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I've wasted so much time, waiting for you
Now I'm not even sure what to do
You've ruined me
How can this be
You see...

Hello, kiddos! Tareen here! My name translates to girl with a dream... figuratively. Did I mention this if my fanfiction account? I write fanfiction, and I am a HUGE Disney Channel fan! I'm a big Demena fan. By that, I mean I love the two girls, and I love their friendship. They are my favorite Disney stars in the world! Which brings me too... Princess Protection Program! I had been dying to se it forever, and I finally saw it today! I am absolutely in love with it! That song "One and the Same" sang by the two makes me smile. I don't know if there's a more heartwarming friendship out there! Currently, I am having HUGE obsessions with Sonny With a Chance and Wizards of Waverly Place. It's gotten so bad, my friend hits me everytime I say "Do they? Do they really? and stuff of the nature. He says he wants me to associate SWAC with pain. Obviously, my choice in friends don't like Disney. They hate it. They are extremely excepting and forgiving guys though! They also know I won't pay them back if they give me money... Haha. I've always loved Suite Life and am now totally into the "On Deck" series. Cailey has captured my heart! I like them especially pre-dating because... it was so sweet all the things Cody did for her. And when Bob and Barbara come to visit... the ending to that episode? I swear, I said (rather loudly) Bailey Pickett is a seductress! Cailey, ship number one (not in my adoratioin, just in this listing.) Phineas and Ferb always gets me when Jeremy and Candace have their moments. They're always so cheesy and sweet. I don't even care what P & F do during their day. I hate Perry though. JeremyxCandace, ship number two. In Sonny With a Chance, I really only watch because of Chad Dylan Cooper. Sure, "Cheater Girls" was great (the only episode after he was introduced that he was absent) but not as adorable as the episode before it - "You've Got Fan Mail." Channy, adorable! Though everyone knows it's going to happen so SO soon, that is what makes us love it! The tension of WHEN they're getting together! It might lie also on the fact that both actors are INCREDIBLY hot! Channy, ship number three. Wizards of Waverly Place - my second favorite television show (next to SWAC) was made perfect for me. There is always some Justin and Alex - at the least - brother and sister sweet moments. I absolutely ADORED the campfire scene in the movie! I actually screamed at my monitor at Justin "KISS HER, MAN!" Unfortunately, he has poor listening skills and expert ignoring skills! If I were to go a day without relating something to Jalex, it would be a miracle! Jalex, ship number four. Other than Disney, I also enjoy Nickelodeon's iCarly. I swear it has the funniest personality! I've had my eye for Seddie ever since iKiss. Actually, I had unconsciously been rooting for it all along, but the kiss gave me the revelation. For a while, I've been considering the two ships Seddie and Spam as an MFM threesome. Sam in the middle. I've just been thinking that. And how hot it would be if the two guys started getting aggresive and her... nevermind. Dirty mind. Seddie, ship number five. Spam, ship number six. The threesome is derf. After seeing the Naked Brothers Band Movie again on youtube, it reminded me of how cute they were. Ale is the cutest little thing. Hope he sticks to milk when he gets the right age based off his sodaholism before! Nat has always been cute with his baby face and beautiful eyes. I was a shipper of Nat and Rosalina until the episodes after they got together. Got old - especially with that new girl. What's her face... I don't like her, either way. NatxRosalina (movie,) ship number seven. Ned's Declassified SSG, well, it was a shame to see it end. It was so good! I loved the ending though. Field Trip was a great show-stopper! Ha! I never did like Noze until the Halloween episode (where they're real monsters.) I don't know why. Noze, ship number eight. As for Hannah Montana and JONAS... well, I can't say I hate them, but I don't particularly love them either. I somewhat like Miley, but the Jonas Brothers I've never had any feeling for. Glee is the final thing on my list. Did you see the season finale?? It made me squeal! (which is something a mezzo soprano with a sore throat and cold shouldn't be able to do.) Will and Emma kissed! WOOP! WillxEmma, ship number nine. I also adore Quinn! I used to hate her, but now I love her. I don't like Finn very much (or Sue, as I find most people love her,) so I am going to match Quinn with Puck! I like Puck. He's a funny - realistic - teenage boy. QuinnxPuck, ship number ten. Can't wait for the next season!

