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So... What's up? 8D

My name's Kyle. But can be known as anything you'd like to call me :) And um, btw. I'm 13 and I'm a male. Single xD I live in Malaysia, Sabah. And I love basketball, playing the guitar, .. chatting :D Making friends, etc. I LOVE role-playing too. So if there's a cool forum y'all like for me to join, I wouldn't mind ;)

Okay. Time to get one thing straight.

That sentence underlined above? Yeah, that ain't true. C:

Truth is, my real name's Kye Tamm, I live in Sabah, Malaysia, aged 14, LOVE RP's so I'd love to join forums, that much is true. BUT I'm no male. Genetically born female, thank you :p

Two years ago, I made this account. And two years ago, I dressed as a guy, and called myself a boy because let's just say I'm not exactly 'straight'. Been like that since I was in the 4rth Grade.

Anyways! Now that that's all cleared and done, let's get down to the REAL stuff 8D;;

I have a very vivid and wild imagination. You have no idea. Like many other talented writers out there, I can really see my stories come to life. I write my own original novels often, but when I find a pairing that I REALLY love, oh god you will bet that I will write about them and post it here!

Right now, I'm hooked on Aphrodite x Stevie Rae from House of Night, Raven x Beast Boy from Teen Titans, Ben x Gwen from Ben 10 (I don't support incest, but cousinxcousin don't count as incest to me), Ritsu x Mio from K-On, Aria x Femshep from Mass Effect, Liara x Femshep from Mass Effect, Tali x Femshep from Mass Effect (I'll sue you, Bioware! Y u no make Tali bi?!), Leliana x FemWarden from Dragon Age, Natsuki x Nao from Mai-Hime, and Marceline x Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time (Just recently got hooked with this. OMFG. BUBBLINE!)

Supporting pairings that I also ship; James Vega x Femshep from Mass Effect, Kaidan x Fem/Maleshep (I've romanced him as a guy before, still sweet to me C':), Morrigan x Fem/MaleWarden from Dragon Age, Alistair x FemWarden from Dragon Age, Zoey x Stark from House of Night, Yeah that''s it. Hahahaha. For now.

I must warn y'all 8D

I ship the most... CRAZIEST pairings. Crack pairings. I ship a lot of crack pairings. For example; Tali x Femshep (I'm sure people have thought about it though (;) Aria x Femshep (Hells to the sexiness. Read Memories of the Broken please! ;w;) aaaaand Marceline and Princess Bubblegum (Damn you, Cartoon Network. A bit of homosexuality never hurts!)

Aaaaand the pairing that I love the most?? -For now-


Or maybe it's just that I love Aria in general ;) -shot-

So besides writing, I love drawing, my dA account is KyeTamm, :3

I'm a singer/songwriter. Not official, course not'. My youtube account is also KyeTamm xD

I love writing songs! So far, the amount of songs I wrote is uncountable! There's probably more than 50! Of course, not all of them are good 8D;; But it sure beats sittin' around all day doing nothing :D My songs are mostly about love c; Some are about life, friendship, pain, family, etc. Mostly about love. Hahaha. When I crush on a person, I always write a song for them.

Besides those, I also like to play basketball and football :D I love playing FIFA on my xBox. Obviously it's not the same as actual soccer but my football in real life is a little bit rusty compared to my football on FIFA. Hehehe. But even so, I still love football C:

I also love eating. :I

I love food.


My twitter is @KyeTamm ! Go follow me! 8D

I aspire to become a writer when I grow up! And also a preacher! I wanna preach about God! Cause I love him 83 God is our creator, our lord and I will do anything for him. Even though this world is tainted... Hell, it's probably beyond redemption... I still think there are people out there worth saving. Those who believe in him, who pray to him, will be invited to his heavenly Kingdom when the time comes.

I'm also a huge believer C: Especially to fantasy-related things.

Recently, I've been reading fantasy books and playing fantasy games (ex. Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Two Worlds 2, Fable, etc.) aaaand... Well, hell, I got really into Fantasy.

My Fantasy World is beautiful. Filled with green grass, colorful fruits, mystical and magical creatures of all sorts... It's beautiful, really. But right now, it's in hell. My Fantasy World is being destroyed by a mysterious new enemy. Dragons are filling the sky, attacking the innocent, evil creatures are rising from the ground, almost undead.

I have the strongest belief that once I die, I will return home to my Fantasy World. And only then, will I resume my role as the hero, and save my Fantasy World from these threats. To restore the beauty into my home.

That's why I'm not afraid of death.

I'm still fighting to live. I still know that I have so much to live for!

