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Erm... so it's been a while.

I've never really been good at keeping journals so there's not much else I can say in my defence for not updating this profile every now and again. I've been working hard on overcoming this stupid writer's block and posting chapters for RoC and I felt that it wasn't particularly fair to you guys to make you wait 2 - 3 years while I got my head out of my ass. I do have SOME chapters ready, and I wanted to wait until the whole Balamb Arc was done and over with but since it's taking so damn long I'm not so sure I can wait that much longer. Again HUGE apologies for the VERY late update, but chapter 40 has been posted with a title pending (haven't come up with any for the next few chapters but I will sit down and make a decision on that soon - I hope).

Also for those of you who have already read chapter 40, I advise that you go back and re-read: I accidentally posted chapter 41 in place of 40, so I wouldn't be surprised if many of you are confused. I know I would be. Either way I hope you guys enjoy the read and (hopefully) I won't take so damn long to update next time.

A little about Queen000

So I figured it’s about time I re-write this thing.

I’m 28 year old FEMALE sales associate living in Canada. I still live at home (with my mommy and sister) where it’s nice and cheap (most of the time). I have three cats; one is my sisters, one is mine and the newest kitty is my mom's. I’ve been a writer on fanfiction.net since I was about 17 and I’m highly amused that many people find my coupling rant so funny to read. =3

Most of my stories from my beginner days have been removed from existance, though one song fic remains from my group of DragonBall Z fiction. Now, I write mostly for Final Fantasy VIII, though it wouldn’t be out of the question for me to start delving into VII. VIII is my favourite because it was the first video game I ever completed and I fell in love with the story as it progressed (I’m well aware of when Final Fantasy VIII first came out. I didn’t actually own any kinds of gaming consoles until I was about 16, so there).

My favourite kinds of stories to read are canon, mostly following the original characters. I don’t mind reading Alternate Universe fiction, but I do prefer canon couples. I refuse to read any 2nd Generation stories as most of them focus on the children of the original characters, and while I normally avoid crossover fiction, I’ve been known to check them out occassionally. It doesn’t help that a lot of 2nd Generation characters turn out to be Mary Sues or Gary Stues.

That’s really all you need to know. Now read my rant!

Queen000's Infamous Couple Rant

The type of couples I like to read are the ones that actually occur in the show/game/movie. Essentially, the canon couples. Why, you all ask? Why not experiment with people and switch them around to get a feel of what they would do? Because that is NOT how the coupling turned out. I have seen far too many stories where they change the characters couple and it really does not appeal to me as they did not end up the way the author or authoress has written them out to be. As much as I cannot stand some of the characters that a character I like ended up with, it's how the couples ended up working out! Despite the reasons of the author, the characters appear to love each other, so why can't the whiney and over-obsessive people leave them the hell alone?

Honestly, this really should have gone to the rants section of my profile and, for a time, it actually was, but this nonsense has been going on for the seven years that I have been here with FFnet, and possibly even longer than that. For those of you who can't stand a coupling because you wanted it to go a completely different direction, boo-hoo; get over it! The author/authoress of the movie/show/game/etc... Obviously doesn't want to listen to some over-obsessed fan of their work bitch and moan and carry on about the fact that their couples are all wrong in the mind of the reader. In the words of Foamy the Squirrel; 'Who the fuck cares?’ I hate April, and Gohan, and a whole lot of characters that get together with characters that I do like, but c'mon people! Quit whining already! The original author made it that way for a reason!

If a character has not been paired up with someone, fine. Go ahead and experiment. Make them straight; make them gay, hell make them pedophiles if it makes you happy, just so long as they stay in fucking character, and just so long as you do not destroy the couples that have been created for our viewing/video-gaming pleasure. Just don't change the gender on me; that's just beyond stupidity there folks. Unless it's a part of the character's character that they wanna have a transgender operation, then be my guest. Otherwise, leave it the FUCK alone!!

