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Aloha mis amigos! That's right I mixed Hawaiian AND Spanish together! I'm just so cool... ;)

I'm a reasonable person! That's all I can say. I am a huge critic and if you get a great review from me, be proud and give yourself a pat on the back! I do stand up for my beliefs entirely and usually forget when fighting for someone else's right/opinion that other people also have different opinions too. I try not to get involved in things unless asked to by a good friend. I will probably only put up one shot and heck maybe a few different shippings once in a while with my only story at present being Pressed Love. I personally favour Pearlshipping for the Pokemon side of things, but I don't mind any other shipping...excluding Advanceshipping from that 'other shippings part'. My favourite character ever is Lelouch Vi Britannia with Roy Mustang coming close second. My favourite Pokemon is Gardevoir with Flygon also being a close second.

Music is a huge part of my life, I don't have a favourite artist at all but there are people who I adore to bits and people who I dislike very much, music wise of course. I never judge an artist by what they have done because I don't know them well enough but I do judge their music. The kind of music I love is Alternative or Rock (Soft). James Morrison is probably the first artist whose album I bought willingly and I have loved every track on ever album he has done. Other artists I adore are: Coldplay, Ben Howard, Maroon 5, Oasis, Ed Sheeran, Florence The Machine, Foster The People, Bruno Mars, Queen (the Best Band of all time in my opinion), Sara Bareilles, Jamie Cullum, The XX, The Kinks and Adele.

I've watched a few animes/cartoons in my time: Vampire Knight, Zero No Tsukaimi, Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood too), Pandora Hearts, Princess Tutu, Clannad, Code Geass, Kaze no Stigma, Shakugan No Shana, Toradora, YuGiOh (most of them really), Pokemon, Beyblade, Aria:The Scarlet Ammo, Chrome Shelled Regios, Lovely Complex, Bokura Ga Ita, Fairy Tail, Detective Conan (old episodes rather then the new ones), The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra and One Piece.

ALL HAIL LELOUCH VI BRITANNIA! Code Geass is my all time favourite anime (Fullmetal Alchemist coming close second), I cry every time I watch the ending. I love every single character so much, but of course Lelouch and Suzaku are my top boys (with Roy Mustang being my second favourite anime character of all time, Lelouch first). I can even say it is better than Death Note in my opinion. That's right! I said it! What you going to do about it!? xD Seriously though, I recommend it and all it's awesomeness. Lelouch is just a character you can't help but admire, as well as his sheer brilliance. He really is the perfect character for the anime and the creators should be incredibly proud of their work! Every detail is perfection in my opinion. By far one of the greatest animes ever created, an all-round one at that.

Stories on the go:

Title: I Can Fix That

Shipping: Pearlshipping

Summary: 'I can fix that' 'I can fix that' That was probably the one promise you could make, I could never understand if you could keep it...but it was worth a shot.


Title: Valiance

Shipping: Touko/Hilda/White x N

Summary: In a short sentence. The heroes always win. That was what a hero was known for. What they should have been known for. Though, in this world, the little difference and the little glimpses of light and hope always did justice. At least. So she thought. Though what was I to judge? I am the writer. She is a real life protagonist.


Title: Drumming

Shipping: Shinji/Paul x Hikari/Dawn - Ikarishipping

Summary: I swear to you, on my soul, that if you just stepped closer, you could hear my heart beating to such a rhythm, that it could be called a song. Louder than bells and sweeter than heaven.

Recent update this year:

Chapter 7: Sweet Williams and Irises - Pressed Love - Ash/Satoshi & Dawn/Hikari - 03/11/2013


Title: Pressed Love

Shipping: Pearlshipping

Information: Ever thought of the language of flowers? Are they just something pretty to look at? Well no, they are so much more then that. This is a project for me, to complete a story for once!


