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Hello Internet.

My nickname is MetalSkulkBane, after my three favorite villains (Metal Sonic, Skulker and Bane), feel free to abbreviate it how you like. Or just call me Matt. Like many of you, I dream of becoming a professional writer one day. Probably won't happened, but hey, I can dream. As for now I'm trying myself with fanfiction, cause I love writing about pre-existing canons. I wrote few fanfics in the past, so hopefully "noob" phase is behind me. Personally I feel like I grew a lot since my first fics, but still have a looooot to learn. So if you'll have any thoughts about my fics, please leave a comment.

Personal information

My real name is Mateusz (Mattew), I live in Poland (Warsaw). Currently I'm 20 (in case I forget to update: born in 1994).

Favorite franchaises

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! But also: Ben 10, Danny Phantom, Avatar Aang/Korra, My Little Pony, El Tigre, Secret Saturdays, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe Adventure Time.

A bit less into: The Simpsons, Samurai Jack, Total Drama, Megaman, TMNT, Transformers Prime, DC, Marvel and pretty much whole Nintendo.

So, you like Sonic?

Yes I love Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm one of those crazy fans. I know every game (even if I didn't played them all :( ), cartoon and comic book. My favorite games: Sonic Adventure DX (my first Sonic game, nostalgia), Sonic Battle (weak gameplay, great story) and Sonic Generations (reason: awesomeness). Favorite characters: Metal Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Chaos and Marine (yes, I said that). From other media: Elias Acorn from comics, Sonia and Manic from cartoons. Games should get more serious (just no to much), Flynn is great writer (but has flaws) and Sonic community rocks! (don't get blinded by loud minorities. Look at fan games we made, comics, animations. If that's not dedicated fanbase, then I don't know what is).

Current work

I'm working on the fanfic I called 'Maximum Metal'. I already finished few chapters, but I won't post them, until everything is finished (I'm paranoid like that). Wish me luck :).

PS Link to my full avatar

and my DA page

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