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Hello people of Earth! I am human. I so wish they would do the 'are you human?' test. Any way I love to read. Even if my friends are faster than me. cough Riley and Alyssa. Riley and Alyssa can read a 475 page book in 2-3 days while I take 5. Writing and reading are my best subjects so I will be publishing long stories. Soccer is my fav sport and I play on a classic team. I play on United, the best soccer club known to man kind. All the teams are named after elements. My team name is Onyx. It's not an element, it's a rock. But still, it's a cool name. I have TONS of bffs but I'll only name a few. Theres Alyssa, Riley, Molly, Jenal, Hanalyn, Kendall, Shavani, and more. My guy friends are Justin, Zach, Taylor, Ty... Wow, I just realized that I have too many to name. I am crazy for monkeys. In my room, everywhere You turn there is a monkey. I wear a monkey on my shirt almost every day. I'm more of a dog person but i do love cats. I love all animals really. I have 1 little brother and my mom+dad. I'm trying to be more green but my brothers really wasteful. As my friends say, i am a recycle freak. I have turned my room to an eco-friendly enviroment. Fav foods? Sugar. I am so addicted to sugar. Oh, and meat. Meat is my friend. Anyway, There are alot of fav things I have.

Icecream: cookies + cream. I love anything Oreo really

Animal: monkeys. die for the chimps

Candy: junior mints. mint thing are my fav. Yoks are good to. Their just giant junior mints

Apple: Fuji. yummm. random, but yummmm

Chapstick: carmax. it smells good..

Singer: i like..a lot. cant decide

Genre of music: hip hop and pop

Book: The Lightning Thief. OMG best book ever. I like alot of books but I recomend this to all of you!

Author: Pseudonyous Bosch. if you read his books you will find out why he has his name.

Color: definitely green

But, people don't only have fav things, they have things that they hate, too. Now some of the things i don't like will shock you. So brace yourself. i hate soda. yep, you heard me. I hate soda. Bubbly thing are disgusting. I can't stand them. My mom says it's good not to like soda, but my friends say I'm cra-zy. Not only do i hate soda, i hate oranges even more. Every thing orange. Except the color. But i hate the juice, the flavor, the smell, the actual orange, everything. When my friends bring oranges to school, i have to plug my nose or leave the room. I hate them that much. I wish i was allergic. I don't like over half of the veggies, I don't like sausage... lets see, what else. Oh! I don't like mean teachers. I had this one substitute teacher and omg she was... ugh! "Sit up or stand" she says, "Get your butt of the table! it has germs!" ugh! I hate retarded people. Which, unfortunately, there are a lot of. I hate it when people cuss and people that make an attempt to be cool. Oh, and you all know the warrior series, right? well...I hate them. They are SOOOO boring!

I want to write a lot of stories but I don't know how i'm going to write them. But I'm in the middle of writing two. "Spirit of the stars" and "My life turns into a fantasy". I might even write from what happened today. I'll tell you now I wont be writing many nonfiction stories. I'm all about writing fiction stories. Any way, check out my stories when their finished. A lot of my stories will be part of different published book, so don't think I'm copy writing, I'm just using the same idea. And anyway everybody does that.

Now, here's a little section i like to call...

Think About It

When was the last time you told your parents you love them?

How many times have you told your friend that they truly are special?

When was the last time your family gave you a gift, you said thank you?

Have you stop to realize that you are beautiful no matter what, inside and out?

Have you ever caught yourself being the one who pollutes our world?

How many chances has life given you, and you turned it down?

What have you done to make the world a better place?

When was the last time you were the one to make the right decision?

How have you become who you really are?

What is family?

Now I want you to think about these questions, and realize what life has given you. Realize what has been hidden. What do these questions mean. Not a survey, but to be yourself and an even better person! Sometimes people get greedy, selfish and their blinded to see that these bad choices are not only affecting you, it affects the whole world.We need to see what few things we can do to make the world a better place, live life to the fullest, love, cherish, enjoy life while your young. Inside each and every question type is a message. Only a person with faith, passion, and most of all, a person who can realize what can be done to do better, can find the message. So truly dig deep, and really get to the people around you

Yay! now it's time for...

Copy and Paste Section!


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These are so lame that you'll probably fall asleep to these!

Knock knock

Who's there?


Banana who?

Knock knock

Who's there?


Banana who?

Knock knock

Who's there?


Orange who?

Knock knock

Who's there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad I didn't say banana? ha ha!

How does a cow find it's way home? What kind of car do ants drive? A: a minivan!

A: it follows the milkyway!

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