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Yeah, I'm not going to be here that often. Only when I feel bored really, so don't expect much. Don't harass me for updates because I am prone to disappear on and off. Whether or not it's because of real life or I just don't wanna be here is my business.

GDW: The New Legend - Not much to say here but hopefully I'll become a better writer... or not. Since the manga itself is 60 volumes expect it to be long and as such, take a lot more time to finish. Even if I do cut some stuff out... like that stupid Hybrid Bear plot. I don't think I can make that awesome or interesting at all. Yeah.


Working on the next chapter. Not nearly finished with it, but there will be a change concerning Harutora and Nobutora in that chapter. Since I geniusly (new word) didn't read any previous chapters (meaning the ones from way back when I started) I thought they were still alive. Derp. Though I did learn and am starting up a 'deceased list' so I don't do that again. Also, if I ever figure out how to (I really use this account a lot don't I?) I'll proofread and rewrite bits of the older chapters. Seriously all those spelling mistakes make me rage inside at how stupid and forgetful I am.

Tesshin also appears in this chapter. Sorry to say he's still going to be boring. Lul.


I've edited all the chapters that are currently posted, but please let me know if you spot an error! I've read through them all, but I'm not perfect. So if you spot an error that spell-check has a hard time catching, leave it in a review and I'll fix it. Not in mood for writing more of the current chapter, but I may start putting up little one-shots set up in that universe.


This new chapter is currently over 7,000 words long. I think after I get Tesshin to join Weed (then immeadiately leave to go find Gin) I'll end the chapter. Which means it should be up soon. Gotta write out the fight scene and all that first though, but the all the other stuff on the agenda is written already. The title of this chapter is 'The Spirit of the Kai, and the Ninja'.


Just reread all the chapters up to this point. Lot of mistakes... some spelling, some grammatical, but the biggest pains are the continuity. -facepalm-

This is more for me so I can fix it later, but in case any reader is confused:

- Gin, and Weed's eyes are BROWN. I think I mistakenly put Gin's eyes down as blue once or twice, so disregard that.

- Harutora and Nobutora died in the siege of Gajou, not from Kaibutsu. They were killed by Ismene so their cousins could keep going.

- Not really an error, but I suppose I should've worded it better: Jerome's friends were all trained from birth to be assassins, but Jerome states that he wandered a bit and that's how he learned about Gin. Jerome came to the lab before Kaibutsu did, but long after the rest of his team. At first they thought him an outsider, but he gained their support over time. They still thought him an outsider though, and even more so when he began talking to Kaibutsu/P4.

- Noss/North switches his identity between those two names several times. I guess I couldn't settle on what to call him.

Also, this is probably known already by the people who've read up to the current chapter, but even though I follow the manga plot more than the anime one, I still don't keep to it 100%. Some parts I cut or change due to lack of information or out of my own decision.

Lucy, I cut out because I felt it was really random, even though it did make sense and showed one of the few female characters with some actual personality. I felt Kaibutsu was a more legitmate reason for Sakura to leave Ohu, and it makes it feel more urgent.

I learned from Finnish to English translations that Kyoshiro's siblings were all male (such is to be expected in the Ginga universe, where double XX chromosomes are a rarity in puppy litters) and that one brother was killed by being thrown against rocks by their dad, but died a month later. His name was Fuyuto. Kyoshiro was also said to be the youngest brother, though I made him one of the older ones.

However, I will try my best to incorporate what I learn from these translations into the story to keep it true to the manga. Or at least the parts of the manga that I keep in the story, which is most of it.

Anyways, next chapter update! I'm not nearly as far as I should be, but I'm working on it now. Hopefully to help counteract my laziness and lack of progress between chapters, I can start writing short stories set in this universe. I already have an outline for one set up, about Koga and Iga dogs. More will come though, but not until I've got more ideas and a bit further in the story. This new chapter though, has two Daschunds that will be appearing, as well as an arrogant young German Shepherd police dog.

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