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i dont know what possesed you to actually come to my profile considering i have never made a profile before and this one will most likely be horrible... but besides those minor details, i am very greatful for you checking this out. i will try not to let this be a waste of your time. i make no promises.

so here is a short little thingy majigy about me.

NOTE! alright to all those who have responded to reviews or actually wrote a review to my one (and awful in my opinion... i would delete it but i dont know how) ichiruki story then i am deeply sorry for not responding or reviewing or basically having any contact to any of you and this whole website in the past what six months? year? whoa. anyways, i've been very sick lately and have been staying at the hospital most of the time. i dont know when i will get back on fanfiction but i know i will one day! i hope all of you have been well and i hope to be in contact with you again soon! also to rosaleen... SHINee hwaiting! XD

Why ello popit! Alrighty so the only one i left up is...well kinda awful in my opinion... this summer it is my mission to work on a t least 2 multi chapters stories but I am at a loss of what to write about! I kinda lost my muse (longgg story) a while ago and just sorta lost confidence in all my writing abilities and gave up for a while. But i want to prove not only to (blank person) but to myself that my writing and creativity is one thing nobody can take from me. It's embedded deep within me and im determined to let it shine again...after finals. Soooo... Anyone wanna help out?*

Name: Forever-will-love2112 is my Pen name on FanFiction but my real name is Ariella, but I'm used to being called Arie by my friends. Ironically when my family hear someone call me Arie they are like...Who?

Age: 17

Apperence: Long wavy brown hair, olive toned skin, "golden amber brown" eyes... or so ive been told, 5'4 feet (dammit im short AND not growing... as in ever), lots of random jewelery (all my jewelry has a meaning behind it. like stuff special people gave me or something that reminds me of something or somewhere i hold close to my heart), thick framed glasses for reading (i wear them on and off), Ipod... yes i am that committed to my ipod that it has become part of my attire so what??

Intrests: ... if you dont know by now why are u even on this website?? but other than the obvious (reading and writing incase u didnt get my drift) i love music (you know when someone says they like all types of music but they dont really mean it... i actually do mean it i love all music, but right now im into old school Sinatra stuff, acoustic rock, classic rock, K/Jpop (dont judge!), and piano solos. (By the way, im not exactly a fan of ke$ha - actually i kinda hate her- but i think her music's beat and rhythm are often good to dance to) i've played the piano since i was little and now i also love my guitar shadow luna (yes i named it) or paco (yes she is also a he), i try to travel to foreign places i havent been before as often as i can, but thats because i have a major love for cultural history (NOT THE BORING KIND), oh i am also a part time dancer but just for fun/random hobby with some friends (im honestly not THAT good but its so much fun i cant help it!), i love kickboxing, karate, judo, pro wreastling (not very girly i know but just suck it up) international soccer, and i love ANIME/MANGA!!

Dreams for the future: I want to become either a playwright or a novelist is all honesty. However I also would want to travel and experience more, then maybe settle down.

Anime i love: BLEACH!! (best thing invented since OXYGEN), Kaicho wa Maid-sama (this and Toradora and my favorite shoujos!) , Inuyasha (my first lonngg anime obsession), Full metal Alchemist, Naruto (yes its true i finally got sucked into the void... and now i dont think i'll ever escape it, so addictive), Vampire Knight, Toradora!, Special A, Avatar: the last airbender (i know its nick and all but the bending moves are kick ass and you know it!), D.N.Angel (my first anime ever), Deathnote (about to start), Kamisama Kazuko, Ouran High School Host Club, Pretear, Yumeiro Patissiere, and others...

Anime/Manga couples i approve or maybe not but just put up for the hell of it (by the way i am not a fangirl that will shove my beliefs down your neck. But a bunch of people told me how amused they were about me ranting about more or less any infrence of any couple i come across so mehhh why not?):

ICHIGO AND RUKIA!! Otherwise known as Ichiruki! Alright, do ichihime or renruki have a movie all about how their bonds will never break?? i think not! Black sun and White moon... i mean come on could it be more obvious? This is the one pairing that if it didn't actually happen in the end i think i might just give up on anime and manga itself. I'm that serious about it. My absolute top pairing that i could never get enough of. If you dont like them ok that's fine, but if you go "ichihime is the besttt!! oh my god rukia, eww! she has short hair and no porn star boobs!! Your crazyy for not have the same opinion as meeee!!" then i will seriously knock out your teeth.

Ishida and Orihime they are cool just no iCHihime... im sorry ichihime lovers, i like orihime plenty but there is no way she will end up with Ichigo.

Izuru and Hinamori... come on admit they are cute!

Ulqiuorra and Orihime ok Forbidden love is always an eye catcher and this is a great example! i was so sad when he died i was like nooo stop turning into dust you emo bat, you!!

Daisuke and Riku i always liked riku so much more than risa!

Grimmjow and Nel...when she is adult of course!! :)

Renji and Tatsuki... i dont think they ever actually talked but when you think about it...they have the exact same personality and would fit so well together!

Kakashi and Hanare... ok I don't care what you think! Even if it is just a filler it was very one of my favorite naruto filler episodes... ever! Hanare was such a cool character and Kakashi (MY TOP NARUTO CHARACTER BTW) had such a different personality here and it was mind blowing! There are only TWO fanfictions of them! TWO! Actually, im thinking about writing a multi-chapter fanfic of them (along with a bunch of others im working on) so...should i?

Urahara and Youruichi (i dont know the couple name for that) SO OBVIOUS ITS SCARY! i like soi fon but i like urahara better!

