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well first things first, im from the UK. Which means for the most part im behind on whats happening in the american shows. Im 21 and I like to think im easy going and easy to talk to. I have 2 brothers (one older and one younger) and an older sister. I get on with them well for the most part, but we do have our moments :P My list of shows i like is incredibly long so im gonna just stick to my favs for now :D

Moonlight (sooo should never have been cancelled! there was so much potential)

Doctor Who


The Mentalist


Once Upon A Time

True Blood.

Sharpe, i forgot sharpe lol

I love reading, my room is like a personal library and i dont really have any preference as to what i like to read. il give pretty much anything a go. Some fav books are pride and prejudice (and most of Jane Austen's works), the twilight books, harry potter books, anything by Meg Cabot. Oh and The Princess Bride by William Goldman is a fab book, really engaging. Stravaganza series, Cherub books, Curse of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz (one funny book lol). All my Take That books, biographies etc, True Blood series. i tend to re-read most of the books on my bookcase as well as buying more (although i have nowhere to put them anymore lol)

Music wise well for knowledge on music im pretty restricted. Theres only one band i can tell you loads about that being Take That. However i do listen to other music and again i dont listen to just one genre, im kind of a free-spirit i listen to what i want, what i like not whats 'hot'. That being said just dont ask me to name the top 40 lol.

Films: Pride and Prejudice, First daughter (2004), Twilight, Casino Royal, X-Men Origins - Wolverine, Pretty Woman, Australia, The Game Plan, Avatar - theres loads :P

Im very much a night person. I seem to be far more active and awake during the night-time than the day. Hate sleeping - its just seems like such a waste of time! and i worry i might miss out on things lol

cant think of anything else at the moment so cya :D

Copied from - i cant remember :S lol. yep that reminds me i have the most awful memory ever.

you have ever been so obsessed with something that now everyone is scared of you because of its effects : copy this into your profile. Take That, Moonlight & Doctor Who.

Quotes that i and use alot :D

"tweet tweet" (with the appropriate response being "oink oink")

"Are we human because we stare at the stars, or do we stare at them because we are human? Pointless really, do the stars gaze back. Now thats the question"

"Theres a stranger on the hill and he is speaking, as the tears from every cloud begin to fall"


"Howdy" or "Olla" any form of hello or goodbye thats not your average english lol.

"NIPS! & HATTIES (.)(.) _" (its Take That orientated, and a long story lol if your that interested to find out feel free to ask)

its a Doctor Who one but also one i use frequently on my mum coz it freaks her out hehe:

"Are you my mummy. Mummy. Can you be my mummy."

"Its Lupus" from the goldmine that is House lol

Doctor Who one that had me creased up laughing:

General Staal: "We have an intruder!"
Random Sontaren: "How'd he get in?"
Doctor: "Intruda window."

and some more

Rose: "I want her to say "We are not amused." Bet you five quid I can make her say it."
The Doctor: "I can't bet on that, it'd be an abuse of my power as a traveller in time and space."
Rose: "Ten quid?"
The Doctor: "Done."

Mickey: "What's a horse doing on a spaceship?"
The Doctor: "Mickey, what's pre-revolutionary France doing on a spaceship? Get a little perspective."

Micky: "Oh my god. I'm the tin dog!"

The Doctor: "I just wanna mate."
Donna: "You just want TO mate?!"
The Doctor: "I just want A mate."
Donna: "You're not matin' with me sunshine!"
The Doctor: "A mate, I want A mate!"
Donna: "Well, just as well, because I'm not havin' any of that nonsense!!" LOL

hehe this ones a classic:

The Doctor: "My head! groans in pain I'm having a neuron implosion... I need..."Jackie Tyler: "What do you need? "
The Doctor: "I need... "
Jackie Tyler: "Just say it!"
The Doctor: "I need... "
Jackie Tyler: "Tell me, tell me, tell me!"
The Doctor: "I need..."
Jackie Tyler: "Painkillers!"
The Doctor: "I need..."
Jackie Tyler: "D'you need aspirin?"
The Doctor: "I need..."
Jackie Tyler: "Codeine? Paracetamol? Oh, I dunno, Pepto-Bismol?"
The Doctor: "I need..."
Jackie Tyler: "Liquid paraffin? Vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E?"
The Doctor: "I need..."
Jackie Tyler: "Is it food? Something simple? Bowl of soup? Nice bowl of soup? Soup and a sandwich? Bowl of soup and a nice ham sandwich?"
The Doctor: "I need you to shut up!"
Jackie Tyler: "Oooh, he hasn't changed that much, has he?"

