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Hi and thank you for stopping by!

I love to read fanfiction as long as it is well-written, which not only includes grammar and spelling but also plot and ideas. I'm not of English-speaking origin but do enjoy the language, and writing in English is one way to do so.

May 2016:



Yulin stands for a so-called Dog meat "festival" in Yulin, China. Having started in 2010, up to 10.000 dogs and also a large number of cats are being cruelly tortured (e.g. skinned or boiled alive) before being slaughtered and eaten at the event each year. Animal rights activists all around the globe are trying to stop the massacre, there are several online petitions which have been signed by literally millions of people and a number of celebrities as well as the pope have spoken against it, and yet it seems that it can't be stopped.

Please spread the word to raise more awareness. It seems that this year, the poor unfortunate souls can't be saved, and I don't even want to begin to imagine the pain and fear they'll be going through. It's haunting me ever since I've first read about it. Maybe though there'll be a way to stop the festival in the long run, hopefully starting from next year.

Please share this info and don't just look away.

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September 2012: I am SHERLOCKED! Need I say more?

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November 3, 2012: Whee! Rumour has it that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to play the villain in the next Bond movie (Bond 24). How great is that? If only we didn't have to wait so long, am counting the days until Sherlock's season 3 already...

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November 25, 2012: Feel free to vote in my poll!

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November 26, 2013: New poll up! Take a look!

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Concerning Johnlock
: Generally, I adore bromance, but while a non-platonic relationship between Ryan and Esposito would seem rather non-credible to me, I do love the idea of John and Sherlock as a couple as well. So I write both, you can take your pick.

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A quick note on the term 'slash':
I've mentioned before (in one author's note or other) that I don't like the word, it sounds harsh to me and doesn't seem to do the emotions which are associated with it justice. That's only my private opinion of course, but I might use some different terms in my story summaries/notes nevertheless. If you feel you haven't been 'warned' properly despite it, please feel free to let me know.