Speaking of which, I've seen a few of these stories floating around FFnet, and it scares me that people actually read this crap. Just a few days ago, I was searching ffnet for some good (admittedly rare) stories and I come across a summary that reads that the person is writing a novelization of Final Fantasy VIII, but that Squall's gonna be a girl. Huh? Excuse me while I laugh insanely at the author's stupidity. Why the FUCK would you change his gender? Do you want it to be a yuri, so that you can say that two girls are gonna screw each other's brains out? Or do you have some mysterious magical trick that's going to make Squall fall in love with Seifer, so that you can say that it isn't a Yaoi story? C'mon!! I know people are truly smarter than that. It's twisted, it's wrong, and why would you do that?! It's too much for my brain to process!! Squall was born a guy. Deal with it!! If you wanna write him with Seifer, admit to yourselves that it is a Yaoi and refer to the previous paragraph!

Another thing that boggles my mind is the number of male-pregnancy stories I've encountered recently. Let me make it clear to those of you who like this sort of thing: IT IS NOT POSSIBLE! Why is it not possible? I'll tell you why; because guys cannot become pregnant! They have no uterus, they have no vagina, they lack the reproductive organs to be able to pull off such a feat, and they don't have the pain threshold to be able to handle being pregnant in the first place. And if you're gonna bring up the one guy who did become pregnant, then you should probably check your facts first because said guy was actually a girl undergoing a transgender operation. She just happened to get pregnant before they could finish. Clearly that does not count. And where would the baby come out anyway? Their anus? Their penis?! I don't think the anus can possibly stretch that wide, and I don't even wanna think about what would happen should the baby try to emerge through the other option. Poor thing would probably die through the journey. So cut it out already! Guy's can't become pregnant, end of story!

The absolute WORST part about these outrageously insane couplings on ffnet are the stupid people who pair the characters up with themselves. WTF? Are you some insane bishonen or bishojo loving moron who can only get off on reading your own work of how you seduced characters like Vegeta, or Squall, or Seifer, or anyone else for that matter, into bed and have sex with you, only to watch as the person they are originally together with finds out about the betrayal and acts so inconceivably out of character that you have the remaining members of FFnet agreeing with your coupling for the sake of wanting to watch your portrayal of the original lover get maimed and stabbed and gutted until they are an unrecognizable mess. Get over yourselves. If you have to resort to that kind of cock-and-bull (no pun intended) story-telling, write to fucking Dr. Phil or Oprah about your fucking mental illness, you fucking retard!

I say, "No more incest fics with family members (straight or homosexual) having sex with each other!"
I say, "No more fics with 40 year old guys/girls having sex with teenage or younger girls/guys!"
I say, "No more turning straight characters homosexual!"
I say, "No more turning homosexual characters straight!"
I say, "If they are not slash characters, don't make them slash!"
I say, "Stop making a fucking soap opera which involves you and your dream videogame/movie/television show/manga or book character having sex while the remaining member of the couple acts like or is displayed as public enemy #1!"
I say, "Stop writing MPreg stories, it's impossible and thus will never happen!
I say, “Stop changing the characters gender just because you don’t want your story to be Yaoi or Yuri!”
I say, "Stop changing the characters gender just because you want your story to be Yaoi or Yuri!"
I say, "Stop changing the characters gender just because you think it would be funny (because it really isn't)!"

This is MY opinion! I have been watching far too much Foamy Cartoons as of late (go yell at Wicked Woman: she's the fucking cause), and I am sick and tired of the people on this site ruining (yes, I said it) stories for me with their incessant 'changing of the couples'. Don't get me started on the plotlines of these sickening stories; we'll be here all day and all night.

If you don't agree, then that's your choice. This is my opinion, and don't go flaming me because I am expressing myself because you will make me very VERY angry.

Fucking sick bastards.

Queen000’s Honourable Mentions:

This section is dedicated to the people who inspire me in my writing, who give me encouragement or who just plain put up with my constant whining whenever I get stuck on a specific point.

Peter J. Marcroft: He’s acknowledged me as his editor for Curse of Memory, and he’s my editor for Rise of the Tyrant. He’s helped me a lot throughout the progress of the novel, especially when it comes to technical stuff I can’t wrap my head around, titling some of the chapters, a lot of the riddles during the Tomb Arc, or just plain hitting me upside the head when I critique myself too much. After all, that’s his job.

