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NAME: Sara Angel

AGE: 17!!!!! yoohoo!!!!



HATES: double standards... hypocrisy... lies... people who think they are the best thing in the world... reggaeton! the most annoying rhythm!! that thing doesn't deserves the lable of "music"!... hot weather! it makes me angry... celery, green beans, broccoli... the beach, and the sea... well, maybe not the sea, but when i think about the sea i think about heat... and i hate that!!

LIKES: to watch t.v... shopping... coking... studying... dancing...

LOVES: to read!!... to watch movies!! to do math!! to listen to music!! to sleep...sleep...sleep!! COLOMBIA!! AND EVERYTHING THAT ENVOLVES COLOMBIA!! (maybe, not the bad stuff... believe me... what you watch in the news and all the bad stuff you listen of COLOMBIA are just an exageration!!) jazmines!! those flowers smell like heaven! cold weather!! good food, you know, gourmet food! chocolate!! chocolate!! tons of DARK CHOCOLATE!!

i like to write, acctually...i'm writing something ORIGINAL that maybe one day will become a book...if it doesn't...i'll share it freely!

the most important things in life are family, love and friendship...

you say that with money you can buy anything. it isn't true! you cannot buy love, or a friend! at least a true friend!! sometimes i tink money is a cruse! other times... it's just some new shoes!

i speak spanish!(it's my first language) english! and a little bit of french!

i don't know what else to say!



au revoir!


please read!

oh oh, wait!!

my favourite group is Good Charlotte, but i have to say is tied with Nickelback!!

i love the phantom of the opera, the movie, the book and gerald butler!

i love johnny deep! seriously!

my perfect man would be a combination of:

Balthazar Moore from the Evernight series by Claudia Gray

Jacob Black from Twilight (the books not the movies)

Zachary Goode from GG series! yay Zach!

Alexander Sterling from Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber

Faustus "Lucky" Maledetto from Vamps series!

Jack Skelington from The Nightmare Before Xmas! (played by johnny deep)

and the guy who plays Edmund for Narnia. he's hot! and i love british accent so...

i know i may not be a good writer but i try a lot! so maybe (when i get an idea) soon i'll post something new...


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