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Working on getting back into writing, don't mind my dated choice of comic. I'm not really into homestuck anymore I just like the characters.

Everyone Has Something to Hide Character Bios:

Dave Strider


Blonde, red eyes, very tall -- about 6'2"

ridiculously handsome and sculpted (all the girls want him)

less classically handsome but more of a contemporary handsome

wears shades 24/7 and dyes his hair a bit more gold to hide his albinism (and also to seem mysterious)


18, works at chick fil'a part-time

genius level smart

super gay (but secretly)

in love with new kid (John)

high school senior

secretly super cares about his reputation

generally takes the lead with things

hates school, hates his stagnant life

is excited for college

is actually sorta insecure

doesn't like to be naked with the lights on ;)

seems effortlessly cool because he acts like he doesn't care

he loves music, and often carries around a big set of professional headphones

he and his brother are lower middle class

[spoiler: horribly upset at his brother's drug use

John Egbert


black messy hair, piercing blue eyes, classically handsome but undeniably dorky, thick glasses

pretty much only wears cargo shorts and tshirts, but underneath the boring attire is a well toned hot bod


17, jobless because his dad is rich

questioning sexuality, but scared of being gay since his dad is fairly conservative

easily excited, bubbly, extroverted

girls kinda adore him (but also kinda think he's gay)

very inexperienced in most ways

has never done a drug in his life

moved from Seattle to suburban California

high school senior (sucks)

Dirk Strider


Taller than his brother, hair is blonde and gelled, has an affinity for wearing leather pants and jackets all at once (which annoys Dave)

doesn't wear shades because he's not afraid to be himself

ridiculously handsome


24, graduated from highschool but not college

runs an advertising company, heavy smoker

occassionally uses heroin, following the path of his diceased mother

on these nights, dave doesn't come home

is ridiculously gay, but seems to not even notice societies view on gays (until revealed in his past)

ultimately cool and ironic

likes tinkering and swordfighting

when he comes and picks up dave from school, girls are crowded around his car

likes to drive around shirtless in his pickup truck for fun

has fallen into a strand of one night stands

Roxy Lalonde


Hopelessly skinny, tall, blonde, always has her hair sculpted and sprayed into a complicated hair-do

dresses with her clothes hanging off of her

her legs are so thin that her thighs don't touch

eyes and face have the worn look due to drug use and heavy alcoholism but is still beautiful

is short and is always wearing high heels


24, high school drop out, works as a drug dealer and at the California Pizza Kitchen at the mall

supplies Dirk with Heroin, weed, anything else he needs

sees Dirk as her 'gay best friend'

really really likes hanging out at the mall for some reason

drinks on the job

all she really has is Dirk

her sister hates her and it destroys Roxy

constantly tries to seduce Dirk even though he's gay

hates Dave, because Dave is constantly throwing her out of Dirk's appartment

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