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If you're here, you've likely read Wandering Star and are interested in hearing more about the project. Thanks for reading! This is my first attempt at fiction - I do a lot of technical writing as a scientist.

The story came to me in a flash one day while chatting back and forth with another member of the Twilight Lexicon Forum. S.M. had indicated somewhere that she couldn't bear to write the middle of New Moon from Edward's perspective because she couldn't bear to spend so much time with him in his pain. I felt almost the reverse - that if you loved and admired the Edward character, you would want to be with him in his agony as much as in his triumph. And far from being one long boring festival of pain, his time away from Bella was clearly dynamic, filled with changes of mood, times of action and inaction, and varying levels of certainty about his current course. I felt it was a fascinating time of growth and change for him, and I could see it taking shape in my mind.

My editor, C. Burton, convinced me to write up my vision, and I asked her to edit it. I felt it was necessary to get an independent perspective on the story. The goal was to write as close to what S.M. might have written had she been inclined to do so as was possible. I knew that C. had a good grasp of Edward from our Forum discussions, and would point out places where my interpretation of his possible actions might not ring true due to my personal biases. Together, we had a better chance if getting it right. However, please don't think that I consider this anywhere near the quality of S.M.'s work. She's a professional writer, and I'm a scientist. I can only give it my best shot. =)

Wandering Star was much longer than I intended it to be, but sadly, it's not done. There's at least four chapters left undone. I wrote from January to March, and then I hit a wall - the return of Spring. I couldn't find the voice of the series amongst the brilliant sunshine, bright flowers, and chirping birds. C. suggested that I share what I had accomplished with others beyond just the few we'd met on the Forum, and once again at her urging, here I am.

I'd love comments and criticisms on the story, especially the new elements that might not be as canon as some of the other text. Does it fit, or is it too strange? When you have time, please, let me know. Again, thanks for reading, and safe journeys. - Ariadnee

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