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Ah! Tis good to return to this place of free writing. I was once known as, hmm, I believe it was HeWhoLiesInDarkness, but I am not sure. Nevertheless, it is time to start anew. As time passes more will be posted here, but until then, please enjoy the writing that I will begin to post as soon as possible.

Few things for the readers: I am not very consistent in uploading new chapters; life is busy at times, but I will try and update considerably more often then the last account I had.

I guess some personal information is required...Well I am a male, of aparently rather androgynous physical appearance, which I havent decided whether thats good or bad... I am 1.88 meters tall and weigh 57.6 kilos. Yes, thats right. I love to write and draw during my free time, and I also love to run and swim great distances. I will give a range for age that you can guess should you truly wish, between 16-19. Uh I guess that good as far as personal information goes, I guess if you want to know more just message me and I'll fill in bubbles or add stuff.

Also, for my story Hatred's Resolve, I posted a disclaimer on the first chapter, and there will not be one every chapter, but it is implied. I shall restate it here for the benefit of everyone. The story Hatred's Resolve, uses characters from the Naruto franchise, so please, no suing! The story will loosely follow the progression of cannon, very very loosely, but with my own twist. You will find out very fast if you have not already, that my characters are going to be head cases, and not to mention they shall act the way i believe a nation of "child soldiers" would train and act. I do not have a beta at the moment, trying to get my old one to help me out again, so please bare with my mistakes. Any questions or comments please feel free to leave it in a review and I will either address it through email, or supply you with an answer in an author's note. Happy reading, peace.

Beyond These Walls updates will be slower then Hatred's Resolve, mainly due to the characters I am "birthing" and it is a long and painful process...Puns aside, the creation of these characters and their personalities, moral values, and socially constructed roles are really slowing down the process for this specific story. Hopefully it shall make them that much more believable.

One shot in developmental stages; depending on how it is recieved will either A, put it up for adoption, or B, go back at it and make it a fully functional story. Look for the title and anything else about in the up coming update for Beyond These Walls.

Below is a link to an image of what Sakura's 'new hair do' looks like in the the story, Kagome; Daughter of Flame and Blood. Kagome, Shiro, and Rika are my own creations for this story, everyone else is Kishimoto's.

EDIT: link broken, will find a new one and repost it.

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