1. Phlox - 'Our souls are United' Complete/Published

2. Sweet Pea - 'Thank you for the lovely time' Complete/Published

3. Bells of Ireland - 'Good Luck!' Complete/Published

4. Campanula - 'Thanks for the support!' Complete/Published

5. Edelweiss - 'Unexplainable Courage!' Complete/Published

6. White Lily - 'I'm walking on air when I'm with you' Complete/Published

7. Sweet Williams and Irises - 'Grant me one smile and keep the faith' Complete/Published

8. Variegated Tulip - 'Beautiful Eyes' Not Started/Not Published

9. Pink Camellia - 'You've stolen my heart.' Started/Not Published - Both POVs

10. -- Started/Not Published

This is completely random, but people ask me that if I were a Pokemon character, what would I look like and what would I be like? Now, 3 people have asked me so now I am going to write it down XD

Name: Arisu (a noble sort)

Age: 17

Trainer Type: Trainer

Current Region: Kalos

Region born in: Johto

Town/City: Ecruteak City

Relatives: Her mother is deceased from an unknown disease and her father has been missing since she was 6 years old - some say he is also dead though she doesn't believe this. She apparently has an older brother who she has never met.

Description: Arisu's shortish brown hair is tied up with a front fringe at home. She very much has a vintage look when in town in her white boots and her orange vintage dress which ends just above her knees with a thin, dark brown belt lying on her waist over the dress. She also wears a bracelet her father hand made for her 24/7 with a pair of hooped silver earrings. When travelling, she has sleeveless, white turtle neck top and compact shorts that are olive green with laced, brown boots that start just below her knee, and at this point her hair is usually down and reaches just above her shoulders. She has a pale complexion, not in an unhealthy manner thought, with bright amber eyes.

Personality: A very strong personality, that highlights every value in her, from kind to harsh. When she meets new people she often doesn't get along or just doesn't try. She mostly works alone, to keep away from the 'drama' that happens and prefers to keep her background to herself. However, don't think of her as cold! She has a warm soul that completely dazzles everyone around her, despite her background but only shows this to her true comrades and pokemon. She was left in an orphanage until she was 10 and could finally travel. She loves her Pokemon dearly, from her beloved Gardevoir, to her independent Empoleon. She would say herself that Pokemon seem to be more like family to her then humans themselves. She loves being on the edge of danger though, and travelling around and doing different things is a must for her, from dancing, to battling in gyms to battling criminals, to taking part in contests etc. Basically, she can't sit still - unlike her best friend Kioshi who just wants a break from her!

Extra hobbies:

Ballet/Figure Skating




'Don't tell me to stop, because no matter what, I'll keep rolling with the punches.'

"Hm, how charming..."

"I'm not like you, because that would be disastrous."

What she says before a battle: 'Here we go!'

Current Pokemon:

Empoleon - Icebeam, Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet, Steel Wing

First Starter Pokemon in Unova, and first Starter Pokemon ever received despite being from a different home region, though Professor Rowan thought that the friendship between the two would be to heartbreaking to see broken. Funnily enough, both times that it had evolved, it was in a battle against Kioshi. The little Piplup used to always follow Arisu around outside the ball at first until evolving into Prinplup and then into a Empoleon, making it too big to walk around or even carry by her side, much to Empoleon's disappointment. It's smart, fiesty though, intelligent in the way it moves and provides a power house to the team whenever needed the most. In this case, it never let's Arisu down. Emboar (owned by Kioshi) and Empoleon share a mutual disliking towards each other, even when having to battle with each other rather than against.

Gardevoir - Moonblast, Psychic, Future Sight and Hypnosis

Was found as a Ralts in the region of Sinnoh and thus was the first Pokemon in the region that she caught. Even though Arisu had come across this pokemon many times, this one in particular caught her eye as being one of the most boldest Ralts she'd ever seen, a trait most Ralts did not have. As it grew through it's evolutions, in Hoenn, it ended up being one of Arisu's most trusted and dearest friends - and is loyal to the bitter end. It even shared actions that seemed similar to Kioshi, something which Arisu takes comfort in and is probably why she keeps Gardevoir at her side all the time.

