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Hello lucky readers. You have just opened the J.T. Franc profile page. It has always been my dream to become writer and because of fanfiction, that dream is coming true. (even if it's starting small)

Some of my info:

Name: J.T. Franc

Favorite color: any shade of blue mixed with green (to create an ocean blue effect)

Favorite place to be: ocean/beach

My dream career: If my novel doesn't capture America, then I'll either make it big on American Idol, or work part time as an animator at Pixar (part time 'cause I heard they don't pay much) and part time ballet teacher.

Fav anime couple: Ichiruki (orihime can just go and die!!)

Fav Video Games: Kingdom Hearts and KH 2

Fav Movies:


Fiddler on the Roof


Gone With the Wind

Becoming Jane

Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist

A Walk to Remember

Harry Potter (all of them)

and New Moon!!(Twilight was a dissapointment)

Fav TV shows:


The Boondocks

American Idol (before Adam Lambert lost)

South Park

(I know this list is short, because I read more than I watch TV)

Fav Anime/Mangas in order:


The Boondocks (yes it is a anime)


Princess Tutu

Kare Kano

Pokémon (None of that Diamond and Pearl crap. I'm talking about the good old fasioned episodes from like the first two or 3 seasons. Oh, and the first movie will always make me cry. :'D )

Fav Animated movies:


Toy Story (1,2 and especially 3!)

Bugs Life

Finding Nemo (all these Pixar movies are what I watched when I was a kid. I always feel so nostalgic whenever I watch them.)


Treasure Planet

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Fav Books (constantly growing and changing) :

Maximum Ride (the 4th and 5th books killed it but I loved Fang)

Harry Potter

Gone with the Wind (1024 pages!)

The Pendragon series


Barefoot (great book)

My Sister's Keeper (the movie killed it so much that I want to strangle the director)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Loved the movie!)

Lovely Bones

and Firefly Lane (my all time favorite book so far! Loved It!)

Favorite Artist: Taylor Swift!!

Favorite Songs:

I'm only me when I'm with you

Hey there delilah

hey Juliet (LOL David)

Check yes Juliet (ROFLMAO David!)

Big Yellow Taxi


Get higher


Love Story

Fifteen (LoL Jess.)


Know the Enemy

Before the Lobotomy

Song of the Century

Catch your Wave


Dare you to move

100 years

I'm Yours

Baby (I mock Justin Bieber but I love this song)

Your Love is My Drug

21 Gun

Favorite Band: Green Day!!

Favorite Broadway Play: WICKED!! This play is defying gravity!!

To do list:

Learn how to play the violin

Read 100 books over high school years

Live on the beach

Read more Kristin Hannah and Nicholas Spark books

Become more flexible

Give up chocolate. FOR GOOD!!

Finish my novel and get it published

My first story was inspired by a new character. That new character was inspired by a feeling. A feeling of rush, freedom, and excitement.

Now, sit back and imagine this.

An amazingly blue sky, lined with white puffy clouds. Or, if you're a darker kind person, imagine an evening sky (just after a storm so mainly all you can see are black clouds. Some time around twilight or after sunset.) Recall the feel of a cool spray from the clouds, and the wind blowing wildly in your face.

Now close your eyes and imagine yourself soaring through this sky. No need for wings, or magic pixie dust to carry you. Just your own imagination.

Go on. Close your eyes, for a minute or two, at least until you can feel like your heart is soaring.

Did you feel it? Amazing isn't it? Sometimes, I can actually feel the rush of flight if I see a beautiful sky and pretend I flying high in it.

This feeling inspired me to write my first fanfiction and create the new character Sierra in it. I hope someday, you'll feel the same rush. But maybe, reader, you'll feel it in a different way. On a racing rollecoaster, mounted on a steadfast horse, or maybe your first kiss.

Keep on dreaming. I still do.

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