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Why hi there!:D

I'm Cinzer, earlier known as LaZano. I haven't written fanfiction for almost four years now, leaving this account mostly untouched and abandoned (god, I feel so BAD!) but recently I've thought about trying to start writing again. I've never really left, opting to live as a lurker reading all those delicious stories out there C: But over these last few years I've had many ideas but I've never had the confidence or the engagement I needed to write them down. But this time around I figured; "Aaah, what the heck; let's try to write this shit down." so I am going to try, and maybe finally let my passion for writing and telling stories grow a little.


I've read fanfiction for almost 7 years now(God, that feels like half my lifetime-.-ugh, I'm getting old...) and I've read so much of others work; both good and bad, moments where I've laughed, time's when I've cried(Yes, I am the kind of reader that openly bawls her eyes out when reading something sad XD) and I have seen how many great things these people can come up with! I aim to one day become as good as all the other brave authors I've seen on this site since 2006. Though I frankly wonder if that is going to be possible; To be honest I don't think I have improved much since I was thirteen(heck, I actually I was BETTER back then) and here I am at seventeen jumping on the moving train again:)

Right now my biggest fandom would be Hetalia: Axis Powers Devil May Cry(Because face it; this game is like the mother of awesomeness).Yugioh will always have a special part in my heart, just as it will always contain my all time favourite characters, even if I'm not as immersed with it as I was all those years ago. But just wait until I one day take a stroll down nostalgia lane XD Maybe one day I'll write another Yugioh fanfic, but right now my heart burns for personified countries and handsome devil-hunters in red.

My earlier stories(All Yugioh) will remain exactly where they are for those people that have enjoyed them:) though I most probably won't finish Those Feminine Days which is my(so far) longest fanfiction, because it's been so long and I'm dreading that I've forgotten the plot. To be fair, the only reason why I stopped writing it was because of an artblock as big as Canada slammed on top of my head, and it's made me very reluctant to finish it. But as I said; It will remain for those who liked it:)

I'm going to let these notes remain here since it's a bit fun for me myself to read it, and because that most stuff is still highly relevant*flies away:)

After reading fanfics for many years I've decided to try writing my own. You'll be warned for extremly bad english and such since I'm waaayyy too stubborn to write in swedish(don't like writing in swedish) I write in english. Also beware of ooc.

Check out my DeviantArt page:

I'm currently obbsessed with yugioh and yaoi(don't like don't read my stories damn it!) and I like almost every pairing there is(specially ones involving yami's and hikari's)

Except those pairings involving Pegasus(shudders) those are scary! O_o


I drawed Malik's outfit from "Those Feminine Days" ;D Check it out here:


"One day, I shall have my revenge on the world as my army of gingerbread men slowly grows into a weapon of mass destuction!"-Me on a lunchbreak>:D

"No doubt, that's probably why you've dressed yourself as one. Face it, you're about as manly as a squareenix character. Should I call you captain Bosch from dalmasqar?"-Bakura to Malik, yugioh the abridged series

"Oh god, you don't know what your own gender is?"- Bakura to Marik in an rp with my friend Sara.

"He is defending the manskirt. Good job!"-Me about Akefia.

"Screw the rules, I have money!"-Seto Kaiba, yugioh the abridged series.

"Did I just kill a gay clown?"-Yami, yugioh the abridged series.

"Oh.My.God. It's a fucking goat!"-Me, watching one of my friends playing world of warcraft.

"I'm saving up my money to become a tabledancer in New york." "Hey, that's where my accent used to live!"-Tea and Joey, yugioh the abridged series.

"Hi hikari, are you here to see the most perfect thing since vegetarian hamburgers?"-Marik to Malik in an rp.

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