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I know, I know - I keep doing this, you keep waiting, hoping I'll update. It almost seems like a game now, one I'm unfortunately holding the rulebook for. I wish I could write more. I wish I could stop disappearing like this. But my hands were tied. No, I mean, literally, sometimes I had IVs coming out of the backs of my hands, and that makes writing and laptop carrying and gesturing and moving a painful thing. So, my writing - fanfiction and otherwise - fell to the wayside. I know how many times I've done this. "I'm feeling better! My Syringomyelia/Related Nerve Issues/Depression/New Job/Life is letting up and I'll be back to posting regularly!" And then I don't. Philip Roth said "The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress." Welcome to my personal little writing hell, where a myriad of hindrances caused me to basically self-impose my own writing dry-spell for quite some time.

Did I give up on writing? No. I wrote some fiction. Every November, I run a fairly large municipal region in National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo. If you haven't gotten into it yet, it's a great way to convince yourself to never write anything again for the rest of your life! I've been obsessing over novels, second drafts, and editing for a few months towards the end of each year. Then I inevitably hang up my laptop, as you will, for months on end.

Did I suffer some cataclysmic change? Yes. I am getting married. The planning of that whole affair also takes up a good chunk of my time. I work again, just a few days a week, but it's mentally and physically exhausting and sometimes that leaves me asleep on the couch at 7:30, and sometimes that leaves me wide-awake at 3 in the morning but without the headspace to write so much as a haiku.

Is there a point to this rambling? Yes. Am I going to make promises I'm not sure if I can keep? No. I'm someone who used to update at least two fics daily. I would write 10,000 words in one sitting, before lunchtime. That's what a lot of you loved, my regularity, my steadfast dedication to updating the masses as often as possible. I remember I had quite the little following. Nowhere near, of course, some of the bigger names on this site. But then, as more and more people starting reading whatever it was I was working on at the time, I started finding myself followed and reviewed by some of the writers I admired most on this site. My numbers weren't ever the highest, but I'll be damned if that doesn't count for something.

Again - no promises. I'm sure I'd like to update once or twice a week at first. Maybe it'll stay that way. There are not very many fics that I'm going to continue working on from before - if it's a work in progress, I'm likely not finishing it. It's just been too long. I might rewrite Eye of the Storm. I'll hopefully get to work on Headlines, since I have half an outline anyway and, even when I've been gone for months, I come back to an inbox full of messages wondering if it's a mistake that they can't find Headlines anywhere, wondering why I haven't posted it. I'll try.

Anything that's been temporarily or permanently shelved will say so in the description. I have a few newer fic ideas that I'd like to get started on, but I'm not sure when that will come along. I might write a few one-shots to get myself back into the feel of fanfiction, back into the characters.

For those of you that stuck with me, messaged me, kept believing in me even when I'd been gone for months on end with no update - thank you. I have no words. Except these ones, another quote - Thomas Mann said "A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people."

Future Full-Length Fics:

Untitled - Working on her new project in the Department of Mysteries, Hermione is accidentally sent twenty one years into the past - into the final year the Marauders are at Hogwarts. Disguised as a transfer student, she learns that she's going to be stuck in this era for at least a few months - and while she does try to not change any parts of the future, falling in love can make you do really, really stupid things. Stuck between saving the man she loves for a relationship where they'll be two decades apart by age, and letting him die when she has the opportunity to save him - Hermione has a very important decision to make. And live or die, whatever she chooses to do will change everything. Hermione/Sirius, Marauders era, time travel, etc etc.

Future Foe Scenarios: {When present tense gets tangled in the woes/made of our future foe scenarios. this revolution baby, proves who you work for lately. who do you work for baby? and does it work for you lately?} Inspired by the Silversun Pickups song of the same name. Immediately after the close of the Battle of Hogwarts, any witches and wizards that are of age are given a Work Assignment, an effort put into place by new Minister for Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt. The youngest are given jobs assisting the Ministry in returning to the way it was in its prime, years ago. Some are sent to foreign nations, for contracts that could last a year. Hermione Granger received her assignment - a job assisting a small office in Egypt - and writes a desperate personal appeal to the Minister. She is instead given a job assisting with daily functions within the Ministry building in London. She's thankful, she'll be able to look for her parents better from the country she lives in, and she'll be able to be closer to Ron - or so she thinks. Ron has taken a position elsewhere, on the insistence of Harry, who will be traveling with him - leaving Hermione quite alone in England. Alone except for, of course, the two other young assistants in her department - Padma Patil, who is suffering the death of her twin sister, and Draco Malfoy, who has been mostly out of sight since the hearing that deemed him free and innocent. (Hermione let the box in her hand drop onto the desk below, startling Padma out of the room for the third time that week. She spun on her heel, facing Draco's back, heaving in every breath she took. "You're sick! You only got off on... on a technicality!" Hermione forced herself to breathe again, forced herself to maintain eye contact. "You should be in Azkaban with your Father or... dead, like your Mother!" She watched his shoulders tense, though he did not immediately turn to face her. When he did, and he spoke, she found that no matter how harsh she'd been on him, he was able to crush her confidence with just a few words. "This contract lasts two years, you know."

