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Hey, everyone. After one year and two decent-sized stories, I think I've shed the rookie title. I'm a big fan of Lion King fanfiction, as well as Star Wars, Star Fox, Halo, Robotech, and Beast Wars/Transformers. I've only started, but i do plan to make more as time goes on. Generally my time is filled with work, weight-lifting, football games, and writing stories of course. All-time favorite shows are Beast Wars and NFL Films: Game of the Week.

My favorite music is hiphop/rap, generally non-secular(i.e. not emenem, nelly, usher, jay-z) I listen to Flame, Lecrae, 116 Clique, Trip Lee, Cam, etc. I also listen to rock/heavy metal such as Skillet, Red, P.O.D., Disciple, to name a few. My all-time favorite sport is American football.

Note: If you want to suggest to me something, ask a question, or even just want to talk, then send me a message. I like getting them and responding back to you.

Religion: Rom. 1:16! I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a Christian. And it's not a religion, by the way. It's a personal relationship.

Some things I cannot stand

Gay slashing: Seriously, people? To me, that is a big "no-go" as me and my buddies like to say. If I see in your summary that there is homo parts to the story, you've already got me heading to another story. God made a man and woman to reproduce, not man and man or woman and woman. It was always Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve(I'm sure many of you have heard that, but it's true.). So for some of you who are trying to get me to read your stories with gay scenes in it, stop right now. I will not read them.

Flamers: Okay, this needs elaborating. There is a fine line between flamers and bad reviews. Bad reviews, even if someone says "Your story sucks!", if they tell you to "fix this, this, and that" then that's one thing. That's the general point of a review's existence: to offer constructive criticism. Flamers, on the other hand, just say completely negative things with nothing positive coming out. Things like "You suck as a writer!" or "This is terrible" and don't offer constructive criticism. That is a flamer, not a bad review. I personally enjoy it when i get a bad review. It lets me know someone is trying to help me improve on a particular area of my writing. I don't like it when i get flames. To me, that's just someone who's miserable and trying to spread it around, or someone who is jealous of someone else's writing.

Unrealistic descriptions: Unless the description is actually you(and for the most part, I doubt it), please keep a sense of realism to the story. If your character has huge biceps, a six-pac, and can do no wrong, the story suddenly will get dull. That's not just out of my opinion, it's out of observation. It makes a story more interesting if a person has character flaws and how he/she/it overcomes them. I usually am not picky about this sort of thing, but when I see this kind of thing on story after story, it loses some interest.

Stories with too many movie lines: Need I say more? The only exceptions are stories that are meant to be humorous.

Things I do like

Action: Absolutely love action-packed stories, especially ones with suspense. It keeps me going and never gets old(as long as it isn't monotonous). I also like a witty sense of humor mixed as well. It helps add another good dimension to the book.

Unexpected turn of events: This probably applies to most people, but these will always keep someone glued to the computer screen. I, am one such person. As long as its within reasonable limits though

Things you will NOT see in my stories

Sexual Content: Sorry, everyone. But I don't write stories that involve two people gettin horizontal. Romantic moments will be seen(though I do suck at them), but nothing too intimate or explicit. So I am saying here and now that there will be NO sex scenes in any of my stories. If that's all you're looking for, then check out someone else for those.

Heavy swearing: I say heavy because I have some mild language in my stories, but I seldom go any farther than that. There are certain words that I will never type, particularly demeaning ones. I may imply some words or say something like "He swore." , but other than that, I don't use that much language. I don't find it particularly necessary.

And for the record, before any of you send me PM's about this...I don't hate homosexuals. I just hate what they do. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

Completed Stories

1.) Lion King II: Heart of a Champion

Danny Manning, now 21 years of age, is now co-king along with Simba. With more time to roam free, Danny continues his search for his family. But there are problems among the kingdom. Herds are now coming back and are divided among the two kings, and even the pride of lions are having loyalty issues. To top everything off, an old enemy returns to cause even furthur complications to the situation. Danny is forced into two options: stay to defend the pride from the Outlanders or risk a suicide rescue mission?

Future Stories

1.) Star Fox: The Red Odyssey

In the near future, a group of specially-trained soldiers, called Wildcards, are sent on a search mission. The search is for a lightweight, but extremely durable metal that is fused with biological contents, called bio-metal. When they are sent through a black hole into the Lylat System, their mission gains a few more objectives: learn about the people, assist with the military, and learn more about the bio-metal, especially with a large amount originating from the planet Venom. When they end up stuck on MacBeth and cornered, one question remains: will the rescue come in time? Or will the information they discover die with them?

2.) Lion King III: We'll Be Remembered, Preliators

A year has passed since the pride was rejoined. Danny, now 26, has stepped down as co-king in order to focus his attention at the war with Dasyu and his remaining Specter forces. Simba and the others are mostly unaffected by the war, and it soon becomes a problem. The people of the Pride Lands are hearing about the numerous victories Danny has won, and begin filling themselves with pride. As things progress, tension heats up on all sides, particularly from distrust, arguments, and even downright threats among Danny's Preliators. But when a warning comes about the destruction of the lands of two Prides, will action be taken in time? Or will a steep price be paid?

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This story is no longer being updated. It's incredibly old and I don't think I'll ever get around to finishing or [extensively] rewriting it. I've left a single filler chapter as "food for thought," but in the meantime: for those of you who've already been following this, if you can find me on DeviantArt I'll upload a .zip/.rar with everything in it. )
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Lion King III: We'll be Remembered, Preliators reviews
Danny is locked with Dasyu in an all-or-nothing war, leaving Simba to handle the duties of a king by himself. With the war threatening their homes, will Danny's Preliators win? Or will they perish along with the rest of the Pride Lands? Final AU TLK Book! UPDATE: Gyro meets in secret with the mole team in Dasyu's last standing facility. Gyro makes a discovery.
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Sequel to Lion King: Into the Pride. Danny and Simba are now co-kings of the Pride Lands. Danny resumes the search for his family, but both kings have to deal with Zira and the people. The return of an old enemy only adds to the complications. AU
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When Danny Manning loses his family and searches for them, he gets sent crashing into a region known as the Pride Lands. There, he learns a new definition of family, and confronts the evils that threaten to destroy them. Takes place right before the events of the Lion King. AU
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