Venasaur - Double Edge, Poison Powder, Petal Blizzard and Synthesis

Once owned by a constantly nagging and horrid trainer, Arisu battled for it's custody due to the way it was being treated as a Bulbasaur in the Johto region. Arisu saw the hardships it went through and couldn't stand knowing it belonged to this certain type of trainer. Because of it's past experiences, it has 'trust issues', something which is hard to break through though Arisu does her best to keep Venasaur at ease.

Umbreon - Assurance, Quick Attack, Moonlight and Confuse Ray

Caught as an Eevee in the Kalos region. As an Eevee, it travelled in Arisu's arms. It evolved during a battle with Kioshi in Lumiose City just before her gym battle with Clemont. It is probably the calmest of Arisu's pokemon and is swift into action when it foresees danger. It hates staying in it's Pokeball and walks when travelling by Arisu's side. It is also a very playful pokémon that loves to tease others and can't keep still - much like Arisu.

Blaziken - Flare Blitz, Double Kick, Sky Uppercut and Brave Bird

Received from Professor Birch as a gift when Arisu first arrived in Hoenn. As it evolved through Arisu's adventure in Hoenn, it grew a cautious nature, and never trusted those who were strangers to the group - unlike it's predecessor Torchic. It is probably the wisest of the Pokémon with the most calmest demeanour and just by looking at it, you know that battling is in it's blood.

Flygon - Earthquake, Rock Slide, Dragon Claw and Crunch

Unsurprising, it was found as a Trapinch in the deserts of Hoenn, where Arisu had gotten lost and was running out of strength, though of course Trapinch was there to save her when it counted by dragging her by the trousers to the nearest exit of the desert; because of this Arisu said she couldn't thank the pokemon enough until she asked if he wanted to become a part of her team. Of course, Trapinch couldn't say no...Evolved during various battles with other trainers, even against Lucian of the Sinnoh Elite Four in a friendly match, from a Vibrava to a Flygon

In order of regions journeyed to:

A mix of regions for a year, from Kanto to Unova - to help Professor Oak with his research and to capture a full team - fin

Johto - to compete in league - fin

Kanto -to compete in league - fin

Hoenn - to compete in league and compete in contests - fin

Kanto - to train for next contests/league - fin

Sinnoh - to compete in contests - fin

Johto - to train for the league - fin

Sinnoh - to compete in league - fin

Unova - to compete in league - fin

Kalos - to compete in the league - in progress

League titles:

Johto - Top 16

Kanto - Top 8

Hoenn - Top 4

Sinnoh - Top 4

Unova - Semi Finalist

Kalos - Semi Finalist

Grand Festival:

Hoenn - Top 4

Sinnoh - Runner Up


UPDATE: Guess what? I made an OC shipping! Called 'Valianceshipping' YAY! This will include my OC Arisu, my alter ego and secondly, my second OC (who I will put details about below) called Kioshi:

Name: Kioshi (pure) Tanaka

Age: 17

Occupation: A Writer/Trainer

Current Region: Unova

Region born in: Sinnoh

Town/City: Canalave City

Relatives: Father works in the navy. Mother is a nurse and often travels to Lavender Town. His older brother stays with him but travels a lot.

Description: Black which is tied into a low pony-tail and has olive skin with deep, sharp, emerald green eyes and a heart of gold, though he doesn't show it. He is a famous writer of multiple books, though he really hit the crash course when he made a series called 'Valiance' which obviously was inspired by his best friend's pure courageousness (but he simply calls it recklessness to her)... though Arisu is oblivious to it as she has no time for reading... which Kioshi despises her for but that doesn't stop him from liking her anyway. When working he simply stays at home and wears a blue top, a pair of jeans and of course his famous black jacket which is usually zipped down.