Have I told you about music? As mentioned before, I'm a Demena fan, and I love their music, too! Their was actually a time when I was starting to dislike Disney Channel all together. Then my brother turned it on, and I was conveniently sitting in the living room with him. Sonny With a Chance was on, and I was glued. Demi Lovato during "So Far So Great" had a great voice, so I studied up on her. I knew enough that she was in Camp Rock and was friends with Selena Gomez. I didn't know she was BEST friends with Selena though. I saw their vlogs and the Q&A video made me smile when they told the Barney story! I started getting into Selena's music and shows and movies too. Anyway, Demi Lovato has a wonderful voice. Though I didn't watch Camp Rock (I hated the JoBros at the time,) I did manage to hear "This Is Me." It's so beautiful! It's so uplifting - I think even more so than "The Climb!" And Demi's voice was so beautiful. Princess Protection Program came out, and the music video for "One and the Same" was on Disney Channel twenty-four-seven. I never got tired of the song! It makes me smile just thinking! Selena's "Naturally" got me really involved with promoting Selena Gomez. Ashley Tisdale is another great singer! She is WAY out there for her work on HSM, let me tell you! I first heard "Be Good To Me" then forgot about it for a while (later mistaking it for a Vanessa Hudgens song.) Now she's my not-so guilty pleasure to listen to! Taylor Swift, how can you not love her? Though many of her songs have the same message (girl likes guy, guy likes other girl,) I do love her music. She's also evolving quite well! The first song I've heard from her was "Teardrops On My Guitar" and now I have nearly every song on my iPod! I am a big Miranda Cosgrove fan - especially since she has her best friends in her music videos - and "Headphones On" sums me up so well! Not a lot of people know, but Jennette McCurdy has two singles out. She's planning to release an album that I will buy because she has the most BEAUTIFUL voice! "So Close" and "Homeless Heart," though not originally hers, were remastered and beautiful. In fact, I think she could beat out the most popular stars with her voice - that is if she wants to (lol Nanette moment on youtube.) I write my own songs as well. My very first song was called "True Blue" and rather sad. I tend to write more sad songs than happy. There was this one song that was upbeat and happy I wrote. It was a duet - a woman trying to get directions and a man telling exactly where she is at that exact moment, while flirting with her through song. "Absolute location - you're right here! Relative location - you're by the train station." It was upbeat, and I'd bet my soul it's catchy! I had it stuck in my - and the kid in my math class's - head for a week! As I mentioned before, Miley and the Jonas Brothers don't amuse me in the category of music. Though "Party in the USA" is a wonderful song! I just don't think they're as good. No offense.

My stories are something else. I have a habit of forming too many ideas in my head at once. Some call it plot bunnies, but I call it overactive imagination. I've written a lot of oneshots so far, you see. Though I plan on writing many, many more chapter stories. I've posted a story called "Secret" in the Wizards of Waverly Place category and will make that a complicated love story! "Snowflakes" is... well, I'm pretty sure it won't last as long as I planned. Unless I can think of a twist. Nothing suits me now, since it isn't midnight or snowing anymore! A few other ideas I had were a superhero Sonny With a Chance story and "Hairspray" the Channy way. The superhero I might call "Sonny With a Chance of Bombing." Anywhere, there's a dude who's threatening to bomb Australia. The superhero team SO RANDOM suspect that a student at their high school might be in charge, so they take a "field trip" to Australia leaving Zora behind (being the younger one.) It's Channy, but I can't tell you anymore. The "Hairspray" one would probably be called "Hairspray." It's the story of "Hairspray" told with Sonny With a Chance characters. Cast: Sonny-Tracy, Tawni-Penny, Chad-Link, Portlyn-Amber, Nico-Seaweed, Marshall-Corny, Ms Bitterman-Velma, Connie-Edna, Zora-Lil' Inez, OC-Motormouth Maybell, OC-Wilbur, and possibly no Grady in it. So it's pretty obvious how it turns out. I also might start writing for PPP!

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I think I've made my point. So we're good? (SWAC references FTW!)

Peace out suckas!

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