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Please note: I don't care if you're re-sending characters from Rye's story - at least use my form (or don't and I won't consider your character, your choice). Appearance - don't be overly detailed, I don't care what their eyebrows and lips look like. And don't use exact height or weight, I've never, ever read a book where the author stated the exact height & weight (unless the character was filling out a form or something). Personality should at least be a paragraph. Introduction ideas are ideas on how to introduce your character in the story.

Full Name:



Birthplace (province):


Pre-Selection Appearance:

Post-Selection Appearance:


Family (for now just each member, their age and occupation):


Best Traits:

Worst Traits:



Languages Spoken:

Opinion of Keene & How They Would Treat Him (your typical arrogant womanizing prince, on camera and in public seems super charming and polite):

Opinion of Hien & How They Would Treat Him(more withdrawn and quiet, but is kind and wouldn't mistreat any of the girls):

Opinion of the Rest of the Royal Family (King Richard, Princess Trinity and the Queen once she's introduced):

Ideas for Your Character?:

Strategy To Win (I don't want everyone to put "just be themselves"):

Prince They Would Try to Win Over (and how if it differs from above):

How They Would Treat the Other Selected:

Reaction to a Rebel Attack (nobody put "go in and fight"):

First Date Ideas:

Introduction Ideas (main characters only):

Examples of Dialogue (3 minimum - 1 to each prince, 5 maximum):

Reason For Entering (ie for love or for the crown):

Anything Else?: