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Author has written 6 stories for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Death Note, and Shugo Chara!.

We've been through ups and downs no doubt//so many times we've had it out -bows- Welcome to my crappy profile :D

(by the way anyone think of ripping my plotline with out my consent I will unleash a pack of rabid dogs on you as well as hoping for your account ban if that is possible on this site... And to any members who find a plot or story copy please notify me i will appreciate it)

Little about me:

1. My online name is Sasuke. Nicknames are: Sasuke, Bel, and whatever the else you wanna call me

2. Age 15

3. My current 'occupation' is a Highschooler

4. Hasn't tried writing a fanfic yet but will soon after a spark of idea comes to me

5. LOVES salty food ninja, yaoi, sweets, and and o.o chocolate? oh and pepsi yum

6. My real dream is to become a cosplayer who works as a graphic designer with a photography hobby

7. My fanfiction dream is to get at least a 100 reviews total and have people like it

8. My friend status is to make lots of friends


Future Works:

Mendol Ikemen Idol!

You're Beautiful

Brown Sugar Machiatto[yaoi and straight]


Tantei Gakuen Q

Shugo Chara

Katekyo Hitman Reborn![yaoi]

Alice in Wonderland[yaoi]


My Pairings: [btw idc if its seme first then uke or the other way around]


Naruto: SasuNaru//KakaIru//NejiGarra//

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn/KHR: HibaTsu//HibaYama//BelFran//BelTsu//MukuroTsuna//

Pandora Hearts: XerxesGil//ChesGil//XersexChes//

Fruit Basket: KyoYuki//KyoHaru//YukiHaru//

Prince of Tennis/POT: MomoRyo//FujiRyu//EijiFuji//FujiTez//

Ouran High School Host Club/OHSHC: HikaKao//KyouTama//MoriHunny//

DN Angel: DarkKrad//KradSatoshi//SatoshiDaisuke//DaisukeDark//

Tsubasa Chronicles/TS: KuroFai//YukitoToya//

xxxHolic: DoumekiWatanuki//

Harry Potter: HarryDraco//HarryRon//

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji: CeilSebastian//

Death Note: LLight//MattMello//

Kingdom Hearts: SoraRiku//RoxasRiku//AxelSora//AxelRoxas//ZexionDemyx//

Inuyasha: KogaInuyasha//InuyashaSesshomaru//SesshomaruKoga//

Sonic the Hedgehog: ShadowTails//SonicTails//ShadowSonic//ShadowKnuckles//SonicKnuckles//

Tumbling: KiyamaSatoshi//WataruYuuta//RyosukeMizusawa//TsurumiHino//NipporiKaneko//


Card Captor Sakura/CCS: SyaoranSaukra//

Gakuen Alice: NatsuMika//MikaRuka//HotaruRuka//

Pandora Hearts: AliceOz//AliceBreak//AliceGil//SharonBreak//

Fruit Basket: KyoTohru//TohruYuki//

Beauty Pop: KiriNarumi//KiriOchiai//KiriKei//KiriBilly//SekiKanako//

Shugo Chara: Amuto//YoruMiku//KukaiUtau//NagiRima//

Ouran High School Host Club/OHSHC: HikaruHaruhi//TamakiHaruhi//MoriHaruhi//KaoruHaruhi//KyouyaHaruhi//

(more to be added later)

My Stories: [story update are put on hold im sorry]

Confession: Completed

P.I.C./Partner In Crime: Completed

Confession 2: Completed

Bound by Chains: Completed

Beautiful Fall: In Progress

IM Me: Chapter 2 In Progress

Contact Me!! (tell me who you are first)

Msn: BelFran8018

YM: susanISHkewl

Aim: B3lSama

Gmail: yaoi.fangirl.2013




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