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Author has written 3 stories for Twilight.

I'm a romantic. what can I say. but I am in no way limited to just romance. I love sci-fi and anything supernatural. I love fan fiction and I have recently become obsessed with the Twilight Saga and Lord of the Ring. I love Edward and Jacob. Legolas and Haldir are my favorite of the elfs!

My taste in literature is wide and I hope that whatever I do decide to write about you can enjoy and if you don't that's fine I'll still take your feedback. There is ALWAYS room for improvement.

I am currently working on a fanfiction for twilight. It is a work in progress and I hope the end result will satisfy the readers. Although it's taking longer than i intended it to. :D I'm almost done with it thought!

Also, I'm writing a Jacob story. I've looked for Jacob stories and they are all really good and they have inspired me to try and think up something original. I hope I can!

I'm considering a Legolas/OC story. I have actually started on it; just the first chapter. But i won't be publishing it on FF until i''m finished with it. I Don't want to start all over agaiin with the delayed updates like my other two stories. :D

Below you will find a somewhat detailed summary of the stories I'm writing. I have other ideas for stories and have written a summary for them but I'm not sure If I should post those summaries as well. Just in case anyone wants to encourage me to actually write the story LOL :)

Full Summary for my stories:

Twilighted with a Wish:

Starts during Twilight.

After wishing for her very own Edward, accompanied by the love drama and danger, Millie finds herself moving to the evergreen state of Washington. She never expected what came next. A new member to the Olympian clan brought about new threats that even the saga didn’t predict.

How can she use her current knowledge to keep her friends and family safe? What happens when said knowledge doesn’t help at all and she must find a way to survive? And ultimately how will her relationship with the new Cullen member endure after an unexpected threat comes back to haunt and avenge his brother’s murder with death itself.

In progress: Almost done. Maybe 5-7 more chapter. lol might not be almost done but it's close to an ending! :D

Your Guardian Wolf:

Starts during Twilight, but in this case, the guys have already phased.

After a much needed break from La Push life, Naomi decides to go live with her recently married mother. After her parents amicable divorced, four years prior, her friendship with a well known boy is intensified. Nothing comes of it aside from eventual confused feelings and wrong decisions that end their friendship. With no friends and no humor to socialize, she leaves to North Carolina to live among her mom’s new family.

Two years later, after a sudden rebellious stage, her mother sends her back to La Push, were her life crosses the path of her old best friend and a new boy that will make her heart beat as much as he makes her angry.

How will this girl change the packs life? How can they be sure she is meant to be one of them, a female wolf among her brothers? It is assumed that she will be one of them, but can they be certain. Or will she join the strange howls that come from afar?

Her sudden arrival in La Push sets of a chain of events that will force her into her destiny. Forcing her into a world she could have only imagined. Vampire, werewolves and forced soul-mates? What else could go wrong?


In progress: Ten chapters working on the next one. Hope you like were it's going! :D

Eternal Damnation


Set During “New Moon” and after.

When Edward leaves Bella he tries to track Victoria. In his search for the menacing vampire he reaches the Brazilian Amazon. In this thick vivid forest, during one of his searches, his senses intensify as a certain scent crosses his path. Victoria is near and she’s not alone. She had a human girl with her and she was going to kill her, feed on her.

It was all a distraction. When Victoria realized Edward had finally averted one of her fake trails she decided on a different tactic. She would use the girl as a distraction. As good as this girl would be for her army, she couldn’t risk being caught. Instead of biting her and turning her, she hurt her. She opened a deep wound, allowing thick rich blood to flow. Without taking a single breath she flew away from the scene, proud to be the cause of Edwards upcoming control failure.

What Victoria didn’t know is that he could read her thoughts. He stops breathing but not before inhaling the delicious smell of her blood. It takes all his control not to kill the girl. His mind and all his senses tell him to do it but his conscious keeps interfering, reminding him of the reasons why he shouldn’t.

After he saves the girl, he is forces to keep an eye on her for several reasons. He needs to make sure Victoria doesn’t return to finish the job. Secondly, this new girl knows what they are and he needs to make sure she keeps it a secret. And last, for some reason he can’t seem to be able to leave her. His senses, his body, his entire being screams at him whenever he tries to do it.

What will become of his relationship with Bella? In a weak moment of self control, he falls for the girl, whether it is love or lust, their relationship is taken to a new level. What will be the consequences of his short fling? But most importantly how will this new girl cope with the fact that the undead aren’t dead, that mystical creatures exist and that a very dangerous one is attracted to her.

Progress: Currently only a one-shot. Might make into a full story but maybe later. For know i wanted to share this one chapter and see if it had any chances. The summary is for the full story though, tell me if it sounds interesting! ;D

As always REVIEWS AND COMMENTS are greatly appreciated!

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Your Guardian Wolf reviews
I've never noticed how tall he really is. How mesmerizing his eyes are or how his hair falls across his forehead when it's messy. I could feel the heat of his body soaking through my hands, his loud heartbeat pounding against my palms. Full/summery inside
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Millie loves Twilight. More specifically she loves Edward. When she finds herself in their world she can't help but notice the new Cullen in the family. How will her appearance interfere with the saga and the lurking nomads? Can she survive the danger?
Twilight - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 21 - Words: 114,197 - Reviews: 91 - Favs: 37 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 8/22/2011 - Published: 10/8/2010
Eternal Damnation
He could hear her frantic heart beat, the blood flowing through her heart as her pulse quickened, increasing the flow seductively. He licked his lips in anticipation of her mouthwatering taste. One-shot. Read it n let me know what you think! :D
Twilight - Rated: T - English - Angst/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,126 - Published: 8/20/2011 - Edward - Complete