Toushirou and Karin (btw i know i posted a lot with Toushirou in it but this one is the only one i really really support of him) i freaking love that soccer episode, sux that its a filler... and episode 316 or whatever it was where they are reunited made me so happy! Karin just seems to fit him better than hinamori, though i dont really have anything against her.

Himeno and Hayate ... it just has amazing-ness splattered all over it. really great ending and the character development was one of the best!

Toushirou and Hinamori i actually don't fully support this one but i don't dis support it so im kinda like "ehh" I have accepted that they probably will end up together but i just dont like Momo very much.

Aang and Katara everyone knew they would end up together... and they did! So there! Although i gotta say in the final ending kiss the first word that came into my head was pedophile

Byakuya and Hisana OBVIOUSLY meant to be! was one of the great loves (like masaki and isshin) and byakuya wont ever end up with anyone else!

Isshin and Masaki couple of their centery (minus ichiruki)

Shuuhei and Senna... after reading IL MIO BELLO by Eule Marie -love this author, check out her work- i couldn't help it. I actually believe that Senna is kinda a rip off of rukia so i dont like her all that much.

Gin and Rangiku... come on even though he is a creep they so cute and obvious. plus when he made his huge turn around and they both (more or less) admitted they loved each other plus the sad ending was just too much!

Inuyasha and Kagome i swear if u are a kikyo and inuyasha fan just leave this page right now

Kei and Hikari alright it's a shoujo manga/anime so obviously it was obvious from the start but i love how she really matured and grew when getting to know more about him! they are a great couple! lets leave it at that!

Megumi and Yahiro... ok i never knew my opinion on a pairing could change so quickly within one episode! (i watched the anime before the manga) at first when she whipped out the paper asking him out i was like wait wtf? you havent even had a seperate personality from your twin until now, and now you have a boyfriend? but the entire development was so incredible! (maybe cuz yahiro is just a beast)

Miroku and Sango... pervs and demon slayers make damm cute couples. end of story.

Naruto and Hinata face it. it will happen! plus i just dont see the chemistry with sakura and naruto. It's just too brother sisterly for me to agree with it. Plus Naruto rejected her! so sorry shippers but thats my honest opinion.

Taiga and Ryuuji From the first episode i knew i was going to be a big supporter of them! Taiga is such a badass but still so funny and with Ryuuji they (sorry for the massive cliche *headdesk*) have so much harmony its like music! (i warned ya...) Also for any bleach readers/watcher out there who might be reading this... is it just me or are they kinda similar to ichigo and rukia? anywhooo...

Sasuke and Sakura... ok just admit it! you know you love it so stop complianing! i actually do like sakura but just not her whiny annoying version that makes me want to stick a kunai in her mouth! i think after she got trained by tsunade she became... well just a better character in general. in terms of sasuke... well i loved younger sasuke and now if u read the manga he is kinda an all around asshole but for some reason i really believe he is gonna come through in the end... call me pathetic but i really doubt that all the time naruto spent saying "I'M GONNA BRING SASUKE-TEME BACK NO MATTER WHAT, DATTEBAYO!" is gonna go to waste. plus if he really dies in the end, half the naruto fangirl population will kill themselves (DON'T COMMIT!)

Haruhi and Takumi DONT BASH TAKUMI! He is too much of a sweetie!

Ino and shikamaru... she is an annoying girl who need a lazy ass to shut her up! so who else?

temari and Shikamaru... ok so i havent been watching naruto that long (actually i dont really watch it now just read) so i am literally dead in the middle between ino or temari being with him. i cant decide! if you have reasons i should pick one tell me!

Usui and Misaki... drugs *sheepish smile*

Kashino and Ichigo (no obviously not the same ichigo from bleach) At first i was really skeptical about him but now i think he is just amazing!

Zero and Yuuki... If you say kaname and yuuki i will throw you out that window right there! yes you know the one im talking about!

Kyohei and Sunako alright watched the drama, then the manga, hated most of the anime. I only like some horror (werewolves! Beastly! haha no pun intended) because this manga got me into it


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-I'm the type of girl who doesn't know when to stfu. xD


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My name is Chris.

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One whipping tonight.

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My daddy is back

From Charlie's bar.

I hear him curse

My name is called

I press myself

Against the wall

I try to hide

From his evil eyes

I'm so afraid now

I'm starting to cry

He finds me weeping

Calls me ugly words,

He says its my fault

He suffers at work.

He slaps and hits me

And yells at me more,

I finally get free

And run to the door

He's already locked it

And i start to bawl,

He takes me and throws me

Against the hard wall

I fall to the floor

With my bones nearly broken,

And my daddy continues

With more bad words spoken,

"I'm sorry!", I scream

But its now much to late

His face has been twisted

Into a unimaginable shape

The hurt and the pain

Again and again

O please God, have mercy!

O please let it end!

And he finally stops

And heads for the door

While i lay there motionless

Sprawled on the floor

My name is Chris

I am three,

Tonight my daddy

Murdered me.


I'd like to dedicate this profile post to my absolute best friend Rosaleen. she had a very difficult and abusive childhood, but she survived it. But now, as we found out, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She doesn't deserve this. So, i am praying everyday for her to survive this as well. I cant imagine a life, a day, or even a moment without her. After reading this, i hope you realize that children, adolescents, and even adults are suffering all around the world. Whether its child abuse or sickness, we all must find a way to help them. Remember, the smallest gesture can change someone's life. "Viva la Rosa!"

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Viva la Rosa~

Forever-will-love2112 :)

"being a good writer is three percent talent and ninety-seven percent not getting distracted by the internet."

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