A few of my favs from Moonlight: (i have just realised there are soo many lol)

Mick: "Stay in the car!"
Mick: "I thought i told you to stay in the car?"
Beth: "Yeah, coz that worked out so well last time!"

Beth: "Can you fly?"
Mick: "Just like Superman" (trying not to laugh)
Beth: "Really?"
Mick: "No... that would be pretty cool though, wouldnt it."

Josef: "Sorry, not questioning your loyalties. Vampire solidarity. Rah, rah, rah and all that."

Josef: "Hey, you have a soft spot for the mortal ones. A fascination with all the charming things they do, while listening to the 'tick, tick, tick' of their own looming demise. That's fine. That's good. Everyone needs a hobby."

Mick: "And where's this VIP room?"
Beth: "Upstairs in the back. You;re gonna d that vampire jumping thing, aren't you?"
Mick: "I don't have a chip."
Beth: "Just being human is so lame!"
Mick: "I know. But you wear it well."

Mick: "Yes, well, perpetual coolness is the vampire's curse."

These two go hand in hand (Beth's under the influence of a drug that gives her the perks of a vampire without all the bad bits n shes going for Mick who, i should probably point out case you dont know, is a vampire :D)

Beth: "I walked all the way here."
Mick: "Why?!"

Beth: "There's no space between us."
Mick: (panicking) "Theres space! Theres space!"

Some more moonlight ones:

Coraline: "You saved me back there."
Mick: "Yeah, well, I also burned you alive, so I guess that makes us even."

Josef: "I'll tell you something I've learned in my four hundred years. Two Buddhists Monks are walking down a road, and they see a woman trying to cross a stream. The first Monk picks her up, carries her across, she says 'Thanks' and they go their separate ways, but the second Monk is spitting mad. After a couple more miles the second Monk speaks up, tells the first Monk, 'You violated the rules of our order when you carried that woman across the stream.' And the first Monk replied, 'I may have carried her across that stream, but you've been carrying her ever since.' "

Josef: "You know, prom wasn't really big back in the 1700s. High school either. The plague, the plague was big."

Beth: "Breaking and entering was much more fun when you were a vampire. It’s ashamed you can’t still do that sexy vampire jumping thing."
Mick: "Yeah well the jumping thing was kinda tied to the whole blood sucking thing."

Josef: "Now, this Tierney girl --"
Mick: "Yes, I know, I know. She's a celebrity and, you're concerned that I'm endangering myself with this kind of public exposure. But don't worry Dad, I'll ... I'll be careful."
Josef: "Don't call me that."
Mick: "Well you did turn me ..."
Josef: "Re-turned you! Re-turned. And you were going to become a vampire again anyway. I'm not your sire."
Mick: "Kind of my stepsire. though ..."
Josef: "No!"

(Mick and Josef talking alone...)

Josef: "But who knows. Maybe one day you and Beth will find a way to procreate" (turns around) "Hi Beth."

(Josef wakes Mick up. Mick's still in the freezer.)
Josef: "I'm looking for someone."
Mick: "What, and you think they're in here?"

(Beth walks in and sees Mick drinking Simone's blood)
Simone: "We should go."
Josef: "But this is so awkward ... I love awkward."

its 26 January 2010 and 2.22am im gradually trying to build up the courage to actually write something, i have thousands of ideas floating around my incredibly over active imagination, its just a case of working/building on these ideas :P I type this in the hope it will motivate me, we shall see how it works lol. chow

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