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Love The Way You Lie--Eminem ft. Rhianna


HEY! I'm happy to announce that I finally got the first chapter of my story up on fiction press. Can you guys take a look and tell me how it turned out?

My idea of songs for the Vampire Academy books:


Home-Daughtry--When Rose and Lissa get caught by the guardians and Dimitri

Move Along-All American Rejects--The rumors going around about Rose

Hero-Enrique Iglesias--The lust spell!

White Flag-Dido--When Rose bumps into Dimitri in the gym after the lust spell and the rescue

Fall For You-Secondhand Serenade--Lust spell


Big Girls Don't Cry-Fergie--When Rose finds out about Tasha's offer to Dimitri

It's Not Over-Daughtry--Rose confronting Dimitri about the offer

Who's Crying Now-Journey--The kiss in the gym with Rose and Dimitri

Can't Take It-All American Rejects--Before the kiss in the gym, where Rose starts ranting about how she thinks Dimitri doesn't care for her when he gives a "Zen lesson"

Treat Me Right-Pat Benetar-- Whenever Dimitri keeps giving Rose mixed signals on the relationship.


Open Arms-Journey--The cabin with Dimitri and Rose.

It Ends Tonight-All American Rejects--Towards the end of the book where Dimitri was turned and Rose was having a hard time coping with the fact

My Immortal-Evenescence--Again with Rose mourning over Dimitri being turned Strigoi

Because Of You--Kelly Clarkson--Just Dimitri rejecting Rose in general all the time


What I've Done-Linkin Park--Dimitri as a Strigoi

My Heart Will Go On-Celine Dion--Where Rose is with the family and friends of Dimitri's around a fire, after telling them Dimitri had turned Strigoi

Gunpowder & Lead-Miranda Lambert--When Rose escapes from the Strigoi house and Dimitri's chasing after her. LOVE THIS SONG! XD

Forgiven-Within Temptation--Rose's quest to kill Dimitri


On Your Own-Green River Ordinance-- When Lissa tells Rose that Dimitri doesn't want to see her

I Can't Make You Love ME- Bonnie Rait--When Dimitri tells Rose in the church he doesn't love her

Iris-Goo Goo Dolls-- When Lissa heals Dimitri from being Strigoi

Not Ready To Make Nice-Dixie Chicks-- Rose teasing Dimitri in the church

Can't Take It-All American Rejects-- Dimitri confronting Rose in Vegas as a Strigoi

All Five Books In General

Bittersweet-Within Temptation RPOV

Restless-Within Temptation DPOV

Do It Well-Jennifer Lopez RPOV

Love Lockdown-Kanye West DPOV

Footprints in The Sand-Leona LewisR & D POV

Haunted- KElly Clarkson RPOV

Superman Man (It's Not Easy)-Five For Fighting DPOV

White Flag-Dido RPOV

WARNING: If I had sugar...BEWARE...and you might wanna run foar yoar LIVES! MWAHAHAHA!! XD Yes, I misspell on purpose to make it sound like something I would say. LOLZZ

Hey everyone! I love to meet new people!

Basic stuff about me:

Hobbies: Biking, rollerblading, running, walking dogs, reading, emailing, things on the computer, listening to music, watching TV, decorating my room some more (xD), texting my friends sometimes, being a total goofball, playing Guitar hero on the Wii or XBox 360 or some other game, playing my DS Lite, piano/flute, once in a while riding horses, hang out with buddies, etc.

Books: Blue Bloods series, Fallen, Vampire Academy, some kinda Manga thing called Vampire Knight, Once Dead Twice Shy, Immortals series, Mortal instruments series, True Blood series, Wicked Lovely/Ink Exchange/Fragile Eternity, Black Beauty, Evernight/Stargazer, Kissed By an Angel, Mediator Series, House of Night series, any horse/animal books, Maximum Ride series, Huner Games Trilogy,

A few songs of many: Don't Jump by Tokio Hotel (just recently discovered this song and I'm addicted to it now. xD), Dreams by Diana DeGarmo, Live Like You Were Dying/My Old Friend/Just to See You Smile by Tim McGraw, When The Lights Go Down/Cry/Beautiful by Faith Hill, Don't Laugh At Me by Mark Wills (GOOD STORY TO IT GO LISTEN TO THIS!!), How do I by Leann Rimes (Loved this since childhood), Hillbilly Bone by Blake Shelton ft. Trace Adkins, Ol' Red by Blake Shelton,Eight Second Ride by Jake Owen, and so MANY MORE! xD

Animals: LOVE ALL animals, but Horses and Dogs are my top two.

Colors: Like any color, but very top is Yellow, then purple

Messy or clean? Very messy person. xD My room always looks like a tornado or hurricane came through. xDDD

Organized? O.O; Hell no. xD

Subject in school: BAND! Once in a while I like science...only if it's Earth science though. Health sometimes, only if it isn't sex ed...*shudders*

Worst subject: Ugh, Algebra or any form of math

Tv shows; CSI (the one in Las Vegas, Nevada, CSI Miami), House, Full House, 10 Things I Hate About You,m Secret Life Of American Teenager, Animal Planet...umm, that's about it since I live on the computer now. xD

What I should be doing right now? Actually, I'm supposed to be working on MY Guardian so I can get another UD in. xD

Total goof off? OH yes. I love to have fun and my friends call me "blonde" even though I'm a brunette because of how stupid i act...xD

Items? Hmm, got my flute, my horse pictures, some little horse statue thingies my friend got me, my books of course, my music, my phone, my sparkly gel pens, my watch, my camera, etc.?