Personality: He's not the most sociable, but he is anything but cold, and can be very cheeky. His swagger keeps him steady as his mind drifts off now and again to find inspiration for his stories and to get them published in a book he would love to call 'The Key to Valiance'. Though he loves the word valiance, it comes from a girl called Arisu, who inspired him to set his mind alight with wonders and dreams, making his world turn upside down, or even upright as he strives to discover the world and it's emotions through experiences. He is charming and hardworking as he loves to please, but maybe that is the problem. Maybe that is why he experiences less, because he doesn't want to upset others and create something new and only keeps to what he knows best. Who knows? His 'confidence' (or arrogance) gets him into down right awfully funny situations and as usual, Arisu has to come and rescue him and always says when she is on the way, "Hm, arrogance, with tosser as the cream and prick as the cherry on top, charming."

Extra hobbies:


Running - long distance



"Training is just a topic for me, writing is an art.'

'Dammit, dammit, dammit Arisu!'

"Oh lord, here we go again."

What he says before a battle: 'Let's show them who the protagonist really is! '


Alakazam - Confusion, Disable, Psychic and Telekinesis

A comrade and a loving partner indeed, one that sticks by his master like glue to paper. It shows much respect for those around him and senses danger from every corner and will jump in at anytime to save the one it loves and will fight to the very end.

His father gives Kioshi Abra before he sets off to work in the navy, since then, Abra, now Alakazam, has stuck to his master's side.

Emboar - Flamethrower, Heat Crash, Assurance, Arm Thrust

An unexpected twist in Kioshi's story sends his world dashing when this little thing comes with him, and with the person who introduced it to him. Or should I say a big thing? Emboar cannot stand losing (especially against Arisu's Samurott) and will forever try to dash out from underneath Alakazam's shadow to earn the love he deserves, though much to his dismay, he is already loved in a different way.

Given to Kioshi as a Tepig by Professor Juniper as a way to get him to travel across the world and encourage him to battle and seek inspiration for his stories. Evolved during a battle Arisu at first, though it evolved from a Pignite into an Emboar when training for a certain contest which Arisu dared Kioshi to enter.

Noctowl - Zen Headbutt, Air Slash, Sky Attack and Hypnosis.

Knowing Kioshi needed a flight back to Isshu and fast to meet Arisu once again, it (Hoothoot at the time) followed the trainer and begged for a battle before it's trainer finally excepted and caught it in a blink of an eye. Being the eyes of the team, Noctowl flies sky high to find the things needed for it's trainer and will do anything for him.

Found in the wild and captured as an ally in Johto, being his first ever Pokemon and only Pokemon from Johto. Evolved during a training battle with a random rival trainer in Johto.

Zorua - Pursuit, Fury Swipes, Punishment & Faint Attack

Hugely adored by his trainer and is always the Pokemon that loves to be a comic to cheer everyone up due to its impressions, though it sometimes goes too far when impersonating Arisu and Kioshi, getting them both into trouble due to their high status in the regions. It is extremely cheeky and often disappears to cause mischief...mischief Kioshi always has to fix.

Though the meeting was unexpected as Zorua literally fell out of the sky (or from flying with a Swanna and misplacing his foot on a wing before slipping), he gave a good fight into not being captured when the trainer suddenly took a huge interest in the small creature, though they barely get along. Captured in Isshu while getting lost.

Torterra - Earthquake, Frenzy Plant, Synthesis, Leaf Storm

Very noble and wise to its trainer and even to Arisu when the time is needed. Loved by all the Pokemon around it, and despite it's scary looks, once in a while a cute Pokemon talks to it. The tree on it's back provides shade for his team sometimes and it also looks over Kioshi while he is writing his stories. When trouble arrives, Torterra is always the one to sit back and relax before breaking the arguments up before they become too much for even him to handle. It is quiet but when annoyed, by it's trainer or even the Pokemon team, he instantly makes sure his frustration is shown, despite his nature.

Given to Kioshi by Arisu after she says: 'Trust me, you need this egg more than I do, and I know you will love and cherish what ever is born.' Since than, Kioshi has done his best to raise the pokemon the way it deserves to be, and Torterra couldn't ask for anything more.

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