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Arts for Immortal Night book

Since I'm writting immortal Night, I manupilated a picture. so if you want to see my own version of Voldemort. Here he is

By the way I made this picture for Tom Riddle. the Vampire kind:

To see Blackheart Yaxley: here it is:

Bloodlust!Tom Riddle (Almost Voldemort):

If want to see how Jarlarth, Vampyeres/Vampires World looks like: here it is:

Harry Potter

Favourite pairing:Of course, the Epic-al awesomeness of Voldemort/Harry or Tom Riddle and Harry Potter, coz it's just too weird and wrong but so awesome and mind-blowing. In a movie and a book, when the two fights, you can feel the attraction. Voldemort is obsess with Harry Potter. The snake faced man himself said it, Harry is the Ban of his existence. He secretely want Harry.

I used to hate Fenrir and Remus because theirs stories was just so horrible. I hate anything that has to do with Rape and their pairing story was mostly base about Rape, even though I didn't mind Remus and Fenrir other stories, but that all changes when I read Black Bunny and Waiting for you. I mean, that just blew my mind. I start thinking about it. Perhaps, Greyback biten Remus when he was young because he could since the man being his mate. So Fenrir decided to make Lupin part of him. It's all clear that the two belong together

Remus and Fenrir all the way. it's just so horrible it has to be perfect. so Fenrir Greyback/Remus Lupin all the way!

Severus and Siruis. The two are mutual enemies because they secretely want each other. It all seems to fit. They balance with each other. As they say, through Hatred you can encounter lover. The love of my hate, and the hate of my love.

It's all clear. Severus Snape/Siruis Black are epic together. It's just so adorable.

Well, Harry and Ginny seems to fit as well. I mean, J.K.Rowling knew what she was doing when she ends the book with the two of them married with three kids. Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter are cute too

Draco and Hermione. AWW, who wouldn't want that. Pureblood and Mudblood love. Lucius would have his head on the silver platter if he stay on the way. They just fit together as much as Hermoine and Ron

Draco Malfoy/Hermoine Granger and Ron Weasley/Draco Malfoy, or Ron Weasley/Hermoine Granger. All pairings are perfect together.


you all know how of a Gleek, I am. I am a total 100% Gleek, and I love Glee. all the way

Kurt and Noah. The big bag Jock ex-Bully and the awesome Diva-ish Queen Gay Kurt Hummel are together are just perfect. It's all clear why Puckerman teased and tormented the boy, because he couldnt stay being attract to Kurt. The bitchy Diva is the only one who can make him stay grounded.

Noah Puckerman/Kurt Hummel: are Epic!

Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel: I love them together, they are so adorable. I just find them really nice, in the serie, I hate Kurt to end up with Karofsky coz they dont fit. I mean the man treated Kurt like crap even Puckerman wasn't that bad.

Blaine Anderson/Dave Karofsky. It may seem wrong but they just perfect together. Look at Blaine, he seem like the perfect fit for Karofsky.


I don't care. Sorry bella's fans. But I can't stand her. Maybe because she's stand between Edward and Jacob, so the actress who play her. I'd love Kristen Stewart better if she wasn't playing bella, dating R-Patz and being Friend with Taylor. I wish I was in her place, that's what makes me hate her. Yes. people I'm THAT jealous.

Love the pairing: Edward and Jacob. Who wouldn't want to be lock in the room, with those two making out. OMG. AMAZING!!

Edward Cullen/Jacob Black (DominantEdward/SubmitiveJake) Are simply epic!

of course the other pairing: Rosalie/Emmett. Jasper/That pixie chick, whose name I forgot. Doctor Carlisle and his mate. whatseover. they are adorable.

Vampire Diaries

Stephan Salvatore/Elena Gilbert

Damon Salvatore/Jeremy Gilbert. It's all so surprisingly cute and adorable and formidable. LOL

The Immortal Night


You Embrace the lust
You Embrace the pain
You Embrace it until tears fall like rain
You sit and wait for a calm in your brain
Wait so patient and still the silence drives you insane
You Embrace the pain
You Embrace the lust
You run toward the very thing that turns your heart to dust
Why do you set yourself up for a fall
Go so deep your skin starts to crawl
Start to run but never get anywhere
The thought of going nowhere is too much to bear
So embrace it with every drop of tears
Embrace it...You still have so many more years.

De mentoring

When I bite for the taste,
All I see is blood to waste,
For I bite into the flesh and the energy I put to the test,
But when the blood touches my lips, my mind just utterly flips,
Spins into eradication. It spins fast.
How long I'm wondering will this rush last?
I did it once. I did it twice.
I tasted blood many times and thought it nice.
Hunted the energies down like mice, mice without a purpose, mice without plan,
I hunt them down and strip there energy and place it in my hand!

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