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Year of Fighters
Fight for our beliefs? Our rights? What's worth fighting for? I'm not sure, but it's our year and our generation. I think we're going to be the best of them all...we are the year of fighters.

Name: E. Hyun(calling me E is fine by all means)
Age: 19/ a 1991 baby
: Take a guess
Height: 181 cm. 5 feet 11 inches approx. (google said 5.9 so here I thought it meant five feet and NINE inches...but I'm actually taller than that. Oh joy!)

I am now on LJ too!: Year of Fighters on LJ?

Likes: A lot of things that no one really cares about, some of those things can be rap/hip-hop music, writing between assignments, singing, people that are not a man yet not a boy, art, international food (but Korean food is love), my PSP, video games, those few special people that make life worth living.
Obsessed with: Tae Yang and his beautiful voice at the moment, please keep fighting and being awesome! Wedding Dress & Where U At, very beautiful.
Dislikes: A lot of people that all somehow are younger than me, those "EHMYGAWSDYAOI" fan girls that shun anything that's not yaoi, false ideas that have to be projected to everyone else, weak stories (read Twilight), racists, ignorant Japanophiles (that's you japanluver_1010 or kawaiijapanlvr who say things like omg Japan is so kawaiii it's the best country in Asia, all other countries suck and similar comments), nationalistic Korean ideas (something other North-American Koreans or people that know the world of netizens will understand), idiotic ignorant people that talk before they think. I actually dislike a lot of things that are people related. I also dislike them apples unless they're in fruit salads.

ANYTHING ELSE? I'm a person that happens to be transitioning from being an ignorant teenager to someone that's supposed to blend into the society and fall into the norm. I want to be an author, but that's a far-fetched dream and the chances of not succeeding are very high, so plan b would be what I call the "Asian Parent Alternative" which is follow a path of engineering, business or science. Anything else is not accepted because that's what they believe. At the moment I'm a first year business student and mind you it's not all too exciting, especially as businessmen being stupid is the reason why there's a recession. Why am I on Well I get some free time on my hands because I'm the diligent Asian child who does work on time. I could easily go and play ball outside or dance around and go partying. I do all that but I still like writing. I always have. That won't change. I wish I could be more enthusiastic and write my own stories, but unfortunately I don't have that much time. So I resort to fanfictions because the character is already there, all you have to do is force them into a story of your liking.

So as I bring out stories, please do read them and tell me what you think.


Expect fictions from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, because (they're the easiest to write for) I like the pairings.

Pairings I focus on: XS, XSD, DS, 6927, RebornSkull (pretty standard)
Pairings I like and may mention or have in stories: 27K, ShamalBianchi, RebornLal Mirch, 69Fran, XVaria, 10069
Crack pairings: I pair everyone in the crack world, no limitations can be placed on me, except Haru and Gokudera. Even in the crack world I can't pair the two and lol like I might with everyone else

I also like Gintama, One Piece, SENGOKU Basara (the video game) Hetalia, Dogs, Supernatural, House, Iris, Scrubs,

Thank you for reading all of this, you have learnt absolulety nothing and have wasted your time learning about someone you're never going to meet. If we become friends...then I'll welcome you with a hug

avatar = well there's this person who writes these shitty fanfictions and that person goes by the name of something like year of farters or something...the avatar is of that loser. How pathetic.


Squalo and Valerio requested from michigesso, thank you. (she did this within an hour of me asking, despite saying it's "rough"...dayum I like that Squalo...and her son)

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