The Archivist: After injuries sustained in the final battle leave Ron comatose with no promise of waking, Hermione uses what little money she has left to flee the country and apprentice with a mysterious wizard known only as The Archivist. Though many have sought his attentions and his teachings, Hermione Granger is the first in memorable history to have been sought out by him, in a simple letter that she received just two days after the final battle. Intrigued, she follows instructions that lead her on a month long journey simply to find this man, and when she gets there, he is not at all what she expected. Now tangled in a rare form of magic that goes back thousands of years, Hermione must battle both her past, present, and future whilst navigating this strange and exciting new branch of magic she'd never known existed. And when her time with the Archivist finally ticks away, she is left with a choice that will change the her life - and the wizarding world - forever. But even this choice is not what it seems, and Hermione's actions and decisions all have quite surprising conclusions.

Headlines: I know you guys have been asking for this for literally over a year, and literally since before Footnotes was even finished. Headlines will NOT be a long fic, maybe ten chapters. It's intended to be a little lighter but still dramatic, and it will be told in part from Rita Skeeter's point of view, surprisingly, as she has decided to ignore Hermione's old threat, and she has spent a few days studying the exact mechanics of wards and protection spells so that she might be able to follow the trio - plus their unexpected guest - after she chances upon them in a dirty London alleyway the night they disappear, the night of the Weasley wedding. There will be a few pieces that are from Hermione and Draco's points of view, separately, focusing on their relationship and how they plan to go forward, plus chapters covering the canon events with this new twist, so that we might see how it ends. This could take a while to start, much to learn, much to write, but it'll come out eventually.

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Ashes to Ashes reviews
The war was harder on some than others. Worse than most is Hermione, who is woken from awful, gory nightmares by her own screaming each and every night after the death of Ron. The only person who may feel as lost as she does is mysterious 'Ben', who knows more about Hermione's past than she thinks he should. She has seen those familiar grey eyes before, so often in her nightmares..
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Hermione believes it's 1996, which is wrong. Her hospital file is labeled Hermione Potter. On awakening from a coma post-accident, Hermione is filled in on 9 years of friends, the war, and how she fell for Harry, and must choose how to live this new life. Hermione finds herself, for once, completely baffled by something - Retroactive Amnesia. On Hold 7/27/15
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Jealousy and Justification reviews
Perhaps Cedric can steer Potter away from Cho after all-he can think of one woman Potter cares about more. But when Cedric chases Hermione, he sees why Potter loves her so, and his fate and hers will be forever changed. GOF, oneshot. Just something I like
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Hadn't St. Mungo's promised her a fulfilling career? So far all she'd done was 6 months of paperwork, some training, and oh yes, save the life of her childhood enemy. And if Draco didn't stop bothering her, she'd land him back in the ICU like THAT.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 43,164 - Reviews: 279 - Favs: 548 - Follows: 337 - Updated: 12/22/2011 - Published: 10/19/2010 - Draco M., Hermione G. - Complete
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Hermione ran off four years ago, leaving behind a shameful fiasco and everyone with it. Wandless for four years, she receives a letter from Hogwarts begging her help, and accepts-despite knowing that caused her to leave is there too. Harry. Smut/Lang/Viol. On Hold 7/27/15
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A collection of angsty and/or fluffy songfics/one shots. Various plots. I get too many Harmony ideas, and too many people requesting more. Song titles are posted at the top/title of each chapter. Continuous. Rating may change to M for future chapters.
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My take on this. HG and DM in Head student quarters, Harry finds solace in a strange place, Ron goes mad, a handsome young new DADA prof. we already know, and a very interesting year for our friends! HG/DM HP/? GW/? LL/? RW/? Lots of odd couples! COMPLETE
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The Secret's in the Telling reviews
AR. Poll Winner. Thoughts have been pestering Hermione while she attempts to stay unharmed. What if someone found out? What could happen? And what if she couldn't stop herself from absolutely falling in love with him? HG/BZ. Trio at Hogwarts for year 7. Archived, will not finish.
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A Very Merry Christmas 2 : What If? reviews
Draco Malfoy watches from a distance as a girl he previously despised turns a small group of students left at school for the holidays into a cheerful almost family. Curious, he comes closer until she pulls him into the festivities, and captures his heart.
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No seer could predict that Draco would be a ridiculously famous muggle actor. Or that he'd find himself in the company of Hermione. Flashbulbs are going off, and we all know the saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. Part two, "Take Three" up now!
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What Might Have Been reviews
George and Luna had a secret love til he ran off to start up shop with Fred. Post-war, he flees again from everyone who loves him. Luna can't find George, or herself. When he returns can they be happy? Or will they be stuck wondering what could have been?
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,200 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 82 - Follows: 7 - Published: 2/12/2010 - Hermione G., Ron W. - Complete
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