just don't want to write about the Time Chronicles for the foreseeable future. Serious lack of inspiration will do that to you.

Now, what am I actually inspired enough to write about it? Some of you might remember my poll about a few plot bunnies I had. I got some good news and bad news on that front. The bad news is that I tried working on some outlines and prologue chapters to see if I could make those other fandoms click with my writing style and while I liked a lot of the plot in my head, I didn't like how the ideas turned out in written form so I pretty much scrapped those plots. People can still adopt the ideas if they feel they are up to it, though. The good news is that the most popular idea among the ones in the poll, named Path of the Damned, featured some kind of zombie apocalypse in the plot. And I am going with a zombie version as well in the plot set in the fandom I am indeed interested in working up a new story.

The story will be set in the Shared Universe of the amazing TV shows Arrow and The Flash and it will mostly revolve around how Team Arrow and Team Flash survive, and maybe even prosper, in this deadly environment, with a side-plot revolving about the possibilities of a cure. I already have mostly outlined how I want the plot subdivided. First, I will post a one-shot shortly with the prologue that introduces the idea of the zombie apocalypse to this shared universe adapted from the DC Comics in the Flash fanfiction fandom for reasons that will become clear later. Then I will post one of my two main stories, the first one set in the Arrow fanfiction fandom and deal mostly with Starling City and with Team Arrow while the second one will deal with the Flash side of the story in its own fandom. Only after the events of the second story will the continuation get into the crossover fandom. Then I have an outline with a yet to be finished plotline for a possible short story involving the Suicide Squad, also set after the events of the first two stories, as they try to acquire something of crucial value if the zombie plague is to be stopped, which would be set in the Arrow fandom. And if that pans out then an epilogue one-shot for an ending would be in order, set in the crossovered fandom. But I got another possible ending if these last two don't pan out so the plan may change. At any rate, if you are indeed interested in giving this new wild idea of mine a chance, then by all means go ahead and author alert me.

Apologies for those who were hoping for a Time Chronicles update. I know the wait has been long. But I am trying to come up with something new to get my inspiration flowing once more so if this story idea sounds like your cup of tea, you know where to find my stories. Have a nice day, my good readers.

Update on January 28th, 2014th.

After having plenty of trouble with my outlines, how to figure things out for the plot and lack of response for the Flash prologue, I decided to place that plotline on hold and revisit my other outlines, this one being for one of the ones described in the poll and I managed to overcome many plot holes I originally saw that discourage me from pursuing it. I will be posting the first chapter of my story as a prologue in a one-shot to measure the response first. Then, if all goes well and hopefully it will, I will be continuing with the plotline in a multi-chapter story.

As for which one on the poll grabbed my interest enough to write about it, that would be the World of Warcraft/Inheritance Cycle crossover I listed above titled Against The Enemies Of All Who Live. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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