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About Me:

I think I should update this since it's been, wow, nearly forever since I have. I'm just a regular white, male, computer science college student whose trying to make his way in the world, living off of the internet and playing far too many video games. I'm a bit fan of science-fiction (as obvious by the rest of my profile) and, amazingly enough, romance stories. I write what I like, and not what other people tell me. I have my own way of doing things that if you like, great, if you don't, I don't care. I do this because I enjoy it, and getting feedback from people who also enjoy the stuff I write just helps to motivate me.

I try to reply to all reviews (sorry if I miss yours, I get a lot of emails) and I try to be friendly with people who message me. I don't getting PMs if you just want to say hi, go for it. If you're interested in me, personally, then you can find me here and here online. Those are my real, personal blog and twitter accounts. I don't mind if you follow me there too, I occasionally talk about fanfic on them.

So yeah, that's about it.

Story Updates:

Current Stories:

Finished/Abandoned Stories:

The Harmony of Species (ABANDONED) [Halo]
The Story Of Em (Part 1: COMPLETED) (Part 2: COMPLETED) (Part 3: Abandoned) [Halo]
Digital Murderers (Abandoned) [Digimon]
The Librarian (Abandoned) [Doctor Who]

Favorite Genre: Romance/Drama
Favorite Games: Halo series, Portal, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Minecraft Dead or Alive (both the games and the volleyball)
Favorite TV Shows: Doctor Who, Star Trek: TNG & VOY, Stargate SG-1 Atlantis and SGU, and pretty much all anime (okay I lied, not all, but I do like anime.)
Favorite Movies: Matrix... Spaceballs... Starwars... Back to the Future... I like sci-fi.

Favorite Quotes:
"This ship could be the most important discovery Mankind has made since the stargate itself. "
- Rush, Stargate Universe

"Math boy."
- Eli, Stargate Universe

"Biting's excellent. It's like kissing. Only there's a winner."
- TARDIS/Idris, Doctor Who

- 10th Doctor, Doctor Who

"While we've been chatting away, I forgot to tell you: I'm brilliant."
-10th Doctor, Doctor Who

"Bowties are cool."
-11th Doctor, Doctor Who

"Come along, Pond!"
- 11th Doctor, Doctor Who

"We came, we saw, WE KICKED IT'S ASS!"
- Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters

"All alone, on a journey, I lost my way; as I stood still, my heart alone wandered. But now I can walk again, as far as I need to; yes, ever since I met you on this road."
- Tabi no Tochuu, Spice and Wolf

The Cake is a Lie, but the Cube is Forever.
- Portal

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads..."
- Doc Brown, Back to the Future

"Who the hell do you think I am?"
- Kamina, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

"Wake me... When you need me."
- John-117, Halo 3

"Don't make a girl a promise... If you know you can't keep it."
- Cortana, Halo 2

"The culmination of our Journey, for your destruction is the will of the gods! And I? I am their instrument!"
- Truth, Halo 3

"Uh, Lord? I didn't train to be a pilot. Tell me I don't have any more flying to do today. Drone crashes So... was that a yes or a no? Vehicle explodes Amen."
- Dutch, Halo 3: ODST

"Oh I know what the ladies like."
- Johnson, Halo 2

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