Foods/drinks: Bananas, Apples, pears, oranges, kiwis, sushi, pizza, cake, ice cream, CHOCOLATE!!, chips, soda, hot cocoa, cheerios, cookies, meat (im a meat eater. xD), sub sandiwches, icees, shrimp/scallops/noodles/alfredo sauce all together YUM, tacos, eggs (sometimes i eat scrambled eggs with ketchup. ), pumpkin pie, etc...

Fav couples from books: Dimitri/Rose (DUH!), Sookie/Eric (used to like Bill)--Sookie Stackhoue books (also known as True Blood), Ever/Damon--, Schuyler/Jack--Blue Bloods, Bianca/Lucas--Evernight books, Aislinn/Keenan--Wicked Lovely books, Suze/Jesse--The Mediator books, Jace/Clary--Mortal Instruments, Stark/Zoey (I seriously used to like Erik, but he turned out to be a major asshole)--House Of Night books, Katniss/Peeta--Hunger Games Trilogy, Max/Fang--Max Ride books, Patch/Nora--Hush Hush, Tamani/Laurel--Wings, Christophe/Dru--Strange Angels Series

...I think I got just about everything. xD

Now it's time for some quotes I love!

"You never know until you try"

"Failure id not an option"

"I'd give up chocolate, but I'm no quitter"

"anything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

"A good friend is cheaper than rehab"

"Watch your thoughts; they become words

Watch your words; they become actions

Watch your actions; they become character

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny."

"To succeed, you have to first fail"

"Be nice or I'll hit you with my flute!"

"(n): Laughter with an orgasm"

Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend."

"God made us best friends because he knew our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters."

Yeah. We act like idiot. WE laugh too hard and make complete fools of ourselves, but that’s why are best friends"

Sometimes when I say “Oh, I’m fine.” I want someone to look me in the eye and say “tell me the truth”

"It’s ok to hate people cause all the people you hate are gonna die eventually anyway."

If you have a dream….chase after it. If you have a want….chase after it. If you have a need…chase after it. If you love someone…chase after them.

And now for things I actually say. xD

"I'm boooorred!"


"Well that's your issue"

"Screw you"

"Oh thanks I feel so loved"

"Hey it's not my fault!"

"How much sugar have you had today? No wait don't answer that."

"Have you been sniffing sharpies again?"

"Have you lost your freaking mind?! Wait don't answer that"

"Aw, I love you too"

If someone flips me off: claps "YAAAAYYY"

"Get outta my room!"

"That's the POINT"



"No one give Bella (not her real nae, just a nickname) anymore sugar EVER"



"shut up."

"Don't judge me!" xD

"You really wanna hit me?""GIVE ME BACK MY BOOK THEN ILL LET GO OF YOUR HAIR!"

That's about it I think. xD If anyone wants to talk, message meeeeee, i like meeting peoplez!!

Hey everyone! I'll hopefully have chapter 27 (is that right?) up soon or later tonight! I am supposed to be studying...So I don't know when I'll have it up...It might be later though...It hink I'll quit talking. xD

Oh and one more thing...Dont' forget to listen to this song..HEY YOU KNOW WHAt i CAN DO?! OMFG! I SHOULD DO A SONG OF THE DAY! And then if you listen to it, then messag me and tell me whatcha think, or suggest a song and I can put that up and listen to it...Let's start nowz...:

Oh, I've also written some poems of my own...Writing poems cab be fun...Memorizing poems can be hard. xD

This one's called Decisions

Faced with choices everyday,

It is not an easy task.

No one wants to choose.

Do you get this or that?

It's never: Shoukd I get both?

Or choosing between two people you love,

Should you go with one of the other?

What will happen when you choose?

Will you make the right choice? Or the wrong?

It's hard to know which one

Gurantees the 'right' choice.

But there is no way of knowing

What'll happen in the future,

Or if that decision will affect you greatly.

So what'll it be?

No one knows...

It's all you,

So make the right choice when it comes

To little things like

Drugs, drinking, and smoking

Be smart and wise abotu those

Types of decisions

And make the 'right' one.

When it comes to choosing something

Like two people you love,

There's no 'right' or 'wrong'

It is all you.

It's simply life,

We ALL have to make decisions.

And that's a fact.

This one's called Forgive and Forget

We met in grade school

On the bus was where we were

Chatting away

Getting to know each other.

We became the best of friends

And inseperable.

But as we got older

The friendship fell apart;

She started dating and seeing guys.

Pushing all her friends away.

I just sat in the back, watching her

throw her life out the window.

But I never said anything.

I watched as she pushed me

Farther away from her

Making the wrong choices,

Choosing the wrong people,

Getting into fights;

In troubled relationships;

and so much more.

i just watched as she fell apart;

Broken when she realized,

What she has done to herself,

What she has done to others.

And what she has done to me.

Little did she know,

I was broken inside,

Yearning to step in,

And help my friend.

But how could I?

How could I help her,

When she pushed me away?

In tears, she has returned to me

Calling herself horrible names,

Calling herself a horrible friend.

I never said anything;

I just watched her fall apart,

Fall apart and breaking inside.

She begged for forgiveness,

Telling me she was wrong

All this time.

I simply looked at her,

Questions swimming in my mind.

Should I forgive her?

Should I help her?

Would she stay for good?

My answer was in my heart;

I threw my arms around her,

comforting one another.

Crying for all the troubles,

Crying for losing a friend,

Hugging each other for dear life.

I nkew we both had to start over,

To forgive. And to forget.

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When the VA gang decides to play some games like hide and seek,truth or dare and man hunt, what happens when winning gets you a kiss? Who wins and who gets kissed? I DO NOT OWN VAMPIRE ACADEMY! Dimitri isn't a strigoi!
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