Mom: Okay, cliché, I know, but she definitely is my biggest supporter. She doesn’t like video games at all, and yet she’s putting up with me shoving the novel in her face whenever I’ve finished a particular section (I give her complete sections to read since of course I don’t want to die if I leave her on a cliff hanger). Her favourite character is Quistis, and I still laugh when I remember her asking me why Squall was acting like an asshole to her when he told her to go talk to a wall.

Tanin and Avion Jade(of course those aren’t their real names): My two best friends in real life (not to say you’re not one of my best friends, Peter!). Met them both while I was stuck in highschool (Tanin when I was in the 9th grade, Avion in the 11th) and they were both behind me when I decided I wanted to start fanfiction. Actually, it was Avion who gave me the final push to post my first (admittedly horrible) piece of fanfiction. Ever since then, she's always reading my stuff and always telling me what makes sense and what doesn't, and we hammer out ideas together, working out what works and what won't. Tanin helps me work out the kinks on characters and will even help me work out the specs for a totally new character (he helped me out quite a bit in my 'Not Selphie' story) despite the fact that he hates Final Fantasy 8. He was also the one who worked out a lot of the puzzles in the novel(he’s my DnD expert and also my Dungeon Master :D). I just tweaked them so they could fit in the FF8 world. Finally, he's helping me sort out bits and pieces of a little something that will come about in the Novelization. Unfortunately, it's still a long time coming, so you won't know about it for quite a while yet.

Ashbear: C'mon. It's friggen' Ashbear were talking about! How can I not be inspired whenever I read anything written by this woman?! She's fucking amazing! I admire the seemingly effortless skill she puts into each and every one of her chapters. She makes me want to become a better writer, and no matter what I'm doing, whenever I recieve an email with her penname (be it a response to a review I gave or to announce that the next chapter has been posted) I stop doing whatever it was and sit myself down in order to read what she has to say or the next installment of her story. That's right; she's just that awesome!

Queen000’s Stats

I’m an author favourite: 91 people have put me on their favourite author’s list!
I’m being watched: 63 people have put me on their author alerts!

Contact me

My email address is queen.triplezero@gmail.com. Feel free to drop me a line, be it about the progress of a story you’ve been reading, or to just say hi. Oh, and I’ve already gotten a biography written up on the Beta Readers profile thingy, so if you wanna have me beta read chapters or a story in general, contact me via there. Also, be warned, I’m excruciatingly picky.

Let's Play!

So I decided to try my hand at some Let's Play and, surprisingly enough, it's not completely horrible. Need to work on allowing my thoughts to catch up to my mouth though, I tend to speak before I've gathered them and thus there are a lot of stammering and 'ums', particularly in the first video. If you're at all curious about how I sound feel free to take a look at this game :)


R.I.P. Nemo

December 23rd, 1996(approximate date) - November 29th, 2009

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The day that would soon decide the fate of the world is upon us. When the evidence of a murder leads to the man who once saved the world from Ultimecia, will it bring about a war that could rival that of Adel's reign?
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 24 - Words: 181,349 - Reviews: 56 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 15 - Updated: 9/19/2006 - Published: 5/16/2005 - Squall L. - Complete
Coming of the Apocalypse reviews
Taking some time off after the Ultimecia War's end, Squall and company are forced to try and enjoy themseves, but after certain unexplained events occur, Squall and his team are forced to contend with the likes of which they have never had to face before.
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: T - English - Horror/Suspense - Chapters: 20 - Words: 102,201 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 5/7/2006 - Published: 11/6/2005 - Complete
The Truth of Griever reviews
What exactly happened after Ellone left the Orphanage? A Final Fantasy VIII Prequel.
Final Fantasy VIII - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Angst - Chapters: 6 - Words: 26,613 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 3/9/2006 - Published: 6/28/2005 - Squall L. - Complete
Someday reviews
REVISED! PLEASE R&R! Vegeta is constantly being ignored by those around him and is curious as to what he's done wrong this time. But will he like the reason behind their sudden behaviour?
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: K+ - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,353 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 1 - Published: 10/23/2003 - Vegeta - Complete
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