But if I were to die, if God wished for me to give my life, I would. And I wouldn't be afraid.

Weeeell that got reeeeaaal a'clock 8D;

Let's stop being emotional :3 As you can tell, not only from the description above, but also from my name EmotionalBoyKyle, I am very emotional when it comes to writing. Hell, when it comes to everything :U

Blame it on the hormones. Hehehe.

So that's about it C:


-Kye Tamm. The strongest of believers but the dumbest of people.

{{ ‘One more thing,’ Shepard’s voice continues. She now sounds sad. And regretful. ‘I hope you can come visit me again sometime, Aria. On Earth or… anywhere else. Just send me a message.’ Then a pause. A long pause. A pause that makes Aria’s heart beat just that quicker. ‘Goodbye, Aria. I love you.’

The holofile then stops. Aria knows that it might be another pause, though the chances of it are practically impossible. Even so, she waits. She waits for Shepard’s voice to continue. But when none comes, she surrenders her strength, drops the holofile and buries her face in her hands.

No one is in the room. No one would hear her silent sobbing and no one would see the Pirate Queen break down. For the first time since Liselle’s death.

But Aria is aware of her position, Aria knows who she is.

She doesn’t cry, and instead smiles through the gaps between her fingers. She knows deep inside that she’ll meet Shepard again. She doesn’t know when or why or where. But she just knows it. And the thought makes her giddy.

She feels a giant crater in her heart. She hasn’t felt it since the death of her daughter. However now, no matter how painful the crater is…

I will not cry, Aria thinks to herself. Because crying is a sign of weakness. }}- Memories of the Broken, Aria x Femshep

{{ She was in Stevie Rae's bed. Naked. For the second time. She had sex with Stevie Rae. For the second time. She was freaking out like a bloody psycho cause she just slept with Zoey's bff. For the second. Bloody. Time.

Stevie Rae finally made a sound other than breathing. She coughed.

Finally, Aphrodite snapped.

"Why the fuck are you not fucking freaking out? We fucking slept together and you're acting as if you do it all the time! Wait..." Aphrodite finally opened her eyes. It took a while for her to adjust to the dim room. But once she did, she turned her head and stared at Stevie Rae incredulously. "Do you?"

Stevie Rae looked calm, a little disgusted, but calm. She rolled her eyes and kept them stuck to the ceiling. "No, dummy. I just," She paused, probably looking for the right word. "I just... I don't know." She turned her head, staring Aphrodite right into her piercing, blue eyes. "I don't know about you but I actually enjoyed that..." }}- Admit It, Aphrodite x Stevie Rae

"Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess, stuck in a room on a tower,

Each passing day, she felt weaker, each passing second, each minute, each hour,

But now the brave warrior has come, to save her from the doom, to save her from that room,

And now, everything feels so good. She’s free and with her soul mate, except he’s a girl.

The princess wanted to believe, all her sorrow ceased to be, yet she still felt her heart beating for her.

The warrior knows just what she’s done, apologizes, starts to run, then the princess takes her hand.

There isn’t a thing that could ride above the atmospheric bond that’s casted on you and I.

I swore to God I won’t let anything come in our way, I’ll save this, I won’t ever say goodbye.

Cause you are everything, everything I dream of, My life has been for you.

I’m gonna say this once but I hope that you will believe me, princess, I wanna be with you.

Let’s flip the page, and continue where we left off, the female warrior and the princess,

She saved her from dragons to aliens, and in the end all the princess felt was distressed.

Cause the kingdom would never, permit such a love. If she was a man, it wouldv’e been easier.

But they know there’s nothing, that could tear them apart, the story of adventure has turned into one of love.

There isn’t a thing that could ride above the atmospheric bond that’s casted on you and I.

I swore to God I won’t let anything come in our way, I’ll save this, I won’t ever say goodbye.

Cause you are everything, everything I dream of, My life has been for you.

I’m gonna say this once but I hope that you will believe me, princess, I wanna be with you.

She’s faced dragons in abyss, jumped through hoops but died with this,

How can everything be so terrible?

The kingdom faces her away, the princess shamed and so a strayed,

But she follows her lover, her warrior, Forever.

There isn’t a thing that could ride above the atmospheric bond that’s on me and you.

I swore to God I won’t let anything come in our way, I’ll save this, cause I love you.

Princess, you are everything, everything I dream of, My life has been for you.

I’m gonna say this one last time, please believe me, princess, I’d die for you."

-The Atmospheric Bond, My Original Song dedicated to Marceline and Princess Bubblegum.

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